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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel)


Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside

While picking asters ‘neath the Eastern fence;

My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests;

Rearing a few chickens and ducks, I shall lead a simple and leisurely life!

However, who would have thought that fate would play a huge joke on Bei Feng? All kinds of magical items and beings of the Myriad Worlds could actually be fished out of the Ancient Well in his yard!

Even a chicken reeled out of the well ended up chasing Bei Feng all over the yard and beating him black and blue! Speechless and aggrieved, he asked the Heavens: if, that day, he’d fished out a Dragon instead of a chicken, what would’ve happened to him!

498 • 2019-09-08 10:11:31


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 641: Wave Slash!2019-12-12
Chapter 640: Wind Storm2019-12-11
Chapter 639: Inextricable2019-12-04
Chapter 638: Discovering Trace2019-12-03
Chapter 637: The Dragon Gate2019-12-02
Chapter 636: Preparations Before Sailing2019-12-01
Chapter 635: Yellow Golden Sea, Immortal Spirit Fish!2019-11-28
Chapter 634: What Is Face? Is It More Important Than Life?2019-11-27
Chapter 633: Didn’t You Say It Couldn’t Come Out?!2019-11-26
Chapter 632: Blinded By Jealousy2019-11-25
Chapter 631: Qing Family Elder’s Fear2019-11-18
Chapter 630: Line Up Please, I’m Collecting Protection Fee!2019-11-16
Chapter 629: Gigantic Void Beast2019-11-11
Chapter 628: Suddenly Waking Up From A Dream2019-11-10
Chapter 627: The Actor, Primal Devil Sect’s Elder2019-11-09
Chapter 626: How Would I Know What You Want To Say If You Don’t Say It2019-11-06
Chapter 625: Personal Choice2019-11-03
Chapter 624: Fog Lifted2019-11-02
Chapter 623: Blood Essence Of Peak Level Demonic Beasts2019-11-01
Chapter 622: Sorrow Follows Extreme Joy2019-10-31
Chapter 621: Stone Bridge2019-10-30
Chapter 620: Ruins Open!2019-10-29
Chapter 619: Arrival Of Various Large Sects And Clans!2019-10-27
Chapter 618: Form Transformation Pill2019-10-26
Chapter 617: Level 5 Fisherman!2019-10-25
Chapter 616: Since Time Immemorial, True Feelings Never Worked; It Is Schemes That Win The Hearts Of Men!2019-10-23
Chapter 615: Mental Power As Weapons, Spirit As Weapon Wielders!2019-10-21
Chapter 614: Any More Questions And You’ll Die!2019-10-20
Chapter 613: The Cuckolding And The Cuckolded2019-10-19
Chapter 612: Thunder Dragon!2019-10-13
Chapter 611: The Fishing Rod’s Tribulation!2019-10-12
Chapter 610: Mark 9 Treasure!2019-10-10
Chapter 609: Only Once Enemies Die Do We Rest!2019-10-09
Chapter 608: The Royalty And High-Ranking Officials Are Easier To Kill!2019-09-28
Chapter 607: Hatred of the Ten Sins!2019-09-27
Chapter 606: Ten Sins, Hundred Battles!2019-09-26
Chapter 605: Forming A World!2019-09-25
Chapter 604: Continuous Breakthroughs!2019-09-24
Chapter 603: Life Essence Recovery!2019-09-23
Chapter 602: The Memory Of Cells!2019-09-21
Chapter 601: The Volcano’s Reigning Demonic Beast2019-09-19
Chapter 600: Delicacy Tasting Like Fire2019-09-18
Chapter 599: The Snake With A Chicken’s Comb2019-09-17
Chapter 598: Super Volcano!2019-09-16
Chapter 597: Mysterious Command Tally!2019-09-15
Chapter 596: Good Tidings For The Restaurants2019-09-11
Chapter 595: I Choose…2019-09-10
Chapter 594: So Hungry!2019-09-08
Chapter 593: Karma2019-09-08
Chapter 592: Visitors From The University of Tianmu!2019-09-08
Chapter 591: Stargazing Tower!2019-09-08
Chapter 590: Seven Emotions And Six Desires!2019-09-08
Chapter 589: Changes in the Little Fox’s Soul!2019-09-08
Chapter 588: Turning Faith Into A Condor!2019-09-08
Chapter 587: Pure Yang, Impervious To Ghosts And Spirits!2019-09-08
Chapter 586: Commotion Caused By A Breakthrough!2019-09-08
Chapter 585: Breakthrough To the Thousand Year King!2019-09-08
Chapter 584: Auction2019-09-08
Chapter 583: The Thick-Skinned Will Benefit2019-09-08
Chapter 582: Gu Qi’s Breakthrough!2019-09-08
Chapter 581: Big Explosion!2019-09-08
Chapter 580: Flattened!2019-09-08
Chapter 579: Seeking Death In Various Ways2019-09-08
Chapter 578: Gu San Sheng’s Thoughts2019-09-08
Chapter 577: After The War2019-09-08
Chapter 576: Spirit Power Combo!2019-09-08
Chapter 575: The Zeng Family Gone Mad!2019-09-08
Chapter 574: Joint Forces!2019-09-08
Chapter 573: Dragon Trap Formation!2019-09-08
Chapter 572: Killing A Path To The Zeng Family!2019-09-08
Chapter 571: Complete Annihilation!2019-09-08
Chapter 570: Arrival of the Zeng Family!2019-09-08
Chapter 569: Miss, Family Head Wants You Home2019-09-08
Chapter 568: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 567: San Chuan School2019-09-08
Chapter 566: Zeng Family Issues2019-09-08
Chapter 565: Elimination of Informants2019-09-08
Chapter 564: Lu Family’s Shock2019-09-08
Chapter 563: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 562: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 561: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 560: Strength!2019-09-08
Chapter 559: The breakthrough of Lu Bu!2019-09-08
Chapter 558: Relaxation2019-09-08
Chapter 557: Insanity!2019-09-08
Chapter 556: Star Art, Star Reflection!2019-09-08
Chapter 555: Delay!2019-09-08
Chapter 554: Swarms Of White And Red Butterflies2019-09-08
Chapter 553: Battle Against a Thousand Year King!2019-09-08
Chapter 552: Battleship is here!2019-09-08
Chapter 551: Transaction Completed2019-09-08
Chapter 550: Wrongdoings And The Wrong Words Come With A Price2019-09-08
Chapter 549: Not Knowing The Immensity Of The Heavens And Earth2019-09-08
Chapter 548: Qing Zhou Chamber of Commerce2019-09-08
Chapter 547: Leaving2019-09-08
Chapter 546: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 545: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 544: Untitled2019-09-08
Chapter 543: Beat Up The Local Tyrants, Divide The Lands2019-09-08
Chapter 542: Nine Great Demonic Beast Kings!2019-09-08
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