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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 254: Ryuunosuke Nakamura

Chapter 254: Ryuunosuke Nakamura

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Ed was on a very special mission. For the first time in his life, he was going to visit Ryuu kingdom. The kingdom of his best friend, Hayato. Ed had a lot of expectations for this kingdom, as he realized it might have something to do with Japan and something to do with a reincarnated or transmigrated person such as himself.

The trip there was easy, as Ed had given Hayato a metal sigil from before. He sent a missive to him, informing him of his visit. At the exact moment mentioned in the missive, Ed teleported to Ryuu kingdom. He went alone, as it was going to be a short visit. What greeted Ed was the warm smile of Hayato, Akira, and what seemed to be the rest of his family.

"Long time no see," Ed said as he moved in for a hug.

"Long time indeed. You've gotten stronger I see."

Ed and Hayato bickered around for a while, and then Ed greeted the family members one by one. Hayato seemed to be an only child, but had a lot of uncles and aunts. All of them had similar features, such as dark hair, and pitch black eyes. His mother was a stunning beauty, and could only be compared to an acrylic gemstone.

Ed noticed an elderly man standing next to Akira, and guessed that it was Hayato's grandfather. But, he wasn't the one Ed was looking for. Instead, it was an even older man sitting behind the family. The one who created the Ryuu kingdom over 500 years ago. The man was known as Ryuunosuke Nakamura.

Ed approached the man and sat down cross-legged in front of him. He started the conversation by saying, "It is an honor to meet you, esteemed elder."

The elder, who seemed as if he was asleep, opened his eyes and looked at the young man under him. He formed a smile, and said, "Leave us alone."

The Nakamura family could do nothing but comply. No sooner than a minute later, and the room was emptied. Only Ed and Ryuunosuke remained there.

"So. You're not from this world, are you, young Avalon?" Ryuunosuke stood up from his chair. Even while standing up, he looked like he was still sitting. His body had shrunk down due to age.

"I am not. May I ask how you knew?"

"My great-grandson told me you used a technique, much like the one I teach them when they're at Heavenly Establishment. Since that technique is from another world, I guessed you are as well."

"I see. Then, my guess was correct as well. Sir Nakamurayou're from Earth aren't you?" Ed stood up as well and looked at the man in front of him, then slowly at the surroundings. Tatami floors, shji sliding doorsEverything surrounding Ed screamed of Japan.

"I am, hohoho. It is my first time meeting someone from my homeworld. It only took 600 years" Ryuunosuke laughed, but he still seemed dejected.

"So, how did you come to this world?"

"A truck hit me while I was on a vacation in Japan. The next thing I knew was me appearing in this world in the form of Avalon's first prince. It was a struggle, but I managed to live to this day. If I may ask, what about you?"

"Three days of gaming and a heart attack, hohoho," Ryuunosuke laughed, even though he shouldn't. Ed's was an accident, but his teleportation was his fault.

"I transmigrated with my body, all naked, and appeared in the middle of a pond. Now, what do you think I found in the pond?!"

"A naked princess!" Ed answered before he could even some time to think about what he was saying.

"WRONG! I found water and an alligator! IN A Pond!" Somehow, Ryuunosuke found the energy to shout. "I ran away, without a single piece of clothing on my body, and crossed the forest surrounding the pond. Then, I seemed to hit something. I thought it was a tree, or a pole since I didn't know I was in another world. But, it wasn't. What do you think it was?"

"A monster!"

"Wrong! It was a black haired princess," Ryuunosuke said with no energy in his voice. Ed realized that the princess was someone dear to him. Someone he loved too much. Someone who was no longer with him. It was probably his wife, Ed thought.

"I almost lost my life by appearing naked in front of her. But, she forgave me and ordered the knights to bring some clothes. She took care of me from then on and taught me everything about the world. How to cultivate, how to fight, and so on. She was like an angel that descended from heaven to help me live in this hellish world. But, unfortunately, she passed away."

"I'm sorry to hear that" Ed stood silently until Ryuunosuke asked him some question. How were the games in the other world? Did the latest Dra*** Ba** movie come out yet...

From these question, Ed realized that the time spent in this world was not the same as the one spent on Earth.

"Enough about this, tell me what you need, boy."

"I want to know everything about the Blood sect master. I believe that, like my grandfather, you won't join in on the war. Thus, this is all the help I will ask of you!"




A week later, the whole world was shaking. The inevitable war was about to start, and all the people, creatures, and even inanimate objects felt the looming danger approach.

In Avalon, the participating sides had all gathered up and were ready to march.

"Then, I wish you all luck," Arthur finished his speech, and those that listened to it felt their hearts beat. This war wasn't like the Bloody war. The forces of Avalon and the other kingdoms didn't prepare soldiers. They prepared elites only.

From Avalon, all ten Elders, best disciples, the general, the sect master, and his family, all joined the war. No one was sitting down on this war. The newly added Alexandria city, which housed the Sword sect, dedicated their strongest forces, in the form of the Elders and the family of the late Alexander.

Scale kingdom did the same, along with Titan, Kaeborg, Avalez, and even Ryuu kingdom.

The war's bells had rung!

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