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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular (Web Novel) - Chapter 229: Xia Ning Don’t Cry!

Chapter 229: Xia Ning Don’t Cry!

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Someone online posted the entire history of the source of income for the Angel Fund and of course, part of the expenses.

When the calculation was done, nearly 200 million was missing. Everyone knew the Angel Fund was initiated and advocated by Movie Queen Shen to provide help to children with leukemia. With such a big amount of funds missing, naturally, people would be pointing fingers at Shen Weiran.

When the topic came out, the comments flooded in immediately.

“How shameless to be making money using the name of charity. Shen Weiran, I really saw you wrong.”

“Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Whoever reported this, do you dare to show who you are? Movie Queen Shen is from a rich family. Why would she go against her conscience for 200 million?”

“Am I the only one noticing that the fund source list included Xia Ning? I heard Xia Ning is a fan of Movie Queen Shen. To support Movie Queen Shen, she donated 10 million. If she has to see such an imperfection of her idol, would she be sad and feel that she is not worthy?”

“Xia Ning don’t cry. I can lend my shoulder to you. Who doesn’t have a few crappy idols in their life? You will be a real idol yourself soon.”

“Xia Ning don’t cry. From now on, open your eyes. There is still beauty in this world.”

Once the topic ‘Corruption of the Movie Queen Gate’ made it to the top of the search list, a topic called ‘Xia Ning Don’t Cry’ also went up. It was full of posts about people feeling sorry for Xia Ning wrongly trusting Shen Weiran.

Xia Ning saw the comforting comments from her fans under her Weibo and felt like laughing herself. These fans really have good imaginations.

Of course, she was not going to cry. This was a big gift from her to Shen Weiran.

Wasn’t she always thought to be fair, kind, and gentle? Then she would have to peel these off her.

Maybe it was because there was a hot topic related to her online, the next morning, there were reporters waiting for her at the entrance of the set.

“Miss Xia, what do you think about the alleged corruption of Movie Queen Shen online?”

“Yeah, Miss Xia, Movie Queen Shen is your idol. Are you also suspicious of her like the others?”

Xia Ning stared at the reporters and stopped her steps. She said with a smile, “I never ever think that gossips are with foundation. The truth is in people’s heart. I ask everyone to focus on the facts and not to defame Movie Queen Shen.”

“Miss Xia, are you saying you trust Movie Queen Shen? What if Movie Queen Shen is not as nice and kind as you think? Would you feel hurt?”

Xia Ning darted a look at the reporter. “This kind of groundless guesses are not worth mentioning in my option. Sorry, I have work to do. I have to go.” She nodded and walked directly to the set.

The reporters wanted to ask more questions but were blocked by the security guards.

This part went online and everyone started to like Xia Ning. Of course, many more wanted to know whether the ‘Corruption of the Movie Queen Gate’ was true or not.

In the house of the Song family, Li Da was looking at Shen Weiran who was reading the newspaper. He said with anger, “Weiran, don’t read these. They are completely groundless and just slander. I will sue them for sure!”

The bright red nails of Shen Weiran were holding the edges of the newspaper. That perfect face did not show any wave of emotion.

“It’s not like I’ve never been through this kind of stuff before. I was not afraid before and I’m certainly not afraid now.”

Li Da said in a low voice, “This is very important. If we don’t pay attention, the positive image that you’ve been trying so hard to maintain all these years would be destroyed.”

“Don’t worry too much though. I will take care of this.” Li Da saw that Shen Weiran not talking and continued, “Of course, I won’t let your name be hurt.”

“What kind of name does she have? Just a mistress who became the wife and cleaned her name.” A sneer sounded from the doorway.

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