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Femme Fatale First Daughter (Web Novel)




Lian Shuang, 帘霜


Fantasy Mystery Shoujo

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She was disfigured and her mother died an innocent death. A cup of poison wine was not enough to kill her and she had to die by plunging into burning flames! Before entering her next lifetime, she vowed to change history and get her revenge!

When she opened her eyes again, she was 13 again. Her mother had just passed and her father had yet remarried. To prevent history from repeating itself, she took careful steps.

However, she ended up discovering a 30-year-old mystery case that had been hidden all these while. She had been reborn as a beauty and was not going to give up on herself.

She was going to live out her best life with her alluring charms!

626 • 2019-11-23 22:29:50


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 406 Mo Xuetong’s Poisoning2020-05-15
Chapter 405 The Face-off Between the Princess Royal and King Xuan2020-05-14
Chapter 404 The Brothers of the Ding Manor Marry off Their Daughters2020-05-13
Chapter 403 Going to the Emperor and Wang Yueyue Dies2020-05-12
Chapter 402 Wang Yueyue Was Pushed and Miscarried2020-05-11
Chapter 401 In the Princess Royal’s Manor, Wang Yueyue Framed Xuetong2020-05-10
Chapter 400 Ling Fengyan Died Suddenly in the Inner Yard2020-05-09
Chapter 399 All With Their Own Ideas in the Princess Royal’s Manor2020-05-08
Chapter 398 The Three Princes Gathered at Princess Royal’s Manor2020-05-07
Chapter 397 The Long Hidden Identity of Princess Royal2020-05-07
Chapter 396 King Jin Manor Was Infinitely Close to the Throne2020-05-06
Chapter 395 The Suspicious History of Consort Zhao2020-05-04
Chapter 394 He Brothers’ Plan2020-05-03
Chapter 393 Mo Xuetong Met the Sisters of the He Family in the Subsidiary Manor2020-05-02
Chapter 392 Feng Yuxuan’s Imaginary Enemy2020-05-01
Chapter 391 Bai Yihao Advanced At Every Step2020-04-30
Chapter 390 The Feud between Princess Royal Yunruo and Princess Shuanglan2020-04-29
Chapter 389 Who Does the Loyalty of the Previous Secret Guards Belong To?2020-04-28
Chapter 388 Feng Yuran’s Rescue in Xiuning Workshop2020-04-27
Chapter 387 The Secret Guards by Luo Xia’s side2020-04-27
Chapter 386 The Kidnap and Disappearance of Mo Xuetong2020-04-27
Chapter 385 The Past Things about Mo Huawen2020-04-27
Chapter 384 The Couple of Bad Guys Suffered Together2020-04-27
Chapter 383 Dogs Biting Dogs, A Mouthful of Fur2020-04-27
Chapter 382 The Farce in the Mo Manor’s Hall2020-04-24
Chapter 381 The Marital Fraud at the Duke Zhenguo’s Manor2020-04-23
Chapter 380 Beautiful Women of King Xuan’s Manor2020-04-22
Chapter 379 The Empress’ Concerns2020-04-21
Chapter 378 In the King Ning Manor, Wang Xiuxiu Lost Her Baby in the Belly2020-04-20
Chapter 377 King Ning and Consort Yu Had a Tryst in the Parlor2020-04-19
Chapter 376 You Yue’e Stirred up Trouble in the Bridal Chamber2020-04-18
Chapter 375 The Affair at the Wedding Banquet2020-04-17
Chapter 374 Consort Yu Heads to the Banquet and Causes More Trouble2020-04-16
Chapter 373 Second Consort Yan Causes Trouble at King Ning’s Wedding Banquet2020-04-15
Chapter 372 Feng Yuran’s Theory on Opportunism2020-04-15
Chapter 371 Worries Aplenty, King Ning Takes a Consort2020-04-13
Chapter 370 The Sudden Visit by Lady of Xian2020-04-13
Chapter 369 The Mystery Surrounding the Past Affairs of Queen Jin2020-04-11
Chapter 368 The Masterminds Behind A Simple Wedding2020-04-10
Chapter 367 Tricks by the He sisters2020-04-09
Chapter 366 The Cousin Who Wanted to Marry from the King Xuan’s Manor2020-04-08
Chapter 365 Whom was Emperor Zongwen’s Favorite Candidate?2020-04-07
Chapter 364 Luo Mingzhu’s Belated Marriage2020-04-06
Chapter 363 Anhe Palace and Consort Xian’s Past2020-04-05
Chapter 362 Ling Fengyan’s Retribution2020-04-04
Chapter 361 The Blissful and Loving Marriage2020-04-03
Chapter 360 Consort Zhao of the Mingyue Palace2020-04-02
Chapter 359 The Wedding Proceeds and Feng Yulei Gets Demoted2020-04-01
Chapter 358 Ling Fengyan’s Plot about the Bridal Sedan Chairs2020-03-31
Chapter 357 Looking for Fun at the Wedding Night2020-03-30
Chapter 356 Assassination Caused a Stir on the Weddings2020-03-29
Chapter 355 Wedding Atmosphere in Five Kilometers, Married Off2020-03-28
Chapter 354 Assholes Were Caught As Their Scheming Plot Was Exposed2020-03-27
Chapter 353 Insistence by Jerk and Bitch2020-03-26
Chapter 352 Entrance to the Drama by Second Son of You Family2020-03-25
Chapter 351 Old Madam Rudely Insists On Moving Objects2020-03-24
Chapter 350 Old Madam Arrived, Causing a Commotion2020-03-23
Chapter 349 Mo Ye Lost the Man He Was Following2020-03-22
Chapter 348 Conversation between Feng Yuran and Bai Yihao2020-03-22
Chapter 347 Empress Dowager’s Plans in Cining Palace2020-03-21
Chapter 346 A Destroyed Engagement Paper2020-03-19
Chapter 345 The Fifth Princess’ Plot2020-03-18
Chapter 344 Imperial Noble Consort Su’s Ruthless Decision. Towering Hatred!2020-03-17
Chapter 343 King Xuan’s Anger and the Imperial Noble Consort Gets into Trouble2020-03-16
Chapter 342 The Weird Book from the Southern Barbarian Lands2020-03-16
Chapter 341 Luo Mingzhu’s Resistance2020-03-14
Chapter 340 Reminding the Old Madam2020-03-13
Chapter 339 Xuetong Hears of the Empress Dowager’s Plots2020-03-12
Chapter 338 Mo Xuemin Fails and Gets into Trouble2020-03-11
Chapter 337 You Yuecheng Exerts Pressure on Duke Zhenguo’s Manor2020-03-10
Chapter 336 Mo Xuemin Caught In the Act of Adultery2020-03-09
Chapter 335 Mass Poisoning at Duke Zhenguo’s Manor2020-03-08
Chapter 334 The Empress Dowager of Cining Palace Is Gravely Ill2020-03-07
Chapter 333 A Pair of Second Consorts Enters King Yan’s Manor2020-03-06
Chapter 332 Red Lips Touching When Love Is Deep2020-03-05
Chapter 331 King Xuan Became Jealous As the Crisis Was Resolved2020-03-04
Chapter 330 Fall off the Cliff—Xuetong in the Deathtrap2020-03-03
Chapter 329 Mo Xuemin Tried to Stab Her Biological Sister to Death2020-03-02
Chapter 328 Mo Xuemin’s New Conspiracy2020-03-01
Chapter 327 Mo Xuemin Returns to Her Mother’s Home and Plots Again2020-02-29
Chapter 326 The Empress Versus Consort Su2020-02-28
Chapter 325 Bai Yihao’s Plans2020-02-27
Chapter 324 The Long-Awaited Marriage Between You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan2020-02-25
Chapter 323 The Unilaterally-Obeyed Engagement Paper in Bai Yihao’s Hand2020-02-25
Chapter 322 Encounter Cold You Yuecheng in the Peony Garden2020-02-24
Chapter 321 Farce at the Wedding Night in the Duke Zhenguo’s Manor2020-02-23
Chapter 320 Commotion during Mo Xuemin’s Marriage Night2020-02-22
Chapter 319 Conflict in the Harem Initiated By Fifth Princess2020-02-21
Chapter 318 The Desperate Decision within the Imperial Study2020-02-20
Chapter 317 Fifth Princess Seduced and Fallen into a Trap2020-02-19
Chapter 316 A Mess in the Palace—the Fifth Princess Committed Suicide2020-02-18
Chapter 315 The Marquess Forces Mo Xuetong to Marry Him2020-02-17
Chapter 314 A Visit from the Assistant Minister, Hua Xiangfeng2020-02-15
Chapter 313 Consort Yu is Banished to the Cold Palace2020-02-15
Chapter 312 Xuetong’s Sadness in the Night2020-02-14
Chapter 311 An Odd Marriage Agreement2020-02-12
Chapter 310 Confession of a Marriage Engagement within the Peach Blossoms2020-02-12
Chapter 309 Princess Royal’s Hidden Bamboo Building within the Peach Blossoms2020-02-11
Chapter 308 Forceful and Rushed proposal by His Excellency2020-02-10
Chapter 307 Stopped after the Princess’ Banquet2020-02-09
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