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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 627: The Actor, Primal Devil Sect’s Elder

Chapter 627: The Actor, Primal Devil Sect’s Elder

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The large area which the 12 large factions came from was a land which all 12 of these large factions had a long history in. The 12 of them had been enemies and also old friends who struggled against each other for thousands of years.

There were differences in their strength, but it was also possible for the hard work of their descendants to narrow this gap.

The 12 factions fought among themselves often, vying for power with each other. However, whenever there were any external threats, they would always band together to repel the threat.

They were naturally extremely familiar with each other. The geniuses from their generation had also all grown to become Ten Thousand Year Realm experts now.

The temper of this old friend from the Primal Devil Sect was also something that everyone had already grown used to long ago.

But, although they were used to it, they still had to suppress the urge to punch this old bastard in the face whenever he spoke.

This Primal Devil Sect’s Ten Thousand Year Supremacy looked like a solemn man, with perhaps a volatile temper to match. But in reality, this fellow was extremely talkative, and full of nonsense.

Bei Feng was also somewhat tempted to laugh loudly. Those words sounded really familiar. Wasn’t that what Tang Sen, the venerable monk from Journey to the West, said?

Tian Yuan looked at the Qing Family Elder with some disappointment as he turned to ask Bei Feng, “Kid, how about it? Do you wanna follow me? I’ll guarantee that you’ll get to live in the lap of luxury.”

“Senior, are you certain that I will get to live in the lap of luxury if I follow you?” Bei Feng asked with a queer expression on his face.

“Naturally. How? Are you moved? Your physical body is really strong, so it would be a real waste of talent if you don’t join our Primal Devil Sect.”

Bei Feng smirked internally. With that mouth of yours, you can still promise a life of luxury? It’s already pretty good that you’re not beaten to death by others.

This Primal Devil Sect Elder’s mouth was truly too offensive.

It would be a tragedy if Bei Feng got implicated in the future because of this fellow’s mouth.

What should he do if that fellow’s enemies came looking for him instead because they couldn’t defeat the old fellow?

Not to mention living in the lap of luxury, he might end up getting beaten up every day!

That picture was too unimaginable for Bei Feng.

“Senior, I’ve already chosen a sect to join,” Bei Feng said with a bashful smile.

“Haha, Tian Yuan, keep speaking, I’ll stand at the side and not say a word.”

“Serves you right!”

Although Bei Feng had softened his voice, everyone still heard him.

Bei Feng also had no intention of hiding anything from them.

Tian Yuan lifted his head aggressively, and said, “So what if you’d already chosen? That sect might not be good for you. Even if it’s suitable for you, they might not want you.

“Even if they want you, they might not necessarily be stronger than our Primal Devil Sect!

“With your powerful physical body, you should join our Primal Devil Sect. Our sect has countless body refining techniques, and even if you relied on refining your body until the peak level, you won’t be weaker than anyone!”

Those words were indeed moving, and could rouse a person’s excitement.

Even Tian Yuan could not help but praise himself internally about the improvements he’d made in the rhetorics department.

Bei Feng tried many times to speak, but he was interrupted continuously by Tian Yuan.

At this moment, Bei Feng suddenly understood why those demons always wanted to cut Tang Sen’s stomach open and hang his internal organs around their necks.

After speaking so much, Tian Yuan had finally exhausted his words. He felt that he’d definitely said all he could, and there was no way this kid would not be moved!

“So, after saying so much, what sect did you choose?”

Tian Yuan felt that his chance had finally arrived. Later on, no matter what sect that kid brought up, he would definitely ruthlessly badmouth that sect first. After that, he would use his ‘professional knowledge’ to break down the pros and cons of the the two sects. The kid would naturally know what to choose after that.

“Senior, the sect I’ve chosen is the Eternal Heaven Sect.”

Bei Feng managed to heave a sigh of relief. This was too torturous. F*ck, if it wasn’t for the fact that he wouldn’t be able to defeat that big fellow, he would definitely try to give that Primal Devil Sect Elder a few punches.

“Oh, so it’s the Eternal Heaven Sect? Let me tell you… AH?!”

Tian Yuan began arrogantly, but he suddenly stopped with a strangled gasp.

“Puahaha! Tian Yuan, are you mimicking a duck’s quack? It was rather successful.”

The Qing Family Elder, who had been watching from the side, roared with laughter. At the same time, he looked at Bei Feng and shook his head slightly.

“Shut up!” After being stunned for a few seconds, Tian Yuan recovered and roared at the Qing Family Elder unkindly.

“Kid, you’re playing around with me, right? If you don’t give me proper explanation today, this fist right here will land on your face!”

Tian Yuan stared unhappily at Bei Feng, feeling as if he’d been fooled.

What did this kid say? He wanted to enter the Eternal Heaven Sect?

I also f*cking want to join the Eternal Heaven Sect! But, I can’t get in.

I don’t even have the qualifications to be a cleaner there to sweep leaves for them!

Among the 13 peak sects, they were considered to be one of the strongest ones. Compared to it, the Primal Devil Sect was like an ant that could be killed with a single finger.

“This is the token to take part in the Eternal Heaven Sect’s entry test. Judging by the date, it shouldn’t be long now until the examination date.”

Bei Feng flicked his hand, and a token appeared in his hand.

This token was not large, but it contained an aura that caused Tian Yuan to shrink away from it.

The head of the token was adorned with an intricate lifelike green pine: archaic, old, and covered in cracked bark.

The back of the token had four words carved in ancient script. Each stroke carried a shocking sharpness!


Tian Yuan took one look at it, snorted coldly, and turned to leave.

On the surface, Tian Yuan’s face was frosty and filled with dissatisfaction, but truthfully, his heart was beating wildly. That was too awkward! But, I wonder how my acting is right now…

Right now, Tian Yuan was actually not enraged for real. He’d done this on purpose to cover his awkwardness.

Like I said, even if one obtains the rights to participate in an entry test from the Eternal Heaven Sect, it doesn’t mean that the person will definitely be able to join the Eternal Heaven Sect, Tian Yuan thought gloomily, his heart somewhat unsatisfied.

That was the Eternal Heaven Sect, okay?! An ancient sect with unimaginably deep foundations!

The unfortunate thing was that among all the sects, the Eternal Heaven Sect was known to be exceptionally difficult to join.

Still, for this kid to be able to obtain the qualifications to join the entry test of the Eternal Heaven Sect, it means that he definitely had his qualities that surpasses others!

When Tian Yuan thought of this, he once again had the inclination to go back and improve his relationship with Bei Feng.

But when he thought about how he’d left after feigning anger, it didn’t seem proper to go back again with a smiling face.

In the end, he decided to drop the matter.

He was definitely a great talent. Even if he didn’t manage to get into the Eternal Heaven Sect, he would still be a good seedling.

At that time, he would send someone else from the sect to recruit this kid.

As for the possibility of the kid passing Eternal Heaven Sect’s test, Tian Yuan didn’t even entertain such a thought.

It was simply too difficult to pass it—even harder than ascending to the heavens!

There were always a few people every year who would be nominated to participate in the entry test. However, how many would be able to actually join the Eternal Heaven Sect in the end?

The Eternal Heaven Sect’s requirements for their disciples were simply too high, and Tian Yuan did not think that Bei Feng would be able to pass.

When Bei Feng failed, Tian Yuan would still have an opportunity to recruit him into the Primal Devil Sect.

Not passing the Eternal Heaven Sect’s test did not mean that one was not talented. It simply meant that one was not talented enough!

But to a middling faction like the Primal Devil Sect, those examinees who failed the Eternal Heaven Sect’s test would already be amazing geniuses who only appeared once every 100 years!

In addition to that, Bei Feng’s physique was powerful, perfectly suiting the strengths of the Primal Devil Sect. Perhaps he might even be able to lead the sect to a higher level after joining the Primal Devil Sect.

Tian Yuan was already planning to inform the sect about this discovery after he went back in hopes that they would prepare well to recruit Bei Feng.

Indeed, while sects could choose their disciples, the disciples could also choose the sect!

When a person’s talent was ordinary, they would naturally only be subject to the selection of the sect, but when it came to a genius, it was naturally them having their choice of picks.

Since Bei Feng managed to obtain the acknowledgement of the Eternal Heaven Sect, it naturally meant that he had the power to choose!

Right now, Bei Feng still didn’t know that he’d been marked, and he was shaking his head with a bitter smile.

Bei Feng looked at the Qing Family Elder, and seriously said, “Senior must be joking, this junior only has his mind set on cultivation, and had never considered matters of love before.”

But in his heart, he was scoffing.

Since you’ve already put on an aloof front, shouldn’t you maintain that professional attitude to the end? To suddenly behave so passionately would make me feel that I’m facing a fake person.

Bei Feng looked at the suddenly overly enthusiastic Qing Family Elder who was fiercely recommending his great great granddaughter to him, and shook his head internally.

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