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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 258: Poison Resistance

Chapter 258: Poison Resistance

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"Nephilim Slime, huh?" Sarin said as he rubbed his chin. "It would be a great addition to my collection once I kill you. I wonder how long she'll lastThe most recent one managed to stay alive for three weeks!"

"Unfortunately, you won't be getting anything, since you're the one who's going to die today," Ed shrugged his shoulder as he answered Sarin. He retook his stance, and the two of them started to clash once again. The small pause they took was enough for Ed's Telekinesis threads to finish regenerating, enabling him to use the cocoon once again.

Emilia proved to be crucial in the fight, as she provided vital support for Ed. If it wasn't for her ice needles targeting Sarin's vitals, Ed would have sustained dangerous injuries.

Sarin's poison seemed to be much more dangerous than they first imagined. Once the poison needles, which were frozen by Emilia, melted from the heat, they released fumes. Ed noticed them too late, as he had inhaled some of it, before getting rid of it by using Wind magic. Ed felt his entire body's functions struggle to work just because of that whiff. His movements slowed down, which forced him to retreat once more in order to rid his body of the poisons.

Emilia took over and started to fight Sarin, but quickly, she proved no match to him. In order to protect herself and Ed, she surrounded Sarin by mountains of ice. However, she quickly noticed them melting and crumbling down under the might of Sarin.

Luckily for Emilia, Ed was quick to heal himself, as a ten-second charge of his Hatsu managed to heal him.

"My poison is too much for you, little brat?" Sarin said as the final block of ice dissipated.

"I have a sensitive stomach after all," Ed answered, "I can't have disgusting things."

Ed held the two swords in his hands horizontally in front of him as Sarin charged towards him. All three blades were covered by a thick layer of Haki, which turned them black accompanied by a tinge of their elemental color. Shusui turned purple-black.

Sarin found himself in front of Ed, and the latter hadn't moved. He furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about the possibility of a trap, but disregarded it. With his right claw hand, he swiped down towards Ed's head, fully intending to crush, or at least severely poison him.

"Toro Nagashi (Streaming Wolf Swords)," Ed said as his body leaned towards Sarin. His body resembled the shaft of a flower being forced to bend by the wind. His right sword easily blocked Sarin's hand, while Shusui slashed the abdomen of his opponent. Once again, he dodged Sarin's attack and countered. Dodge, block, and counter. The two continued to repeat the same actions until Sarin noticed how he was losing out in the exchange.

He retreated and charged again. Ed was the one to retreat, as he realized Sarin would quickly adapt to his fighting style, so he needed to change it over time. He crouched down, looking similar to a leopard about to burst into a run. His chin almost touching the ground, he lunged forward and started to spin around.

His swords formed a ball around him. Sarin was late to react, so he decided to block the attack instead, but he failed. He couldn't correctly read the attack's pattern and ended up with a dozen slashes all over his body.

"You little bratI'm starting to lose my patience!" Sarin's anger flamed his QI as he rushed towards Ed. His attacks became fiercer, stronger, and deadlier. Ed could only dodge so much, and before long, Sarin's hand connected with his solar plexus.

Ed could fell the poison invade his body all the way to his spine. Pain coupled with a sensation of burning surged through his body, and Ed did his best to bear it as he was flying to the back due to the force behind Sarin's attack. As he was gritting his teeth out of pain, he heard a notification that brought a smile to his pained face.


Acquired Poison Resistance level 2.

Ed disappeared from the scene and entered his own dimension. He set the time ratio to 1:10 and closed his eyes as he activated his Hatsu on his immune system, which was enhanced with the newly acquired skill. He purged the poison inside his body in 30 minutes and noticed that the PR skill gained one more level.

Ed returned back to the battlefield to find Emilia and Raikou fighting Sarin. Only three minutes had passed, so they didn't sustain any injuries.

"Raikou, you can finish your fight!" Ed said as he noticed one of the Poison sect members being bound by shadow hands. Raikou had left his own fight and decided to back up Emilia.

"You're back, you brat."

"Yes, I Am!" Ed said as he stuck down with two of his sword. Sarin blocked them with one hand and countered with the other, but he was surprised to see Ed not dodging his attack. Why would he? Since he gained the PR skill, normal attacks from Sarin were no longer life-threatening.

"What trick did you use?" Sarin asked.

"No trick. Your poison is simplyweak," Ed said as he smirked. He seemed to have struck a nerve, as Sarin started his assault once again. However, Ed managed to fight him to a standstill after withstanding his poison.

Sarin's heart and muscles tightened up as he felt danger coming near him. He looked into Ed's eye and noticed how the pupil turned red, and the veins became bloody. He retreated back and covered himself with his coat. A black flame emerged out of Ed's eye and burned a hole through the coat. Amaterasu's black flames latched into Sarin's right hand and started to eat away at it. But, he was quick to act and severed his own hand.

But, by doing so, he couldn't block Ed's sword as he came down and slashed him across his face and chest.

"GrrrTo think you'd injure me this much!" he shouted and a bluish-white figure appeared behind him. Dozens of tentacles and a colossal body surrounded Sarin's body, covering him from everyone's eyes. Once he came out, his body was healed, and his arm was back on.

"A Krakenyou have a Kraken as your Avatar!" Ed said as he looked at the new enemy that appeared. However, his shock didn't stop there, as a new red dot appeared from above the Kraken. He looked up to see a bulky man with disfigured muscles floating high above them.

"Oh, SarinAre you in so much trouble that you'd use your Avatar?" the man said.

"Why are you here No-b?" Sarin answered in a displeased voice.

Ed frowned and his body sweated heavily. He could feel his Berserk skill growing stronger the longer he stared at the man high in the sky. Anger, anguish, torment, despair, and finally self-blame. All these emotions surfaced in his mind as he stared at the man. The man who killed Eri and the others.

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