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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 626: How Would I Know What You Want To Say If You Don’t Say It

Chapter 626: How Would I Know What You Want To Say If You Don’t Say It

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This scene was incredible horrifying.

These people could all be considered geniuses, breaking through to the Thousand Year King realm at a relatively young age. Whether it be their abilities or lifespan, they had all improved greatly.

But right now, these Thousand Year Kings were completely helpless, and not a single one of them managed to escape!

“How laughable… I thought that this would be the place where I would rise to prominence, but in the end, it’s actually my tomb.” A young man sighed and chuckled self-deprecatingly.

After so much hard work, he’d finally become a Thousand Year King, but at the brightest point of his life, he had to die.

What are those people doing? Looks like they’d stayed inside the family for too long, losing even the most basic sense of danger.

Qing Ruyu furrowed her brows. Although she was a lady, her demeanor was suave and lofty.

Looking at the two disciples from the Qing Family who died because they broke through to the Thousand Year King realm, she snorted angrily.

The others who hadn’t broken through yet all had happy expressions on their faces. Fortunately, there were some people who were faster, testing the path for them. Otherwise, they would be among those who’d died instead.

“I’m finished this time.”

A young cultivator opened his eyes and shook violently as a huge mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

His aura suddenly dropped from the very edge of the Thousand Year King realm, all the way to the bottom.

“You’re already rather lucky. Even if you had to forcefully cripple your foundations, you’ve at least kept your life,” a person beside him said as he shook his head.

That person was also preparing to break through to Thousand Year King realm, and his blood and Qi were already beginning to fuse together. One or two more minutes was all he needed in order to complete his breakthrough!

There was no turning back at that stage.

But at this time, those who’d broken through to the Thousand Year King realm before him had just used their lives to warn their fellow cultivators about the path ahead!

And so, he was forced to be ruthless to himself, forcefully igniting his blood Qi and destroying his own foundations!

But like what the guy beside him said, while ruining his own foundations might cost him heavily, causing him to never be able to break through to the Thousand Year King realm ever again in the future, it was still better than dying!

On the other hand, the great families and sects especially understood the importance of a strong foundation.

Although they knew that breaking through now would mean an increase in skills, it would also inevitably affect their future development.

So, excluding those who died, everyone else’s aura had already increased greatly, far surpassing other normal cultivators of the same level as them.

These people had decided to cast a strong foundation in the Hundred Year realm so they could directly charge for the Second layer of the Thousand Year King realm, or even the Third layer, when they broke through to the Thousand Year King realm in the future!

Lu Wei’s aura was also exceedingly thick now, and his blood Qi was as dense as lava. His strength had already increased several times more compared to when he’d first set foot on this stone bridge!

Without any exaggeration, the current Lu Wei only needed one or two strikes to kill the old Lu Wei.


A soft sound suddenly rang out. Although this sound was exceedingly soft, everyone present was a cultivator, and it did not escape their notice.

As the sound rang out, the stone bridge began to move.

At first, the degree of the movement was still small, but as time passed, the tremors became stronger and stronger!

“What’s happening? Is there going to be another change?”

“This stone bridge is too strange.”

“The brave will die from getting too stuffed, and the cowards from being starved. Although it’s dangerous, this is still a land of opportunities. We’ve just entered for a short while, but everyone already benefited so much. The opportunities inside the ruin are the most precious!”

Life was full of changes, and everybody had different choices.

Everyone reacted differently to these changes. Some were worried, some were fearful, and some were excited.

From Bei Feng and the rest’s view, the stone bridge had moved, and then directly barged into a black space, disappearing from their sight.

All the Ten Thousand Year Realm experts narrowed their eyes with some shock. This stone bridge was truly terrifying enough. Very few Ten Thousand Year Supremacies could tear open a space and move through it, yet this stone bridge had done this so easily. Furthermore, the space that it’d created had not even closed until now.

The dark space remained in the air, with wild energy pouring out in all directions. Even Thousand Year King realm experts would not dare to go near it.

“Friend, I wonder which faction you come from? At such a young age, your strength has already reached a level where there aren’t many opponents for you in the Thousand Year King realm.”

After they saw that their disciples had left, the Qing Family’s Ten Thousand Year Supremacy went up to talk to Bei Feng.

Bei Feng clasped his fists, and replied calmly, “Respectful greetings, Senior. This one does not belong to any faction.”

“Oh? To actually obtain such a level of achievements even without the support of a sect… It seems that young friend is not lacking in talent and luck.”

This Ten Thousand Year Supremacy’s aura was like the tides, rising and falling constantly.

This Ten Thousand Year Supremacy was truly moved this time. Relying on just personal strength, this kid was able to achieve such results. Although luck and opportunities were undoubtedly an important factor, the talent of this person was definitely not bad!

This Ten Thousand Year Supremacy was growing more and more pleased the more he looked at Bei Feng. Nodding his head, he spoke seriously to Bei Feng, “Friend, since you were able to come so far with just your own strength, then if you had the proper resources and a good cultivation technique, your achievements would definitely be even greater. Breaking through to the Ten Thousand Year Realm would not be a dream, either!”

This Ten Thousand Year Supremacy maintained a calm smile on his face as he clasped his hands behind his back.

At this moment, this Qing Family’s Elder was snickering in his heart. It should be quite obvious now. Hurry up and ask to enter our Qing Family!

“Senior’s meaning is?”

Bei Feng had some guess in his heart, but he did not reject him immediately, acting as if he didn’t know. There weren’t any fluctuations in his expression.

After hearing Bei Feng’s question, the other party furrowed his brows with annoyance. This old man has already made his words so clear. As long as you open your mouth and ask to join my Qing Family, this old man will take you in. Little brat, you wouldn’t be pretending that you didn’t understand, right?

The Qing Family Elder grumbled as he looked intently at Bei Feng. From the looks of it, this kid wasn’t acting.

How stupid. How did he survive until now? Forget it, forget it, on account of this brat’s talent still being not bad, this old man will reluctantly take the initiative to ask.

The Qing Family’s Elder’s mouth twitched, and he cleared his throat, preparing to speak. At this moment, another voice rang out from the side, interrupting his words.

“Pei, you people are truly pretentious. You’re probably anxious to hell in your heart, and you’re still trying to put on airs and act mysterious. Be more straightforward. Kid, do you want to join our Primal Devil Sect?”

A loud voice rang out, causing the Qing Family Elder’s temples to twitch.

“Why isn’t the Primal Devil Sect staying quietly in the mountains, and instead coming out here to be a nuisance…?” the Qing Family Elder said without any courtesy.

“Keke, if you want to recruit someone into your Qing Family, you should say so directly. If you don’t speak, how would this kid know what you want?”

The Primal Devil Sect’s Elder was over a hundred zhang tall. At this time, this gigantic man was looking at the Qing Family’s Elder with a sneer.

“You old bastard, to think that your mouth is still so toxic. How it makes people wish to go and give it a good beating!”

“Forget it. Although this savage’s abilities are not comparable to ours, his skin and flesh are too thick. It’s too tiresome to try to beat him up,” one of the several other Ten Thousand Year Realm experts in the air spoke. From the looks of things, all of them were very familiar with each other.

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