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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 628: Suddenly Waking Up From A Dream

Chapter 628: Suddenly Waking Up From A Dream

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Bei Feng’s forehead was filled with black lines. This Qing Family Elder’s intentions could not be more obvious.

It was just an investment.

The most worthwhile investment in the whole world was undoubtedly the investment of cultivation.

An investment that would reap both power and lifespan!

Bei Feng receiving the invitation to the entry test by the Eternal Heaven Sect naturally meant that he had talents that surpassed others’.

If he could tie this genius, Bei Feng, to the Qing Family’s boat through marriage while he still hadn’t grown to his peak, it would naturally be the best.

But how could Bei Feng not know what this Qing Family Elder was planning? He directly rejected the notion without any hesitation.

Still, this talk of love had triggered a painful memory in his heart. Just where was Mystic Moon right now? How was she doing?

Would the Mystic Moon he knew still be the same Mystic Moon when they met again in the future?

Before she left, Bei Feng remembered that she’d absorbed large amounts of the Evil Source Energy.

Compared to the amount of Evil Source Energy that she’d absorbed, the portion that he’d absorbed was completely insignificant.

But with just that insignificant amount, he’d nearly been corrupted completely. So what of Mystic Moon?

“Little friend, let me tell you, my great great great granddaughter’s beauty is famed through the lands, and her talent is also exceptional. At just the mere age of 50, she’d already reached the Thousand Year King realm.”

The Qing Family Elder seemed to have intentionally not heard Bei Feng’s words, and he continued talking like a seasoned matchmaker.

“This old bastard… beauty famed through the lands? Your family doesn’t seem to have a single woman that fits that description even if we search through all 36 generations of your family.”

“Truthfully, I seriously question whether this old fellow has even met this great great great granddaughter of his before.”

“That big lunk Tian Yuan is annoying upfront, but this old bastard is undoubtedly sneaky deep down. Direct and confrontational people are easy to handle, but sneaky schemes are difficult to defend against.”

Listening to the Qing Family Elder prattle on tirelessly, the other Ten Thousand Year Realm experts all looked on with black lines all over their foreheads.

A great great great granddaughter? Cut the bullsh*t; after such a long time, it’s likely that you don’t even remember clearly how many descendants you have in your family. Apart from a few geniuses with greater talent, you probably wouldn’t be able to recognize the others even if you met them in the middle of the street.

Far off, Tian Yuan snorted, and asked, “Hey, Qing Nao, since your great great great granddaughter is so amazing, do you remember her name?”

F*ck, this question is truly unexpectedly difficult to handle… The moment that question came out, Qing Nao’s turned extremely unsightly.

“Little friend, my Qing Family welcomes you to visit as a guest at any time. At that time, I will personally bring my great great great granddaughter for you to meet her.”

Flashing a crooked smile at Bei Feng, Qing Nao quickly left.

Qing Nao could not even remember how many descendants he had now, not to mention the name of a single great great great granddaughter. If he still remained there stubbornly after this, it would really become awkward.

Bei Feng was also completely stunned. This old fellow had spoken for such a long time, but it turned out that he didn’t even know the name of his great great great granddaughter?

The other Ten Thousand Year Realm experts also went up to exchange a few words with Bei Feng, sowing a seed of connection with him.

“If only I had such great talent!”

“Truly, it feels bad when people compare themselves with others.”

“Forget it, there’s no point thinking so much. We should work on our own cultivation and seek to break into the Ten Thousand Year Realm. If not for anything else, it would at least allow us to live for a few more years.”

The other Thousand Year King realm experts at the scene began to lament and whisper among themselves. They felt exceedingly jealous of Bei Feng, and only wished that his talent was theirs.

“Phew, it’s finally over.”

Bei Feng loosed a breath. Having to talk to so many Ten Thousand Year Realm experts one after the other was quite tiresome for him.

One wrong word spoken accidentally could potentially make him a powerful enemy.

Time passed slowly, and half a month went by in the blink of an eye.

In this half a month, Bei Feng managed to get some rare relaxation. When he was free, he would go and hunt for some food, or make small talk with those Ten Thousand Year Supremacies.

On one end, Bei Feng wanted to form some strong connections, and the other side valued Bei Feng’s potential. Thus, the two sides were able to interact rather happily.

Through his conversations with those Ten Thousand Year Supremacies, Bei Feng was able to reflect on his own cultivation path, resolving questions that had been difficult for him before.

In this period of time, Bei Feng did not rush to cultivate. Instead, he was beginning to condition himself with his strength.

This period of slowing down instead strengthened his foundations, and allowed him to better grasp his recently improved strength.

That day, the sky was completely blue and bereft of clouds for 10,000 li.


A terrifying sound rang out, and huge, violent wind swept through the air. Many huge boulders weighing several tons were directly tossed far away.

Bei Feng and the rest also soared into the air as they cast their sight towards the source of the sound.


A shrill tearing sound rang out as an empty area suddenly began to ripple intensely. Following that, the space was rended apart.

Cracks spread out from that point, and extended in all directions.

“The secret ruin is going to reopen!”

“I wonder what’s in there.”

“How many will come back? How many will be buried eternally inside?”

On the outside, everyone stared anxiously at the entrance. Those who’d entered were people from their families or disciples from the sects.

Although this ruin was known to contain great opportunities, it also held an equivalent amount of dangers!

No one knew how many cultivators had died in there; from the power emanating from this exit, it was obvious that this ruin was exceedingly dangerous.

Under everyone’s gazes, the space was rended farther apart. As if it could not contain the pressure, it collapsed, revealing a large black hole.

Tiny specks of light slowly appeared from inside the blackness, slowly growing bigger and brighter.

An incomparably ancient-looking bridge slowly floated out from within. The light had come from this stone bridge.

The entire stone bridge was enveloped in this gentle light, and the violent spatial chaos around it that would threaten even Ten Thousand Year Realm experts could not penetrate that light at all.

The stone bridge floated closer and closer, growing larger in their sights.

In a few breaths, it’d already become the size of a regular lake!

From the outside, the stone bridge carried an ancient aura of age that caused everyone to hold their breaths and affix their eyes, dumbstruck.

The stone bridge in front of them now was completely different from the stone bridge that they’d seen before the ruin opened. If that stone bridge from before could be said to be a sleeping beast, this one was an awakened primordial beast!

Everyone, including the Ten Thousand Year Supremacies, felt deep emotion in their heart caused by this aura of time.

The entire crowd stood mutely on the spot, unable to turn their eyes away.

Their expressions were all different; some were filled with joy, and others with worry.

There was even one Ten Thousand Year Supremacy whose face was covered in tears.

Bei Feng was the same. He was engrossed in this timeless feeling, suddenly forgetting about the outside world and the flow of time.

He seemed to have lived the lives of countless people, experiencing countless different lives.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had already experienced countless years, and lived through countless lifetimes.


A heaven-shocking roar rang out.

Everyone shuddered, and snapped out of it. Most people’s eyes were still lost as they looked around, unable to make out where they were.

Bei Feng also awakened like that, but the confusion in his eyes only lasted for an instant.

He’d already regained full consciousness, and understood where he was.

What a terrifying spiritual sense!

Bei Feng looked up at the crowd with his heart palpitating with shock. From the looks of it, everyone was the same, and even the Ten Thousand Year Realm experts were no exception.

But the moment Bei Feng circulated his blood Qi, he instantly discovered that something was different.

My mental power and cultivation…?

Bei Feng blinked his eyes with shock. His foundations had unexpectedly already fully stabilized, and the strength that he’d obtained so rapidly had already become extremely consolidated.

He could already look towards breaking through to the Fifth layer of the Thousand Year King realm!

This was just one of the things that’d changed, but it’d already saved Bei Feng half a year of bitter cultivation!

His mental power had advanced exponentially. Previously, his mental power had already condensed into a bean-sized crystalline matter, but now, this crystalline matter had already become as large as a pinky finger!

Originally, this crystalline matter was not perfect, and had many imperfections.

But now, as if it had been handled by the hands of a master craftsman, it had become a completely perfect whole!

This crystalline matter was rhomboidal, and it was formed by countless smaller rhombuses.

It had a total of 36 sides, formed by 36 small rhombuses into a large rhombus shape!

Just by releasing a bit of his mental power outwards, the mental power that originally could only cover up to 20,000 meters was now able to cover nearly 40,000 meters’ area!

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