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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular (Web Novel) - Chapter 227: Did You Fall For That Zheng Haodong

Chapter 227: Did You Fall For That Zheng Haodong

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How could she ever want Enoch to call another person mum? If she could, she would love to be by his side as he grew up.

“Enough, Qiao Yu!” Xia Ning cut him off coldly. “Are you saying I’m not responsible? Right, indeed I’m not. But why are you talking about this? What did you do for him?!”

Qiao Yu frowned even more. “I was by his side when he grew up.”

Xia Ning stepped back and rolled her eyes, full of irony. “Sure, you were by his side! You are a businessman and no wonder you calculate everything so clearly.” She looked at him suddenly and said with anger, “But isn’t this what you should do? You are his dad. You took the custody. So isn’t it your responsibility to take care of him?!”

Qiao Yu stared at Xia Ning. This was their first time talking about the kid’s custody. In fact, he did not figure out one thing over the years. That was why a person like her who loved the kid so much back then, agreed not to take the kid or anything else when they divorced.

“Are you saying you will not remarry me under any circumstance?”

“I can tell you loud and clear, no way. Even if I die, I will not agree to remarry you!” Xia Ning sneered. “I will not waste my life on a cruel and heartless person like you. I don’t ever want my kids to have a ruthless father.”

Her eyes were determined and her words were poisonous. She called him ruthless, but the person in front of him was even more ruthless than the old him, leaving no chance for negotiation.

Qiao Yu frowned deeply and thundered in a low voice, “Did you fall for that Zheng Haodong?”

This was a guy who would never think he was the one who was at fault. Instead, he would blame the woman for moving on.

Xia Ning looked up to the sky and smiled silently.

After leaving him, she finally started to feel there was light in the world. Because she started to have hope, her life was more vivid than ever.

“Why are we entangled on a topic like this?” Xia Ning said suddenly with an unusually calm voice. “Who I love, or don’t love, has nothing to do with you. If you think I’m not a good mother, so be it. Just think of it as I don’t love you so I don’t love the kid. If you think about it, you married me back then because of the kid. Now we should let each other go. To get married because of a kid is a mistake from the beginning and there is no need for the mistake to continue anymore.” When she finished her words, she turned around and started to move forward.

“How did you know I married you just for the kid?”

Xia Ning smirked and did not talk. She walked forward directly, but this was more direct than any answer she could give. Yes, she knew.

Seeing Xia Ning’s vanishing back, Qiao Yu held the phone in his hand tight. For the first time ever, he had the urge to crush his phone.

Xia Ning’s steps were steady, with her eyes focused to the front. She knew the person behind her was seeing her leaving.

So even if she was the loser, she should leave with her head high.

When she got back to the hotel, Xia Ning stood by the French window and stared at the scene outside. She swirled the glass of red wine and there was some emotion flowing in her eyes.

Just now she denied Qiao Yu, but didn’t she deny herself as well? She denied the most romantic and sacred love she thought before.

She closed her eyes and tears came down silently. There were a few scenes in her mind.

“The injured is 21 years old and 36 weeks pregnant. She’s losing a lot of blood and needs an immediate blood transfusion. Get ready to deliver the baby!”

“Miss, wake up. Do you have any contact info for your husband, relatives or friends?”

“Miss, don’t cry. Take a deep breath. Relax. God bless you. You and your kid will be fine.”

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