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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 238: Golden Beach

Chapter 238: Golden Beach

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Ed's destination was the south-eastern continent. At least, that's the last place his grandfather contacted them from. He thought about ways to find him and settled for the simplest one. Sweep through the whole continent until a green dot is found.

Since every second was precious, Ed decided not to travel by ship. Instead, he activated his dimension and Berserk skill. His plan? To fly the whole distance between the continents. This was only possible for him, as he used his dimension to half the time needed, while his Berserk skill allowed him to have more leeway with his KI.

Ed left Emilia and Bella with his companions to sightsee. He noticed how Bella was fidgety and nervous and guessed how it must be related to meeting her grandfather for the first time. He knew it, as he was also feeling nervous. The last time the prince met his grandfather was ten years ago, and even those memories seemed hazy.

His grandfather who lived for over 100 years and helped put an end to Blood sect. How would he react to Ed and Bella? Will he notice anything about Ed? All sorts of questions popped into Ed's head as he flew over the sea. The smell of salt invaded his nose as a golden aura surrounded his body.

'System, what will be my chances of beating someone at Immortal Establishment level 10?' in order to pass the time, Ed checked in with the system. He thought about the impending war and compared it with the Bloody war. He thought about how he only won thanks to acquiring Parallel thinking prior to that war. If he wasn't so lucky every time, how would he keep winning?

[70% chance when fighting a normal cultivator. However, if you're fighting someone with Harald's innate talent, less than 5%.] Ed fell into deep thinking after listening to the system.

'Anyway around it,' Ed wanted to be absolutely sure of his next choices.

[Unless something unnatural happens to you, yet, no way.]

'What do you mean, 'unnatural'?'

[Unless you activate some unknown power that I don't know you have. Aka, some mc power.]

Ed looked ahead of him with a 'are you serious face'. 'What mc power', he thought to himself.

'So, what are my choices? I doubt I can raise my cultivation all that higher, and I can only fight on so many levels higher than me'

[You've been gaining a steady amount of Gacha tickets. You have 70 of them right now, so that should count for something. But, since you plan on getting more, you only have two options, which are related to each other.]

'I'm listening.' Ed decreased his flight speed and focused on the advice of his system.

[First, kill a Mythical grade, or higher, monster and make it your avatar. Second, get a Mythical grade monster, skill, or item. From now on, I reckon things won't be as simple as they had been. You've been lucky when fighting Alexander and Harald since they had no Avatar souls. If they did, you wouldn't have won.]

Ed smiled, as his system had advised him with the same thing that he was thinking. Indeed, had he fought Alexander or Harald, and they summoned an Avatar to fight with them, he would have lost.

'I seeThen, things will be rather simple from now on. Since the second advice was my goal from before, it'll take a while. But the first is rather simpleor not. Where do you think I can find a Mythical grade monster? I've never encountered one. Not even the two towers had any of them.'

[That's something related to the history of this world, and it's related to that second tower. For now, you don't need to know. But, even though there might not be Supreme grade monsters, skills, or items in this world, Mythical grade ones should still exist. You just need to look hard enough. You should ask your grandfather, or the person existing in Ryuu kingdom for advice.]

"WellAs long as my lack of knowledge doesn't put us under danger, I'm okay with you keeping quiet. But, make sure to tell me if you notice something wrong happening." Ed spoke out loud as if trying to get his idea across no matter what.

[Sure. Our fates are related, so I'm not going to do something as stupid as to abandon you anyway]

Ed wanted to ask what the system meant, but he had a feeling that he wouldn't get an answer. Of course, he knew that as long as he survived, everything would unfold in front of him. All he needed was patienceand strength.




The trip to the continent went by slowly, and painfully boring for Ed. However, he managed to talk a lot with his system. That way, he gained insight and his future plans appeared to be much clearer. After two and half days, Ed finally caught sight of land. It was a beach, and it was uninhabited. Ed undid his dimension, so he could scout the area under his Zero Sign skill.

"This should be a nice place for a small vacation" Ed thought out loud. He realized that the concept of a beach vacation didn't exist in this world, but he thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to start it. He sat down at the golden sand, recovering his KI through meditation. After another half a day passed by, Ed felt rejuvenated enough to travel two trips between the continents using his Space magic.

He left a wooden sigil behind and teleported back to where his companions were. It was daytime, so he found them strolling around in a mountain.

"Welcome back." Each and every one of them greeted him as they noticed his presence.

"We'll take this day off and play around at the beach. We'll have one week and a half to find my grandfather, and for me to power-up. Then, we'll return to Avalon."

Ed notified them as he teleported them to the golden beach. There, they sat down as they basked in the glory of the sun.

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