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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 240: Notice

Chapter 240: Notice

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The morning sun's rays pierced through everything, finding their way into Ed's eyes. The uncomfortable feeling of light continued to swell inside of him until he gave up and opened the covers on his eyes. He only spent one night in the beach, yet he felt like an eternity had passed as he slept.

Ed didn't need to do much in order to wake up his comrades. He released a gentle wave of Ki that rushed all over the place, enveloping its targets in a warm embrace. The Ki quickly did its magic, as the other ten companions opened their eyes in succession. With their high cultivation, they didn't suffer any drowsiness and instead were ready for anything.

"Morning everyone. We're leaving in half an hour, so if you need to take care of something, do it now," Ed said as he walked over to face the beach. Since he could immediately change his clothes, he didn't need to waste time. Thus, he waited by the calm sea water.

"We're ready." Ed, whose eyes were closed, turned around as he looked at his companions. Not even ten minutes had passed before they appeared behind him. Raikou, Suika, and Agumon didn't really need to change their clothes, but simply hung around the others, giving Ed some room. As for Emilia and Bella, they were wearing a red and a white robe. Emilia's natural blush was enhanced by her crimson robe, giving her a mature charm, while Bella's robe represented her purity.

"Mehen, we're going to bother you while we're on this continent." Ed patted the head of Mehen who hung around Garu's head. Mehen nodded his head while descending. His size kept increasing until he reached his maximum potential. Ed and the others got on his head while the dimension around them started to crumble into minuscule pieces of jade glass.

"Let's go." Mehen moved at his greatest speed as soon as Ed gave the order. Although he was moving at an incredible speed, with his gargantuan body, he caused minimal damage to the surroundings. From an untrained point of view, it would seem as if he was simply an illusion. But, for those with a decent level of strength, they would be able to notice how his body was slightly levitating.

Ed crossed his legs as he sat down on Mehen's gigantic head. He closed off all his senses, focusing only on his sight which was set on his Map. His plan was to monitor the dots on his Map, and he would stop anytime a green dot came up. He knew his plan was rather inconvenient, but it was the best he got. The only ray of hope he had, was Arthur's information, confirming his Grandfather's existence in this continent. As well as the fact that this was his first time coming to this specific continent.

The latter meant that no matter what, the amount of green dots would be quite limited. Meaning that the chances for his grandfather to be among them were high. Alas, this also meant that he would encounter more red and blue dots compared to green dots.

Compared to Ed, his companions enjoyed the trip. The air didn't bother them much since Ed made sure to block the incoming air with his Telekinesis threads. Of course, even if he didn't do such a thing, they would be able to handle it, since they were used to such air pressure from flying.

Due to the size of the continent, Ed knew that they would need at least four days of nonstop searching in order to cover it all. Their missions had only just begun.




Three days passed with Ed passing next to the populated areas of the continent. During these three days, many kingdoms declared a high degree of danger due to the sightings of Mehen. Of course, none of them dared to make the first move. They knew the danger of angering such a being, so they let him move away. They only planned to move if Mehen targeted them, which, of course, wasn't Ed's objective.

"E..a.d…Edward. Edward!" Ed snapped out of his daze as he heard a voice keep calling to him.

"What is it?" he answered without even confirming whose voice it was. He knew that he could figure out the owner of the voice after hearing it once more.

"You haven't had anything to eat or drink. Maybe it's time to take a rest. Mehen should also be getting tired." Emilia's gentle voice simulated Ed's ears which were deactivated for the past three days.

"Hmm…Maybe you're right." Ed knew that Mehen wasn't tried. He, in order to wait for Ed, fought for one year straight with an even lower cultivation. He wouldn't get tired after only three days. But still, he chose to take Emilia's advice and stop for a couple of hours. He didn't have much ground to cover after all.

"Still, you guys are horrible aren't you? Cooking on someone's head. And not even giving me some of it!" Mehen voiced his displeasure as he grew smaller in size.

"We're sorry Mehen, we didn't want to interrupt you and Ed when you were concentrating so hard." Emilia apologized as she stood in front of the small Mehen.

"Alright you're forgiven," Mehen hissed as he rested on Ed's shoulders.

"You guys cooked while we were working…" Ed voiced his displeasure as he looked at his companions. Each one of them avoided his gaze by turning to the side, and whistled to declare their guilt…Innocence.

Ed let out a sigh as he said, "I'll cook something for us, so wait for a little." He didn't activate his dimension and instead started to cook with some of the utensils he had ready. This, however, didn't mean that the meal tasted any worse. Ed's cooking skill made anything taste good.

The group didn't waste any time and ate rather quickly. They knew that they hard pressed for time. Still, albeit short, this break served as a much-needed refreshment for Ed and Mehen. The two of them resumed their stances and darted off in the distance on Mehen's head.

A little less than half an hour passed before Ed noticed a green dot on the corner of his Map. His eyes opened wide as he thought, 'It's a hit!'

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