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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 284: White World

Chapter 284: White World

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As it parted its gaze from the sky, the black dragon focused its attention back on the Dragonoid and the million monsters surrounding it. Fumes escaped its nostrils and slightly covered its face; mad red eyes lay behind it. It paid no attention to the allies that summoned it and spread its wings.

Edmund and the others lost sight of the blue sky once again as they were hidden underneath the vast black wings. They knew that this was Entei's way of telling to go far away, as they would be nothing more than a hindrance.

Entei's wings stood vertically on its back. It stretched them as much as it could, and like a rubber band, released them with full power. The ground surrounding it couldn't handle the strength behind its actions, as it crumbled and split apart. Rocks and pieces of the earth flew in all directions. The weaker monsters lost their lives instantly, while the more capable monsters managed to run away in time. Still, even though only a minority was killed, the ground was died crimson, black, and green from the blood.

The monsters that dodged the initial attack tried to escape and reorganize, but Entei wasn't about to let them do so. It jumped from its spot and landed down on the monsters. Its feet crushed hundreds at once, but it wasn't satisfied. It jumped around like a grasshopper, and each time it landed pieces of the earth would be pulled and replaced by carcasses of dead monsters.

The larger sized enemies that were foolish, overconfident, and, frankly put, stupid, tried to retaliate back. Entei had a special way to kill them. It would show them the difference in size and power as it would bite down on their top and leave the bottom half to rot.

Becky wanted to shout and ask the dragon not to eat the vile creatures. After all, she saw how they were created, but she decided against it. The dragon was their ally, but not their friend. It was helping them due to the connection it had with Ed, as such, it was only reasonable to let it deal with the situation in any way it saw fit.

Edmund, on the other hand, was not worried at all. Instead, he was all smiles; he was on the verge of bursting into laughter.

"Why the good mood?" asked bard.

"It's the dragon. Surprisingly, it had a good sense of humor," Edmund answered him while pointing with his finger. At the place where he pointed, Bard and the others could see a small monster running away from the dragon while hiding amongst the other monsters. It was the Dragonoid.

"It's chasing it? Isn't it the same as…" Audun was stunned and couldn't continue his speech.

"Exactly what it was doing to me," said Edmund. "The black dragon is playing around with the Dragonoid. That's why I'm smiling; it feels like he's getting revenge for me!"

However, the dragon had no idea that the Dragonoid played around with Edmund before. It followed it around for two reasons. Firstly, it was too arrogant. When Entei first arrived, it noticed how the Dragonoid stared at it and the bloodlust it exuded was an annoyance for it. Secondly, it was the strongest monster around.

Entei's continuous rampage dwindled the number of monsters. The ground couldn't be seen any longer due to the number of corpses that covered it. The Dragonoid's body was battered and bruised from the attacks it couldn't dodge, and its Qi was nearly depleted.

Seemingly bored, Entei stopped moving and stared around at its surroundings. It snorted fumes out of its nose and flew up into the sky. The small monsters continued to grow smaller in its eyes until they were nothing more than small spots. It roared with its full might and caused the air in the area to shake in fear.

Edmund and the others had no choice but to cover their ears, else their eardrums would have popped. Unfortunately for the Dragonoid, it had no strength left to raise its hand and ended up stunned by the roar.

Entei took a deep breath in and ended up sucking the clouds around it. Its Qi started to build up inside its stomach, and a second later, pure white flames started to form in its mouth. Edmund and the others could feel the air become thinner around them, while their lips turned chapped due to the heat that built up around Entei.

The Dragonoid and other stunned monsters could do nothing but watch and wait in horror. Entei took only five seconds to fully strengthen his attack, but to them, it felt like an eternity. As the mighty black dragon released its powerful flames, the whole world turned white for the monsters.

There was no pain, nor a burning sensation. They could see their skin, flesh, and bones turn to ashes right in front of their eyes. The white pillar of flames connected the earth to the heavens and continued to spread. The attack didn't stop for a full minute, and once it was over, Edmund and the others finally opened their eyes. The crater that resulted from the attack stopped just one step away from them, and they could stare into the abyss that was created. Deep inside of it, they could hear the whispers of the devil. They felt sorry for the monsters that were sent to meet him.

Entei stared down at the crater and confirmed that all monsters were killed. It turned its head towards the mountain where it lived and left towards it, leaving behind the four Elders that it fought to save.

The Elders had no choice but to say their thanks under their breath and head back to Avalon. They found themselves at the entrance of Avalon, as this was the saved location that the teleportation spheres had. They walked through the rubble and corpses, glad that they were alive, glad that they were able to protect all the citizens hidden in the castle.

Edmund was thinking about the fluffy bed and the hot food he was going to enjoy after such a long battle when he was suddenly interrupted by a sharp pain in his left hand. He crouched down as pressed down on it.

"What's wrong?!" Becky shouted as she noticed Edmund in pain.

"It's nothing," he said. "I guess I'm not healed yet…"

Yet, before he could say the word, he noticed rubble moving a couple of feet in front of them. It was the area where he cut down the Dragonoid's tail earlier.

Without wasting another moment, Edmund pulled away his protective jewelry and gave it to Becky. The Dragonoid appeared from under the rubble and moved faster than them. Only Edmund managed to counter its speed, as he threw himself in front of the Dragonoid's stretched arm.

Blood spurted everywhere, and the sound of breaking glass reverberated amid the empty streets of Avalon.

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