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Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 629: Gigantic Void Beast

Chapter 629: Gigantic Void Beast

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This transformation was because Bei Feng had been brought under the effects of that archaic aura from the stone bridge. As for the others, all of them had also more or less profited from this!

“What an amazing effect! This stone bridge could completely be called a priceless treasure!”

“It’s a pity, but this stone bridge is obviously not something that we can have designs on.”

The Ten Thousand Year Realm experts were incredibly moved, but they truly had no way to do anything about the stone bridge.

From the way the aura from the bridge was able to draw everyone into a different state, it was clear just how powerful it was!

If they wanted to take this bridge for themselves, they would not be a match for it!

“I truly wonder how powerful the owner of this bridge is. Just a single item from that person is already able to crush Ten Thousand Year Supremacies!”

Even though they were Ten Thousand Year Realm experts, they could not help but feel endless hopelessness.

One of the Thousand Year Kings finally reacted at this time as he mumbled, “Right, what was that roar just now?”

The others all looked towards this Thousand Year King as if he was an idiot. You only reacted now?

This Thousand Year King realm expert’s mouth twitched, and anger flashed in his eyes.

However, he did not say anything. After all, he was one of the weakest here. There were many that were much stronger than him.

After the Ten Thousand Year Realm experts were done checking out the changes in their bodies, they cast their eyes into the distance.

Within the shattered space, a huge stone bridge that blotted out the sun slowly moved outwards.

Behind the bridge, a huge gray creature with boney spikes all over its body followed closely.

A gigantic beast that spanned several tens of thousand zhang in length flapped its huge gray wings as it drifted silently behind.

Every time it flapped its wings, huge amounts of spatial disturbances rippled out!

The gigantic beast’s body was also advancing rapidly. Although it appeared slow, every instance of movement brought it tens of thousand zhang forward!

It looked slow, but that was only in a relative sense!

With the size of this gigantic beast, even if its movements were slow, the distance it covered was shocking!

“What a terrifying physique! Even among the Ten Thousand Year Realm, this beast should be completely unrivalled!”

“That huge creature won’t come out, right?”

“It shouldn’t… If it could come out here, would that Demon Venerable look so relaxed?”

The crowd all looked somewhat worried. If that humongous thing followed through to their world along with the stone bridge, it would most likely cause an unprecedented disaster.

But as someone reminded, everyone turned to look at the Demonic Beast, seeing its confident face.

“Demon Venerable, that gigantic beast wouldn’t come out here, right?”

The Thousand Year King realm experts were not the only ones that were worried; even the Ten Thousand Year Supremacies were frightened.

This gigantic creature was moving through the void chaos without any protection at all. The violent spatial rifts smashed continuously against its body, but they didn’t even manage to break its skin.

None of the Ten Thousand Year Supremacies present could replicate such a feat. After all, the Ten Thousand Year Realm was also split into small levels.

The difference between every small realm was like the distance between the heavens and earth.

Although Bei Feng could easily skip ranks and fight experts above him in the Thousand Year King realm, it would not be as easy for him once he reached the Ten Thousand Year Realm.

At the very least, he wouldn’t be like now, capable of killing peak Thousand Year King realm experts while at the Fourth level of the Thousand Year King realm.

There were 13 Ten Thousand Year Realm experts here, and even these Ten Thousand Year Supremacies of the 12 factions were only First or Second level Ten Thousand Year Realm experts.

The strongest Ten Thousand Year Supremacy, who was from the Shi Family, was only at the Third level of the Ten Thousand Year Realm.

The other 12 would not be a match for the Demon Venerable fighting with one hand behind its back even if they all joined forces. An overlord of the Ten Thousand Year Realm could easily sweep through these First or Second level Ten Thousand Year Supremacies with ease!

“Relax, that great beast is called a Hole Void Beast. The previous few times, it’d also attempted to come in with the stone bridge. However, it’d never succeeded,” the Demon Venerable said nonchalantly. This Hole Void Beast had amazing talent, and it did not belong to the Demonic Beast race. The Hole Void was a kind of special beast race that belonged to the same group as Spatial Void Beasts.

At full maturity, they were incredibly terrifying. However, this particular Hole Void Beast had not fully matured yet. Still, its strength was already unrivalled in the Ten Thousand Year Realm.

“This Hole Void Beast is very strong, and if it really came through, none of us would be its match. However, it cannot come out, and neither can we go in. Otherwise, with the value of this Hole Void Beast, it would have been hunted down by us long ago.”

The Demon Venerable’s eyes were somewhat heated as it spoke, but when it thought about how terrifying the ruin was, it could only drop the idea.

A Spatial Void Beast like the Hole Void Beast was born naturally possessing incredible ease in space, like a fish in water. Anything that floated through the space would be their food.

In adulthood, they could even swallow spatial storms, and were incredibly terrifying.

However, their value was inestimable, enough to let whoever catches them ascend to the heavens in a single step!

Each Hole Void Beast had within their bodies a Hole Void Stone, which could be used as a cornerstone for a cultivator’s cultivation!

It could let a peak Ten Thousand Year Realm expert advance to the next realm with 100% certainty!

This kind of treasure was something that could only be encountered, but not sought!

The further one advanced in their cultivation, the more difficult it would become!

And this Hole Void Stone was something that could let a peak Ten Thousand Year Realm expert break through to the next realm without any risk of failure!

It was easy to imagine just how precious this thing was. Furthermore, it would help the cultivator break through to the next large realm after that with 50% higher chance of success!

If it was possible to force their way into this ruin, countless sects would definitely flood this place.

“It’s good if it can’t come out… Although this Hole Void Beast has immeasurable value, our old limbs and bones are truly not enough to contend against it.”

“I wonder what kind of rewards our disciples managed to reap.”

Since the Demon Venerable had already said that the Hole Void Beast cannot come out, everyone else managed to heave a sigh of relief. At the same time, they began to examine the Hole Void Beast.

It was a powerful Spatial Void Beast, duh! They were extremely rare creatures.

This Hole Void Beast had not even fully matured, yet its value had already reached an inestimable level.

If it was a fully grown Hole Void Beast, then even the most peerless characters would not be able to hold back, trying to hunt it!

Mature Hole Void Beasts were much more powerful, and were definitely useful to even those peerless experts.


The Hole Void Beast seemed somewhat bad-tempered as it struggled to keep up with the stone bridge.

Atop the bridge, the cultivators were not celebrating their rewards from this trip. In contrast, their faces were exceedingly pale.

Even Qing Ruyu and the rest were like that as well.

Although they knew that the gigantic beast behind them couldn’t catch up to the stone bridge, what if it could?

There were only less than a dozen zhang of distance between them, and the terrifying aura from that Hole Void Beast caused even the blood Qi circulation of these Hundred Year realm cultivators to turn sluggish.

“They’re out. I wonder how many Form Transformation Pills they’ve brought back this time.”

The Demon Venerable’s expression lit up.

More than half of the stone bridge had already come out of the shattered space, landing perfectly on the ground.

Only a small portion was still inside the shattered space.

At this time, the gigantic Hole Void Beast outside the hole was roaring madly.

From the looks of it, it was like the Demon Venerable had said. It couldn’t come out.

“This Seat only wants the Form Transformation Pills. Those who have any Form Transformation Pills may step up, and then everything else you found inside will belong to you. As for those who didn’t bring back any Form Transformation Pills, please hand over 90% of your harvest from inside.”

The Demon Venerable moved its body, and arrived before the group in an instant.

Just a sliver of its terrifying energy leaked out, but it caused those Hundred Year realm cultivators to shiver with fright.

“Do not try to conceal or hide anything. Those who attempt to do so will be dealt with using the death penalty!” the Demon Venerable directly stated, causing the hearts of many to turn cold as they retracted any sneaky thoughts that they shouldn’t have.

Those who came with the large factions all looked towards their elders. Seeing that their elders did not disagree, those cultivators who’d managed to come out alive became honest.

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