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Femme Fatale First Daughter (Web Novel)






Lian Shuang, 帘霜


Fantasy Mystery Shoujo

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She was disfigured and her mother died an innocent death. A cup of poison wine was not enough to kill her and she had to die by plunging into burning flames! Before entering her next lifetime, she vowed to change history and get her revenge!

When she opened her eyes again, she was 13 again. Her mother had just passed and her father had yet remarried. To prevent history from repeating itself, she took careful steps.

However, she ended up discovering a 30-year-old mystery case that had been hidden all these while. She had been reborn as a beauty and was not going to give up on herself.

She was going to live out her best life with her alluring charms!

25 • 2019-11-23 22:29:50


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 242: On the Roof-Entering Private Property at Night2019-12-06
Chapter 241 King Xuan Meeting a Beauty at Night2019-12-05
Chapter 240 The Estrangement between Father and Daughter2019-12-04
Chapter 239 Sending the Evil Woman Back to the Yu Manor2019-12-03
Chapter 238 Out of the Bag, Auntie Fang Reaped What She Sowed2019-12-02
Chapter 237: Setting Up, Direct Confrontation2019-12-01
Chapter 236 Write Them Down, Words Don’t Count2019-11-30
Chapter 235 Framing, Something Evil Has Got Me2019-11-29
Chapter 234 Stopping Mo Xuemin’s Plot2019-11-28
Chapter 233 The Secret Relationship between the Princess Royal and Mother2019-11-27
Chapter 232 The Empress’ Servant2019-11-25
Chapter 231 When Trash Meets Trash, Meeting Lan Xinru2019-11-25
Chapter 230 That’s Odd. Mo Jin’s New Master2019-11-24
Chapter 229 The Mysterious Past and the Uncertain Facts2019-11-24
Chapter 228 Is Madam Here in the Capital Too?2019-11-24
Chapter 227 The Confrontation in the Hall2019-11-24
Chapter 226 Falling in Love and a Secret Promise2019-11-24
Chapter 225 Splitting Skin, Forcing King Chu Away2019-11-24
Chapter 224 I Want to Adopt You2019-11-24
Chapter 223 Make Everyone Fall for Her, Dancing at the Banquet2019-11-24
Chapter 222 Strange Atmosphere between Two Gorgeous Boys2019-11-24
Chapter 221 Qin Rang and Beauties Resemble Jade2019-11-24
Chapter 220: Heirs from Four Great Manors2019-11-24
Chapter 219 The Princess Royal Favors2019-11-24
Chapter 218 History, Secret Past in Harem2019-11-24
Chapter 217: A Scheme, the Banquet Held by Princess Royal2019-11-24
Chapter 216 Dark Shadows in the Palace, the Empress Dowager’s Scheme2019-11-24
Chapter 215: A Beautiful Girl and a Fine View at a Windy and Snowy Night2019-11-24
Chapter 214 Mo Xuemin’s Marriage was Determined2019-11-24
Chapter 213 The Harem Line, the Empress Dowager’s Decreed2019-11-24
Chapter 212 Missing Jade Jewelry Case of Four Great Manors2019-11-24
Chapter 211 Mother’s Old Servant, Unexpected Meeting with He Xia By the Carriage2019-11-24
Chapter 210 Bookstore, Transcribing a Book on Medicine2019-11-24
Chapter 209 Doubtfully, Talking About the Past While Curing the Wound2019-11-24
Chapter 208 Thrilled, They Got Assaulted by the Stream2019-11-24
Chapter 207 Shocked, Behind the Gentle Smile were Threats2019-11-24
Chapter 206 I’m Here to Get the Qin and will Leave Right Away2019-11-24
Chapter 205 The Legendary Qinglin Academy2019-11-24
Chapter 204 The Confrontation between Mo Xuemin and the Duchess2019-11-24
Chapter 203 It was All Settled and Mo Huawen Got Remarried2019-11-24
Chapter 202 Lan Xinru Causes Herself Trouble2019-11-24
Chapter 201 The Fate of Betrayers2019-11-24
Chapter 200 A Scheme, An Appearance2019-11-24
Chapter 199 Lan Xinru’s Challenge2019-11-24
Chapter 198 Mo Xuemin’s Secret Meeting2019-11-24
Chapter 197 The Odd Flower2019-11-24
Chapter 196 Breaking News. The Imperial Consort Selection2019-11-24
Chapter 195 The Intelligent Grand Secretariat’s Daughter2019-11-24
Chapter 194 Behaving Stupidly, Fifth Princess was Filled with Jealousy and Hatred2019-11-24
Chapter 193 Shocked at the Murder Case in the Back Yard2019-11-24
Chapter 192 The Root of Trouble was a Strange Flower with Three Different Colors2019-11-24
Chapter 191 An Anecdote From Fu General Manor On a Grand Banquet2019-11-24
Chapter 190 Mo Xueqiong Creates Trouble in Qingwei Garden2019-11-24
Chapter 189 What Happened on New Year’s Eve2019-11-24
Chapter 188 The Secret Behind her Mother’s Sudden Death2019-11-24
Chapter 187 Changping Palace, the Fifth Princess’ Jealousy2019-11-24
Chapter 186 Committing Crimes, Sima Lingyun Gets Caught2019-11-24
Chapter 185 The Sachet, A Token of Love2019-11-24
Chapter 184 Losing Control, They Started to Plan for Their Own2019-11-24
Chapter 183 There Were So Many Pieces of Jewelry2019-11-24
Chapter 182 Another Flattery in Qingwei Garden2019-11-24
Chapter 181 The Evil Beauty Employed an Artful Ruse by Inflicting an Injury on Herself to Win the Trust2019-11-24
Chapter 180 Feeling Ashamed, They Returned to Duke Zhenguo’s Manor2019-11-24
Chapter 179 Duchness Zhenguo Came Over to Start a Fight2019-11-24
Chapter 178 To Whom is the Chaos Beneficial2019-11-24
Chapter 177 A Deeper Check and A Mess2019-11-24
Chapter 176 Saved. The Trashy Couple.2019-11-24
Chapter 175 Fleeing the Carriage and The Struggle between Life and Death.2019-11-24
Chapter 174 Kidnapped. The Scuffle Outside the Palace2019-11-24
Chapter 173 Resentment. The Chaos Starts Again.2019-11-24
Chapter 172 The Beauty Who Followed After2019-11-24
Chapter 171 The Royal Brothers2019-11-24
Chapter 170 Quietly Stayed Alone in Mingzhu Palace2019-11-24
Chapter 169 They Brought the Duke Along to Have a Look2019-11-24
Chapter 168 Who Is the One Conducting the Affair2019-11-24
Chapter 167 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion2019-11-24
Chapter 166 Yu Mingyong’s Rashness2019-11-24
Chapter 165 The Interesting Show at Qingfang Pavilion2019-11-24
Chapter 164 Get a Good Spot to Watch an Affair2019-11-24
Chapter 163 A Gentle Trap In The Darkness2019-11-24
Chapter 162 Trapped In Trouble After The Feast2019-11-24
Chapter 161 To Find Out Who Wrote The Love Poem And The Secret Relationship Behind It2019-11-24
Chapter 160 A Secret Date in the Palace, and the Maid Sent a Secret Message2019-11-24
Chapter 159 The Love Poem at the Banquet2019-11-24
Chapter 158 Two Butterflies on a Splendid Dress, Rouge was Unevenly Spread2019-11-24
Chapter 157 The Contest Between the Imperial Concubines and the Competition at the Banquet2019-11-24
Chapter 156 You Yuecheng Threatens Mo Xuetong but is Shamed Instead2019-11-24
Chapter 155 A Chance Meeting, Annoying Marquess Mingguo2019-11-24
Chapter 154 Who Would Become the Crown Prince?2019-11-24
Chapter 153 The Accident! Mo Xuemin Enters the Palace Through Peculiar Means2019-11-24
Chapter 152 The Collision in the Palace2019-11-24
Chapter 151 It’s Impossible To Be Her Aunt2019-11-24
Chapter 150 Being Dishonorable, She Conducted Seduction in Public2019-11-24
Chapter 149 Lan Xinru Entered Mo Manor2019-11-24
Chapter 148 Four Great Manors Were All In Trouble2019-11-24
Chapter 147 Being Threatened, Sima Lingyun Went Back To the Capital2019-11-24
Chapter 146 You Yuecheng’s Misfortune2019-11-24
Chapter 145 Mo Xuemin was Beaten Up2019-11-24
Chapter 144 Li Youmo, the Outrageous Young Sir2019-11-24
Chapter 143 Sima Lingyun’s Other Woman2019-11-24