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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 252: Confession

Chapter 252: Confession

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Ed stood up from his seat and activated his Telekinesis. It extended over the shoulder of everyone from the Sword sect, and then even more feelers extended all over the city, searching for his comrades. Then, the very next instant, he teleported everyone away. Those that never teleported before felt their stomachs churn but chose to bear with it. Those that were caught by surprise withdrew their weapons as they thought it was an enemy attack.

"Relax, we're back in Avalon," Ed told the group of people who chose to hold an attacking stance. "Raikou, you can head over to another room if you want to sleep, the sun will just annoy you here."

The sleeping Raikou woke up due to Ed's words and started to walk towards his room in the castle. From within the corridors of the castle, he could hear people being surprised at Raikou's appearance.

"I guess that will tell everyone we're back. Bella, you should go and say hello to mom, I'm sure she misses you," Ed told little Bella, who started to hop as she followed after Raikou inside. Emilia followed after her, saying that she needed to greet everyone as well.

"You guys can do whatever you want, I'll head over to talk to my father with everyone else," Ed said as he looked at his companions, and then at the Sword sect people. The group split into two, Ed along with Mehen and the Sword sect personnel, and Ed's companions who went to start trouble elsewhere.

Ed didn't waste time and headed over to Arthur's office. The surprised Arthur quickly hid his astonishment and welcomed the people that were visiting him.

"Let's change the place a little," Ed noticed how the office was drowning in paperwork, so he gave a heads up to the others. His eyes flashed in a red color, and in an instant, the surroundings changed.

"What?!" Arthur was quite used to Ed's dimension ability, so he didn't react. But, for those from the Sword sect, they were quite flabbergasted. The only instance where they witnessed Ed's power was from two weeks ago. And that time, they believed it was his teleportation ability.

The group started their discussion immediately. This time, Ed acted as the sect master, instead of Arthur's son. Arthur, who knew of Ed's plans beforehand, didn't say much and accepted whatever his son threw at him. Of course, it was all for Avalon's benefit, so he didn't hesitate even once.

"So, to make things clear for everyone. Glory sect and Sword sect will remain two separate sects in order to keep our identities alive. However, we will work under the sect alliance called, Paladin." Arthur summarized everything in one go as he looked at the new additions to his kingdom.

No one had anything against the decisions of the meeting, thus they decided to end it. But, before they left, Arthur said, "You should stay in the capital for a while longer. Since we are going to a war soon, it would be best to know your allies and our future plans. As for you, Ed, I need to talk to you about something."

"I understand," Ed said as he undid his dimension. "You guys can go ahead, if you meet any of my companions, ask them to give you a tour, and I'll catch up with you later."

"I met my grandfather. You never told me that he left Avalon in order to find a cure for me," Ed confronted Arthur as soon as everyone left.

"What would you have done if I told you? Look for him? I only allowed you to do it now since you've gotten much stronger. If it was two years ago, you would have definitely died if you left the continent."

"I know. I'm not blaming you for anything, I was just happy to know why my grandfather never showed his face around, hahaha. I always thought he left because he was disappointed in me," Ed said as he recollected the memories of the prince.

"That was never the case. Well, it might have been the case for me" Arthur looked at the ground as he mumbled the words, but Ed was able to hear them clearly. "I've always wanted my first born to follow after my footsteps and become king. After you were born so weak, I blamed myself, your mother blamed herself, and finally, I started to blame you. I'm not proud of it, but I won't lie about it."

Ed chose not to say anything and listened to his father's words. The words that came from the bottom of his heart.

"Two years ago, when you suddenly changed, I chose to ignore it. You were healed. You became better, you became stronger, and you saved the kingdom. Every single thing you did made it look like you were a different person. Like you were possessed by someone else," Arthur's words came out of his mouth one after the other, and his hands clenched. It was clearly hard for him to say everything, but it was equally hard for Ed, who was sweating buckets while thinking, 'No sh*t Sherlock!'

"I chose to ignore everything for one reason only. It was because my son was better. The son I was always so afraid that he would die at a moment's notice became better. You became stronger than any other prince your age, experienced loss and became stronger. You became the strongest person in Avalon. That, I will always be proud of!" Arthur declared as he hit on his chest twice with a closed fist.

"And I'm proud to be the son of the greatest king Avalon will ever see!" Ed declared while making the same gesture as Arthur. The son and father pair smiled at each other, and slowly started to laugh out loud.

"So, tell me. What is my father doing now that he has no reason to leave the kingdom?" Arthur, curious about his father's situation, started to ask Ed about him.

"Well, one thing I know is, he has no money"

The two of them chatted for a while. The father felt the weight on his chest lift, while the son enjoyed a conversation with him without any barriers

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