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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 239: Beach Day

Chapter 239: Beach Day

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"By the way, what did you mean by 'play in the beach'? Do you want to hunt some sea monsters?" Emilia asked Ed all innocently. This caused him to facepalm, as he realized the disparity between the common sense of this world, and his old one.

"No!" Ed's sudden outburst caused everyone around him to feel surprised. How long had it been since they saw Ed showcase some emotion? Quite a long time.

"When you see a beach, you don't think of hunting!" Ed said as he raised his hands up in the air. Somehow, Suika and Bella were at his sides, copying his strange movements.

"When you see a beach, you think of sand castles! Swimsuits! Sunbathing! And most importantlySwimming!" Ed ended up on his knees, with his neck bent looking at the sky. He looked horrifying, but Suika and Bella looked rather cute.

"Swimsuits?" the others reacted in a way Ed didn't hope to hear but knew he couldn't avoid hearing. So, he ended up explaining the concept to them.

'My dear systemcan I create swimsuits made of cloth?' Ed remembered how the system had informed him of the fact that he couldn't create anything made out of live creatures.

[You misunderstood me. You can't create anything 'directly' related to a live creature. For example, you can't create a steak of meat. But, you can create things made out of wood just normally. So, clothes aren't an issue.]

'As expected of my system!' Ed praised the system in his mind as he activated his dimension. In order to guarantee a pest-free experience, Ed made sure that they were the only ones enjoying the beach that day.

He focused hard on his memory, trying to recall some swimsuits for him and his companions.

"The men will go over there; the ladies will go over there!" Ed commanded as he pointed at two wooden shacks in the distance. "There, you will find many swimsuits, choose the one you like the best and come outside to enjoy!"

Ed's companions followed after his words, humoring him as he acted weird today. They noticed how he was excited today, out of the normal, and chose not to bum him out by questions. Still, they each had their doubts.

"Hmm?" Ed used his equipment chance ability to quickly change into some shorts that he created but then noticed Raikou coming out of the shack. Apparently, Ed forgot to mention how the swimsuits were for humanoids only.

"Grr" Raikou growled as he passed next to Ed. Ed avoided matching his eyesight and waited for the others to come out while Raikou enjoyed the warm sands.




Garu came out in his human form. His fur got in the way, so he transformed to make it easier so himself. Most of the men came out before the ladies.

Ed almost burst out laughing in tears once he noticed Sieg wearing shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. He was very thin, so it seemed baggy on him. Agumon didn't need to wear anything so he simply hung around the others. Then, soon enough, the ladies started to come out.

Bella was wearing a one-piece dress, same as Suika. The two came out at the same time and started running towards Ed. Then, from behind them, Emilia and Merry walked (and flew) towards them.

Emilia wore a three-piece swimsuit, with a long skirt, while Merry wore the same but with some long shorts.

'Four angels in a swimsuitif only I could create a camera that would last forever' Ed thought to himself as he wore a peaceful expression on his face. 'She didn't read my mind did she?' Ed noticed how Merry was smiling while looking at him and felt cold sweat dropping down his back.

Ed also noticed how Emilia's face was as red as a tomato. Apparently, she wasn't used to such clothes.

'A blushing maiden, hehehe' Ed thought to himself again before realizing, once again, that Merry was capable of reading his mind.

"Now then, let's swim!" Ed shouted as he pointed at the ocean behind them.

"Let's swim!"

"Let's swim, Suu!"

Bella and Suika followed after him as he rushed to the water.

Merry also started to fly faster, getting to the water much quicker than the others. Then, Agumon, Gobuta, and Goburou rushed in as well. Merry, Suika, and Bella didn't know how to swim, so Ed took the time to teach them. Obviously, it didn't take them long before they were rushing around.

Emilia got in a couple of time, enjoying the feeling of being submerged under water.

"Uncle Raikou! Come with us!" Bella got out of the water and surprised Raikou by jumping on him. Her wet cold body didn't bother him, as his fur was thick. He wanted to decline, but as he met her eyes, his will collapsed into nothing.

Mehen, Garu, and Sieg remained outside, enjoying some fruit drinks that Ed gave them. Inside the ocean, someone (Gobuta) had the bright idea of starting a water fight. What do you get when many Immortal Establishment cultivators fight using water?

A disaster. You get a man-monster-humanoid made disaster.




After tiring themselves outAfter playing long enough, Ed decided to take a shower, as the sun was starting to set. He created some shower rooms for everyone, and after cleaning up, he started to prepare for a barbecue. He had more than enough ingredients inside his Inventory, and he wasn't going to run out anytime soon. So, he decided to indulge in a feast.

"Let me help you." Emilia came back from the shower, her hair still carrying droplets of water, which shone under the dying sun's light. She prepared the meat while Ed started a fire. He was using a large grill, which he created using his ability. No ordinary grill could satisfy his companions, and he knew it very well.

Ed ended up cooking until midnight, before setting up camp to sleep. His only objective of doing this was to relieve everyone of their stress. He knew that it would build up once again, and he wouldn't have the time to do such a thing.

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