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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 272: Time to Sleep

Chapter 272: Time to Sleep

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The three mythical rank auras swept through the battlefield in an instant. It was as dominating as it was suffocating. Ally and foe alike, they felt their skin crawl and their hearts beat a tune of fear. The only mythical rank monster they'd ever encountered was the dragon that had become Ed's Avatar. It was unfathomable for three to appear in one place, at the same, especially in their world.

"What a terrifying aura!" Dawlish, who stood next to Johan, exclaimed.

His son was the next to talk. "Their cultivation is lowerSomehow that is not as reassuring as I thought it would be," he said with a nervous grin. "I wonder if that skeleton is the one that created all those undead."

"I don't see anyone else that fits the description of a necromancer more than it," Dawlish said. The duo talked while keeping their instincts sharp. They didn't know where the attack might come from next, and they especially on guard against Raikou, who's ripped an Immortal Establishment level 7 cultivator's neck as if it was a piece of rotten bread.

However, not once did they spare the time to check on the Blood sect's master. At this point, he was an afterthought to them; they were confident in his survival. They knew that the dragon's flames would feel like a summer's breeze to him. After all, they had recognized the dragon. It was the same dragon that No-b asked for as a gift for his attack on Scale kingdom two years ago. It took a great deal of convincing Erykytos.

Back at the blood sect's headquarters, the black dragon was still giving it his all, releasing all the pent up rage it had with no regards to Ed's safety. Of course, it knew that his flames had no effect, as he couldn't feel any reaction from underneath, but he didn't stop.

Under the Susanoo's bones, Ed looked at Gobuta's peculiar action; he was licking his palm. Quickly, however, Ed noticed the traces of blood on it.

"What happened?" he asked.

"The man earlier, with the great sword," Gobuta answered, "I stopped his sword with my hand but he still cut me. I really want to fight him!"

Ed noticed Gobuta's eyes glow with a maniacal light. 'Is this because he carried the Demon Lord title?' Ed thought to himself and sighed. He raised his hand high and chopped down on Gobuta's head. "That's what sword do, you idiot! They cut!" he said. "Plus, you already know the plan. It's my dad who's going to fight Dawlish. He called it fate. After all, their parents fought over a hundred years ago. And the one I'm going to fight is no one other than..."

Before Ed could finish his sentence, he felt the flames of Entei let up. The dragon finally had his fill, or so it seemed. He swept down on Erykytos. The mountain-sized dragon moved the atmosphere with his flight speed. It instantly felt like the surrounding air shifted position towards the dragon. The difference in size between the dragon and the master was like an elephant and an ant. Yet, as the distance between the two shrunk down, the two seemed to switch their sizes.

"How boring," Erykytos said. "I would have preferred to fight one of those three."

The aura of the blood sect master exploded; it was his turn to overwhelm the battlefield. His Qi alone rivaled that of the three mythical monsters. Erykytos held his hands out and the right hovered above the left. He closed his left eye and focused with the other one; the dragon was sandwiched between the hands. Then, as he clapped the two of them, the dragon seemed to love all of his mobility mid-air. His wings folded forcefully, and his body seemed as if was squeezed between two cymbals.

The dragon, however, wasn't about to get defeated yet. He struggled as it pushed against the forces binding him. His jaws clamped hard on his teeth, while all of his bones shouted in pain; but he didn't cease. His out scales cracked under the immense force, but he was slowly able to move.

Then, with a final roar, he broke free and released Qi all around him, allowing him to overwhelm Erykytos' Qi, although just momentarily.

"Hoo, how promising," Erykytos praised the dragon's efforts. "Last time you weren't able to budge at all."

The dragon felt humiliated by the words that reached his ears and clapped his wings in the air just once. Just once, and he was right above Erykytos. He looked at the pea-sized human in front of him and swiped with his claws, leaving deep scars in the earth's crust. Yet, he felt no reaction. He couldn't see Erykytos move, but he knew that he had escaped somehow.

The dragon raised his head and looked around, and soon enough his eyes caught a red dot to his right. Erykytos was hovering in the air as if waiting for the dragon to resume his attacks, which the latter didn't disappoint. He released a flame roar towards Erykytos, but this time it was a massive area of effect attack, but instead, a concentrated laser that traveled through the air at an astonishing speed. Erykytos, however, didn't shy away from the attack and punched it away. The attack collided with a nearby mountain, causing to explode into nothing.

Erykytos kept looking at the damage caused by the attack, and just as he looked back at the dragon, he noticed that he was in front of him this time. The black dragon flipped in the air and channeled the rotation force to his tail. Erykytos had no way to dodge the attack this time and was sent, like an arrow, through the ground.

The dragon flew down and stood above the ground, right next to the hole where Erykytos fell through; a red hue floated all over his body.

Erykytos emerged out of the hole and was greeted by the dragon's roar.

The red hue was condensed Qi, and it was let out at the same time as the roar. The attack was similar to a concentrated explosion, which tore the air and the ground. The dragon flapped its wings in order to stay afloat, as the ground under him had turned into a deep crater. The Blood sect master hovered as well; there was no visible wound on him.

"It's time for you to sleep," Erykytos said, and almost immediately, the dragon found himself hugging the ground. An even more intense force overwhelmed him this time, as he kept sinking further and further down.

Erykytos turned around and just as he was about to join the battlefield, he noticed three beings standing in his way.

"It looks like my wish came through after all," he smiled and put his hands behind him.

Back in the battlefield, Ed and Arthur stood in front of their two enemies, Dawlish and Johan.

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