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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 242: Reasons for Being Here

Chapter 242: Reasons for Being Here

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Ed and the others didn't know how to proceed. Should they announce themselves? Or should they wait for him to approach him? Confused, Ed chose to wait in his spot until the old man sitting on a rock moved. They waited for a minute, and then a minute turned into five. Everyone started to become uneasy, but they chose to wait.

After fifteen minutes, Ed could no longer wait, so he took the first step forward. It was then that he noticed something most unusual. Vortigern's head was bobbing up and down. YesVortigern was asleep.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Ed couldn't help but shout. His shout caused the sleeping old man to wake in a daze.

"Ha?! Who is it?! I don't have any money! But I will fight you for it!" The words that were spoken, shocked everyone. The man announced that he was penniless, yet he also announced that he would fight for his money. If that didn't confuse them, then nothing else would have.

However, Ed didn't care about that. The reason he shouted earlier was not that the old man was sleeping. But, it was because the old man overpowered him when he wasn't even awake. 'So this is what it takes to fight the master of Blood sectWill it be easier now since my grandfather definitely got stronger, or will it be hard since the master also got stronger?'

Ed fell into deep thinking before he raised his head. He locked eyes with his grandfather, and could immediately notice a change. The hostility was gone and was replaced by warmth.

"Oya?! It can't be? You're Edward aren't you?!" Vortigern recognized Ed even though he hadn't seen him in over ten years. He stood up, throwing his fishing rod into the water before he appeared in front of Ed in an instant.

"You've grown up! And you're not sick anymore! Hahaha! What a joyous day this is!" Vortigern switched his way of talking into one that was braver and more astute. "If I knew this happened I would have returned home earlier! Now I don't have to look for a cure anymore, hahaha!"

Ed was surprised as he heard his grandfather's words. The same was with his companions. No one knew why someone as legendary as Vortigern Avalon, disappeared from his kingdom one day. But now, they did. It was all to find a cure for his eldest grandson. It wasn't an act of selfishness, but an act of love.

"EhSorry for worrying you, grandfather," Ed said as he returned Vortigern's hug. Bella, who was hiding behind Emilia, chose to stare and not approach.

"So, you won't say hello to your grandfather, huh, Bella?" Vortigern spoke solemnly as he stared at Bella's cowering physique. Bella looked up towards Emilia and then at Ed. After noticing their gentle gazes, she gathered her courage and approached Vortigern.

She raised her small arms towards his waist and hugged him. She didn't know what to say, so she chose to convey her feelings by actions instead.

"Ho ho ho, what a strong hug!" Vortigern squatted down and squeezed Bella into a hug. "I'm proud, so proud of youHow is Eric by the way?" He asked as he ruffled the hair of Ed and Bella.

"He's back at Avalon, training."

"I see, I see. Then, come with me, there is much I need to catch up with." Vortigern beckoned them as he looked around to study those that accompanied Ed and Bella.




"I see. So we failed all those years ago" Vortigern used his left hand as he covered his mouth. The group was now inside a cave only accessible by entering the waterfall. Vortigern used his QI to stop the water's flow, enabling them to enter without a single drop of water on them.

"However, we did what we needed to do 100 years ago. If you're here to convince me to fight with his again, then I refuse. What we've done the last time still isn't clear to us. We don't know if what we did was the right thing, or simply to satisfy out hypocritical side."

"" Ed and the others listened as the grandfather spoke. They didn't interrupt him, or show any emotional change. They listened.

"That wasn't our purpose for coming here," Ed told him in a resolute tone. "Well, at least it's not the entire reason. I took it upon myself to end Blood sect two years ago, for my own selfish reasons. I certainly accept the help I get, but I wouldn't force anyone to join me." Ed's voice maintained a steady and peaceful tone, yet his message was clear.

"I'm here for three reasons. One, I want to know everything needed about the Blood sect master and his underlings. Information should be simple enough to provide, right?" Ed asked his grandfather, but they both knew the question didn't need an answer, so Ed continued to speak.

"Second, I'm here to look for a monster compatible enough with me, in order to make it my Avatar. I'm still weak, and I know it, but I won't sit down and wait for my family to get murdered."

"And lastlyI wanted Bella to meet her grandfather." Ed smiled warmly as he looked at Bella who was sitting shyly next to Vortigern.

"Ho ho ho. Indeed, I'm proudEven if I had the chance to redo my life, I wouldn't change anything about it. Especially after seeing how well my grandchildren turned out to be. Arthur did a good job raising you. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without Elizabeth's help, am I right?" Everyone smiled as they understood the meaning behind the question.

"Their marriage, although unconventional, was blessed by everyone. They were a match made in heaven. And I see that you found your heavenly match as well," Vortigern smiled as he closed his eyes. He was talking about Emilia and Ed, the two that blushed.

"Very well. If it's information you need, then I will tell you all what I know from a hundred years ago. I'm guessing you're going to visit Nakamura soon, right?" Vortigern looked at Ed who nodded back at him.

"However, I'll leave it for another time. For now, let's go to find your Avatar."

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