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Femme Fatale First Daughter (Web Novel) - Chapter 239 Sending the Evil Woman Back to the Yu Manor

Chapter 239 Sending the Evil Woman Back to the Yu Manor

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“It has something to do with First Miss?” The veins on Mo Huawen’s forehead twitched. It was obvious that he was about to lose control. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Did First Miss plot together with this evil woman to hurt Third Miss?” If Min’er was already so vicious, he would rather send her to a temple than to let her marry into the Duke Zhenguo’s manor. It would harm and embarrass the entire Mo family.

“No, that’s not it. Auntie Fang found First Miss’ maid, Elder Sister Mo Xiu. First Miss did not come. Auntie Fang was locked up and only Elder Sister Mo Xiu would come to visit Auntie from time to time…” The little maidservant answered whatever she could. She was afraid that she would be beaten to death on the spot if she answered too slowly.

Scheming to hurt one’s master was punishable. She could be flogged to death on the spot.

“Sir Yu, do we still need to question her? If we continue to, we might even find out who was the instigator. Sir Yu has to remember to give us justice.” Mo Huawen smiled coldly at Yu Feng. Then, he turned to say to a servant standing by the side, “Go and get Mo Xiu from First Miss’ courtyard. Ask her to corroborate her account.”

He was very certain that Yu Feng was not innocent in the whole matter. Of course, he would not let go at this point. Yu Manor wanted to plot against and kill his child. They had to bear responsibility for this.

A sharp glint appeared in Auntie Fang’s eyes when she saw Mo Huawen persisting in his investigation. He was going to fight Yu Manor to the end. She knew that Mo Huawen was really angry and she pulled herself up using a tree by her side and screamed, “Old Sir, please don’t investigate any further. I was the one who did it. It was all me and it has nothing to do with anyone else. But should I not!”

She seemed mad. She only thought about all the grievances she had suffered all these years as she gritted her teeth. Her face twisted furiously as she said, “When Madam was ill, I waited on her by her bedside. What did you say then? You said that I was virtuous and that you would make me your legal wife if Madam were to pass away. Then, Madam passed away and you said you wanted to mourn for her. I have been waiting since then.”

“Feng’er is a concubine’s son, and Min’er is a concubine’s daughter. Do you know how people look down on them when they go out? Is it wrong of me to want to become your legal wife? Furthermore, you were the one who promised me. However, ever since the little slut returned to the manor, Old Sir, you’ve paid more and more attention to her and didn’t even mention anything about making me your legal wife.”

“Old Sir, since you have not shown thought for our children, I have to. Without the little slut, our family would be perfect and happy long ago. Old Sir, I did it for our children. Was I wrong! If you were a woman, you would also probably do everything for your children…”

“Crack!” A palm slammed down heavily and interrupted her.

“Slut, what do you mean our family would be perfect? You are just a plaything. What family? My legal wife is my wife and she is my family. It is not your place to question anything. How dare a concubine like you dare to say we are a family.” Mo Huawen was so angry he was going mad. He slapped her forcefully in his anger.

Auntie Fang fell and hit the tree again.

“Auntie said she waited on my mother by her bed but did not know why she got weaker and weaker as she served her. Auntie solved my doubts today. Father had promised to make you his legal wife, so my mother did not need to live! Since things are already so, tell me, Auntie, so that my mother can rest in peace.” Mo Xuetong’s eyes glinted with a cold smirk. She stared at Auntie Fang with a razor-sharp glare.

“You had a hand in Luo Xia’s death?” Mo Huawen was very shocked. He did not expect that she was involved in this matter as well. His voice shook as he asked, “You, you… vicious wretch, what did you do?”

Auntie Fang had given up completely after being slapped by Mo Huawen and having seen her brother backing away fearfully. She was not afraid of anything now and only felt that her life was just a delusion. When Luo Xia was still around, she had lived in fear even though she had given birth to his only son. She had not dared to behave arrogantly.

Then, Luo Xia had died. She was in a position of power then and she wanted to make Mo Huawen satisfied so that he would quickly make her his legal wife.

However, she did not expect that all her hard work and plans would end up being destroyed by Mo Xuetong that little slut. Auntie Fang gritted her teeth hatefully. Her eyes were bloodshot. Auntie Fang was dizzy with anger and she did not wish to hide anything any longer. She only wanted Mo Xuetong to hurt more and to feel even worse.

“I poisoned your mother to death. It was a pity. Your mother did not know that the water she drank every day was filled with poison. She drank it bit by bit and it would have been difficult for her to survive. Since that stupid mother of yours refused to leave her place as the legal wife, then I have to make sure she dies. Didn’t you think that it was odd, why you almost died in the Qin Manor’s lake…”

“Sister!” Yu Feng shouted hurriedly for her to stop.

Auntie Fang ignored him. She glared at Mo Xuetong viciously and said, “That’s right. I got Mo Zhu to do it. I didn’t expect you to be so lucky. That you would survive even after that and that you would regain consciousness. Do you want to know more? Do you know why you were so ill after your mother died and couldn’t come to the capital with us? I was the one to do it too, of course. If I had been more vicious then and taken your life, would you be able to run wild now?”

Her mother had indeed died in Auntie Fang’s hands. Mo Xuetong’s fingers shook. Tears rolled down her pale face. Her eyes, which were like pieces of dark jade, shone with icy coldness, sadness, pain, anger, and hatred… The various emotions swirled together. The complicated emotions made her heart hurt. For who would be so pale and shake like her unless they were in enormous pain?

Mo Huawen could not bear it any longer after listening to what Auntie Fang said and seeing the pain on Mo Xuetong’s face. He walked up to Auntie Fang and kicked her forcefully. Auntie Fang was thrown into the air and almost stopped breathing.

“Sir Yu, take your sister away. You have already signed the documents, you would not go back on your words, would you?” Mo Huawen hated the Yu family and would not be nice to them. If not for the fact that she was the birth mother of his two children, he would have flogged her to death.

He did not expect Luo Xia to have died because of his careless words. Mo Huawen felt his heart twinge with pain and dark spots appeared before his eyes.

He looked at Mo Xuetong who was crying silently but he could not say a single word. He could hardly be bothered with how Yu Feng and his sister would appear to the public right now.

He hurried toward Mo Xuetong. His lips moved as he wanted to say something but he did not know what he could say…

He reached out to touch her head, but it started Mo Xuetong. Tears rolled down from her long lashes. Then, tears fell like broken strings of pearls. She turned around, covered her face and ran out of the room crying.

Mo Huawen wanted to run after her but stopped. His eyes were filled with a burning fire.

He had never thought that his wife would die in Auntie Fang’s hands. That vicious woman had pretended to be so virtuous and waited on Luo Xia by her bed every day. She had done her best to settle the matters in the back courtyard and was very respectful to Luo Xia. He did not expect that she would be so vicious. It was no wonder Luo Xia had died so suddenly.

It was no wonder she had suddenly died of illness shortly after having gotten better!

And there was Tong’er!

He had been wrong. He had listened to the vicious woman and left Tong’er in Cloud City.

Mdm Yu of the Qin family was Auntie Fang’s elder sister. It was so easy for them to come together and plot against and kill Tong’er!

There were so many doubts that arose because of that woman. No wonder Tong’er had not replied to all the letters he wrote her. He had thought that Tong’er was cold and unfeeling and was unfilial towards him. All these years, he had thought that Tong’er was unfilial, unteachable, incapable…

These incidents all arose because of Auntie Fang. For all the years he had studied, he had been lied to by a woman of the inner courtyard. He had handed over his beloved daughter over for her to care for. He had thought that she was a gentle and kind woman… He thought of the situation Tong’er was put in when she first came to the capital. Auntie Fang’s men were still in the courtyard now. One could tell how badly Tong’er had suffered then.

“Eunuch Wei, Sir Yu, shall we see the handprint that you pressed down earlier? If you do not want to acknowledge that evil woman, we can meet in court tomorrow.” Mo Huawen said sharply. He pointed at the agreement that a servant brought over, his eyes cold and sharp.

Eunuch Wei only recalled then that he and Yu Feng had both signed the agreement. His face paled as he realized that things were growing more and more complicated and was not to Consort Yu’s benefit. As such, he decided to leave the cesspool of troubles behind and wash his hands off it. He said to Mo Huawen, Sir Mo, I apologize for what happened today. Her Highness did not know that this woman was so vicious. Since this is so, I will return now to report this to Her Highness and have her punish this evil woman.”

Then, he did not even wait for Yu Feng to stop him before turning away and leaving in shame.

Something like that had happened in the Mo Manor, and he had been involved in it. The imperial consort might be implicated in it as well. Had he known that the Yu family had such a figure, he would have done anything to persuade the imperial consort and Yu Feng to keep a distance. Any family that had such a woman in it would definitely be implicated.

Eunuch Wei left. Yu Feng shook out his hands. He did not know what to do!

“Men, come and take this evil woman to Sir Yu’s Manor. If anyone doesn’t like that, have them look at this piece of paper. The imperial concubine in the palace made a guarantee. I don’t believe that justice doesn’t exist in this world.” Mo Huawen did not look at Yu Feng as he gave his orders to the servant.

The servant answered in affirmative. Then, two men brought a straw mat over and wrapped Auntie Fang in it. They took her by her head and legs and left the manor.

“Sir Mo, Sir Mo…” Yu Feng shouted. He knew that Mo Huawen was truly angry when he saw Mo Huawen ignoring him and how Auntie Fang was brought out of the courtyard in a straw mat. He knew that the Yu family’s reputation would take a beating if Auntie Fang were to be sent home like that.

Furthermore, the Fu General Manor would not let them off easily. Mo Huawen might take care of the two children but the Fu General Manor would not need to act carefully. From now on, the Yu family would have an enemy in the Fu General Manor and be suppressed by them. Yu Feng would rather his younger sister had died years ago!

He stomped his feet furiously and left, chasing after the men!

He had to get home before them to let everyone know what happened!

“Men, take those who framed Third Miss out and give them 30 strokes of the canes. Sell them all. Have First Miss pick a few new ones tomorrow.” Mo Huawen stood where he was and watched as the maids and servants stood in a row. He smiled coldly, and his snow-white teeth glinted with a never seen before viciousness under the sunlight.

“Old Sir, Old Sir…”

“Old Sir…”

There were screams and sobbing as the maids and servants who spoke earlier all knelt down in fear.

“Flog that one to death!” Mo Huawen pointed at a trembling maid. Then, he turned to look at Mo Xuetong’s door with a sigh before leaving.

He was too embarrassed to see his loveable daughter…

Luo Xia had died because of what he said. He could not even protect his beloved daughter. The guilt he felt made him wish that he was the one who had died then…

Mo Xiu hanged herself in her room. The men that Mo Huawen sent to Mo Xuemin’s courtyard saw people gathered around when they arrived. Mo Xuemin cried over Mo Xiu’s body and could not get up.

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