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Chapter 232: Mu Zichen

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Thanks to Shen Weiran’s news recently, the set was more lively as well. Of course, many were asking about Xia Ning and Shen Weiran’s relationship, but Xia Ning got by saying they were not related.

Director Li also found Xia Ning and asked her, “Are you really not related to Shen Weiran at all?”

Xia Ning saw Director Li’s serious face and smiled. “Why? You don’t believe me either, Director Li?”

Director Li shook his head. “It’s better to have nothing to do with her.”

Xia Ning looked at him with confusion. “Why do you say so?”

Director Li darted a look at her and said in a low voice, “I just remembered something from the past. Anyways, that woman is not simple and her circle has very deep waters. You better not admire her without knowing her.”

Xia Ning’s eyes flashed and nodded to Director Li. “I know.”

Director Li looked around and sighed. “The filming is finishing up soon. I am more or less sentimental about it, just like with your own kid. I see it born and growing up, and leaving me eventually.”

Xia Ning heard and smiled. “It’s not like we are not gonna see each other anymore. Director Li, if one day, you have another show to do and if you are happy with me, I’d be honored to join you.”

Director Li darted a look at Xia Ning. “I’m just worried that next time I look for you, you won’t have time for me.”

“No way!” Xia Ning smiled and said.

Director Li smiled back and said suddenly, “President Qiao has been out for a couple of days. I kind of miss him.”

Xia Ning heard that and frowned a little. She did not answer.

For Qiao Yu, she had nothing to say. It was better for them to get out of each other’s life.

In the Shengshi Building, outside the CEO’s office on the 28th floor, a man in a light gray suit just walked out of the elevator. He looked like he was around 30. His brownish hair together with his pale face made him look somewhat like a westerner. The good-looking face was smiling slightly and was very pleasant to look at.

The two assistants saw the person and guessed who he was, because anyone who could make it to the 28th floor must have a good relationship with their president. Plus, this guy was really good-looking!

Chen Lin just said to the person with a smile, “What brought you back?”

“Of course it was because I miss you.” The man took out a red rose from behind him and put it in front of Chen Lin. “This flower represents my heart for you, the most beautiful woman.”

The two assistant opened their mouth a little with a shocked look. That was so cool, okay?

Chen Lin chuckled slightly and took the flower. She said to him helplessly, “Well, forget the joke. You can only deceive those young girls with this.”

The man raised his eyebrows. “That means I’m still attractive.” As he spoke, he blinked at the two assistants on the side.

The assistants were dazzled. He smiled at them!

“The president is in the office. Now get in there.” Chen Lin started to drive him away directly. This person had always been good at getting girls’ hearts. He would be a trouble if he stayed.

Mu Zichen heard that and amplified his smile on the face. “So Miss Chen, could you give me the weather report first?”

“It’s sunny today at 32 Celsius,” One of the assistants answered immediately. She looked at Mu Zichen with a shy face.

The man was surprised and then he laughed out loud. “That’s interesting. Chen Lin, your girls are way more interesting than you!”

That assistant’s face reddened immediately. She looked at Mu Zichen not knowing what to do. What did he mean by that?

Chen Lin saw that she was feeling awkward and darted a blaming look at Mu Zichen at once. “Mu Zichen, that’s enough. Stop teasing my girls. To tell you the truth, Boss is not in a good mood lately. Watch out for yourself in there.”

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