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Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular (Web Novel) - Chapter 233: Offer My Sincerest Apology

Chapter 233: Offer My Sincerest Apology

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When was Qiao Yu ever in a good mood? Mu Zichen cried out in his heart. His face turned spiritless immediately. Had he known it was like that, he would not have even come back.

“Remember to come in and take my body out later and to offer me some flowers at my tomb the same day next year.”

Chen Lin looked at him helplessly. “Stop joking around now. Otherwise, if Boss waits for you for too long, you would probably end up even worse.”

Mu Zichen nodded. “You are right.” As he spoke, he walked directly to the door of the CEO’s office.

The assistant on the side asked, “Sister Chen, who is he? Seems like I’ve never met him before.”

Chen Lin darted a look at her. “You have not met a lot of people. Just focus on your job. He’s just a womanizer. Don’t be so stupid as to believe a word from him.”

“If he likes me, I’d be happy even if I’m fooled.”

“…” Chen Lin was a bit speechless. What was wrong with girls these days?

In the CEO’s office, Qiao Yu heard the knock on the door. He did not look up and just said calmly, “Come in.”

Mu Zichen stuck his head in and saw the man who was sitting in front of the desk reading files. But he did not move further.

Qiao Yu’s hand signing the files stopped for a second. He looked up at the man who was moving quietly at the door and said coldly, “Why? Do you not want to come in or dare not come in?”

Hearing this, Mu Zichen filled his face with a smile immediately. He pushed the door open, walked in and closed the door. He said to Qiao Yu with a smile, “I thought there was no one in the office, so I did not want to barge in.”

“So now you are sure?” Qiao Yu closed the file and looked at the man across him.

Mu Zichen smiled and walked around the office. He took a look here and there, and touched this and that. “Well, well, no wonder this is the headquarter of the Shengshi Group. Everything is so splendid. Haha…”

“I don’t think you came here today just to appreciate my office,” Qiao Yu looked at him and said calmly.

The smile on Mu Zichen’s face froze. He then put on an apologetic smile. “Of course I’m here to offer my sincerest apology to you, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at him with his eyes as sharp as knives. “So what are you apologizing for?”

Mu Zichen looked at his icy face and walked up immediately. He said helplessly, “I did not expect it to blow up okay? You didn’t tell me your ex-wife was this smart.”

Qiao Yu heard and frowned. “Are you sure it was not because you were too stupid?”

Mu Zichen: “…” Who was the person who drove his own wife away? And he was calling him stupid.

“Yes, it was all because of my stupidity. But you have to trust me. Give me one more chance and I will definitely help you get her back.” Mu Zichen quickly ingratiated himself. “Of course, that’s under the condition that you are not sending me to Africa. As you know, it’s better to have to battle closer to the enemy.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at him and frowned. “With those stupid ideas of yours?”

Mu Zichen felt he was humiliated and said unpleasantly, “Why are you calling them stupid ideas? These are all proven by my own experiences with girls and all of them work extremely well. It must be you who did something wrong.”

Qiao Yu’s face was not looking good. “You think I will make this kind of stupid mistakes?”

“…” Who knows. Mu Zichen vented in his heart. With his EQ, he could easily drive the girl away.

“So I want to know why you came back when we said you were going to follow her. I told you, you need to be shameless.” Mu Zichen cold-shouldered Qiao Yu lightly. “It must be that your wife thought you were not sincere enough.”

Qiao Yu heard that and his faced cooled down immediately. After some silence, he said suddenly, “She’s allergic to pollen and she did not like the food you asked me to prepare.”

Mu Zichen heard that and looked at Qiao Yu with disbelief. “Alex, are you telling me, you didn’t know she’s allergic to pollen or even what she likes to eat? My god, you are good. How did you get a super clever and beautiful girl like her back then like this? I’m super curious about why she decided to give up and marry you back then!”

Qiao Yu threw a cold look over. “Shut up!”

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