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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular (Web Novel) - Chapter 231: The Standard For A Goddess

Chapter 231: The Standard For A Goddess

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‘Corruption of the Movie Queen Gate’ became more and more severe. This kind of corruption of public figures had always caught people’s attention, not to mention it involved Movie Queen Shen Weiran this time.

And Xia Ning got a lot of attention as well this time with the help of Shen Weiran’s corruption incident. Her Weibo fans went up to 10 million directly. But she was keeping a low profile. Her most recent post was still about ‘Corruption of the Movie Queen Gate’ when she was supporting Shen Weiran.

Too bad her fans were afraid that she might be fooled and started to talk her out of it.

“Lemon, are you stupid? Shen Weiran is almost sure for corruption and you still believe her.”

“Shen Weiran is shameless. She is deceiving our Lemon like this. Come out and admit it now.”

“Lemon, someone said you are related to Shen Weiran, so you support her. It can’t be true right? If it’s true, I will have trouble loving another anymore.”

When Xia Ning saw the comments online, she felt somewhat surprised. Her not stabbing Shen Weiran actually helped her win a lot of compassion. That was interesting.

She wondered how Shen Weiran was like now. Was she calm as usual or as anxious as ants on a hot pan?

But, no matter what, if Shen Weiran wanted to get out of this in one piece, she’d have to spit it all out the way she took it in.

In the Song house, Shen Weiran got a call and her face changed drastically.

“What did you say? Someone is behind this?”

“Did you find out who?”

“I know what to do.”

“Well, that’s it. I can handle this!”

After Shen Weiran finished talking, she hung up and got up to say to the servant, “Prepare the car. I need to go to the Shen house.”

Upstairs, Song Chenfeng saw Shen Weiran in a rush and looked sarcastic. He walked down suddenly and said to the servant as well, “Let me use the car first.”

Shen Weiran took the bag from the servant and saw Song Chenfeng who just walked out of the door. She frowned deeply and looked very upset.

There were more updates of what happened within the Angel Fund. And of course, more guesses around what happened to the missing money.

Some was saying it went into Shen Weiran’s pocket, while others said the deputy manager of the fund took the money because this deputy manager moved to the U.S. before this. The third guess was Song Bocheng was embezzling and got caught, and the Movie Queen had to use this money to make up for that.

Whichever guess, though, were all related to Shen Weiran.

After a few days, the official Weibo of the Angel Fund finally came out with a post to clarify. It said that the person who broke the news was trying to defame the fund and there was no problem in the internal accounting entries in the Angel Fund.

Later, the Angel Fund also revealed the newest entries and there was indeed 200 million in them.

Shen Weiran also hosted a press conference to state that someone did this on purpose and she would take legal actions against them.

But the people online did not buy it.

“Rumors don’t appear out of thin air. If there was no issue at all, why did they wait until now to explain?”

“I saw Movie Queen Shen going to the Shen house a couple of days ago. It is very likely that she went there to borrow money.”

“The goddess in my heart is very unworldly. I did not expect her to sell her soul for 200 million.”

“The commenter above is wrong. That’s 200 million. Do you think it’s like two thousand? I bet Movie Queen Shen would take her clothes off for 200 million.”

In the hotel, Xia Ning was standing in front of the window and listening to Shen Weiran’s clarification from her laptop behind her. She was extremely calm deep down. Of course, the 200 million could be filled by Shen Weiran. But, that was just a start for her, Shen Weiran, to lose her name, fame, and everything.

A woman like her did not deserve the goddess title. Looks like this society has very low standards for a so-called goddess.

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