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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 232: He's Not a Skeleton

Chapter 232: He's Not a Skeleton

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The man that entered was accompanied with more than thirty cultivators of varying levels. They carried an arrogant air around them as if they believed they were better than the others. The room turned silent, with only the man's voice being heard. Ed didn't fail to notice the faces of Helena and the others turning ashen in an instant.

"You? You're the new sect master?! HAH!" The man pointed at Ed who was sitting on the throne. Ed looked at him with a non-interested look, all while resting on the golden armchairs. The man stared a little at the red and golden chair behind it as if eyeing it for himself, before continuing, "What a disappointment! This is a new low even for you, Sword sect. you should've conceded the sect to us, instead of going through such a humiliating process."

This time, the man looked at the remaining members of the Sword sect as he spoke. He was relentless, as he kept bashing the dignity of Sword sect in front of its members. But, his greatest mistake was failing to notice who the new master was.

"You chose to rely on such a young, man? No, he's no man. He's nothing but a child! Hiding behind monstersDid you scam Sword sect into buying them for you? Pathetic! You probably wouldn't survive in the outside world for even a second!" the man seemed to be enjoying his time. Twirling around while pointing his fingers at people.

Unlike him, the cultivators that came with him were shaking. Their bodies turned cold due to the strangely dense amount of sweat they produced. Their eyes were unfocused, each time darting into a direction. They did their best to try and avoid the throne. They did their best to avoid the gaze of the one sitting atop the throne.

"I guess you bankrupt this sect to try and buy that damned skeleton, right? A mere skeleton that can speak, should be quite expensive. No wonder Sword sect was having financial trouble lately. You're the reason, I guess?!" the man started to jump to conclusion, creating scenarios that fulfilled his fantasy. Due to his current state of extreme arrogance, he failed to notice the killing intent directed at him.

"StillSword sect, I feel sorry for you," he said as he looked at the ceiling. "Had Alexander not been slain by a kid, this wouldn't have happened. There was no way he could have let us enter his sect without a fight. And yet, this time, we were welcomed, by a damned skeleton. What a joke."

Helena and the others bit hard on their teeth as the man reminded them about the death of Alexander. But, somehow, they found themselves looking at Ed, the very man who killed Alexander, hoping he could change something about their situation. His previous words, about the promise of taking care of this sect, played back in their minds. They didn't believe him before, but they wished to see how he would act now that was plunged into action.

"That damned skeleton was rather polite, how-" as the man was trying to talk, even more, he was interrupted. Ed had finally spoken.

"Elder Lich."

"Huh?" an annoyed look appeared on the man's face. He was not happy about being interrupted.

"He's not a 'damned skeleton'. Sieg is an Elder Lich." Ed explained to the uncultured man.

"So what? You bought him, what difference does it make? He's still nothing compared to us!"

"You see, that's not right." Ed stopped leaning on his hand as he intertwined his fingers together and leaned forward a little. His dark eyes seemed to pierce through the souls of those in front of him.

"Had it not been for my orders, none of you would be standing in front of me. As a matter of fact, if you had been even the tiniest bit of rude towards him, you would be nothing more than mere puppets, dancing to the tune of his commands."

"Hah! What a load of crap. If he could have done such a thing, then I'd say Sword sect invested correctly. But I can see him as nothing more than a mere servant, good for nothing except delivering news!"


"What's so FUNNY?!" The man howled, as he noticed the little Bella laughing at what he said.

"Don't shout at my little sister, I'll kill you. Also, you'll know soon enough, Sieg. Make an example out of one of them."

The cultivators in the room were perplexed. Ed seemed to be talking to Sieg, but they couldn't see him anywhere. Just then, a sense of anxiety filled the hearts of those present, as a cloaked figure appeared behind an unlucky, unsuspecting, unfortunate, cultivator.

"Your orders are my commands, your superness." Sieg undid his invisibility as he tapped the head of the cultivator with his finger. People had no time to question Sieg's new nickname for Ed, as the man he touched fell on the ground. He was dead. And, the next instant, the cultivator got back up as an undead.

The cultivators broke into a run. The funny thing was, they were running towards the throne. Their fear of the sudden development caused them to think irrationally. They didn't stop until they noticed a black wolf emerge out of Ed's shadow. The next instant, they all stopped. Their bodies couldn't move.

"What did you do?!" the man started to shake, so hard that the gold coins he had on him rattled.

"Which sect are you from?" Ed asked him.

"The Poison sect! And I'm an inner disciple!"

"" Ed opened his eyes wide as he heard the answer. The man noticed this, and a smile emerged on his face.

"So, do you regret what you did?! The fact that you challenged the Poison se-" Before the man could continue his words, he felt an immense pressure. As if a whole planet was dropped on his shoulders.

"What a coincidence. I planned on visiting your sect after a month, but to think my plans would change so abruptly," Ed said as he started to walk towards the man. He was releasing so much KI, that he was crushing the man, who could only look at him with half an eye.

"The fact that you bullied this sect. The fact that you're from the Poison sect. The fact that you stood in front of me this day. Regret them deeply." The pressure being released from Ed intensified to an autonomous degree. The bones of the man were heard cracking, and his innards turned into much. He let out a groan before dying, turning into a splat on the ground.

"As for you, you regret your life choices. Mehen." Ed tapped the drowsy serpent on his shoulder as he spoke to the unmoving cultivators. Mehen turned into a gigantic serpent, though much smaller compared to his full size, he gobbled all the cultivators in one go.

"Ed! I found some guards on the verge of death and healed them!" Merry returned back to the room, fluttering her wings. The members of Sword finally understood why Ed asked them to move to this room, and why he asked Merry, Sieg, and Raikou to follow his orders. 'He knew everything' all of them thought the same thing.

"Our job is still not done, the city is starving. For now, we will hunt!" Just as Ed finished speaking, his companions had formed a smile and disappeared from his side.

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