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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1559 - Rise of the Tyrannosaur

Chapter 1559: Rise of the Tyrannosaur

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Long Yangjun rolled her eyes and smiled. “Naturally. Since he is Senior Su Changfa’s disciple who was thought highly of, we definitely need to meet him.

“However, there is no need for us to rush into anything. We are new to this place and don’t know the first thing about the Star Glory Federation yet. How about this, Fellow Cultivator Fei? From what I have heard, I can tell that you hate the federation’s guts. So, you must’ve been spent a lot of time thinking hard on how to cope with the Star Glory Federation, mustn’t you?

“From your perspective, which important people in the Star Glory Federation are most dangerous and call for the most attention from us? Or rather, if we are to attack them for real, which critical people should we take care of first?”

Delighted, Fei Qi thought for a while and replied, “The first two that come to my mind are definitely the two she-devils, Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue. The two of them are indispensable, critical figures in the Star Glory Federation and of paramount importance. As long as they are taken care of first, it will be of great help to strike the morale of the federation and paralyze the pivot of the government.

“Other than the two she-devils, they also have Guo Chunfeng, who is the director of the ‘Secret Sword Bureau’, an intelligence and espionage agency in the federation; Wu Mayan, who is the head of the Glorious Sunlight Group; Jiang Shaoyang the ‘Solar Eclipse’, who is the best refiner in the federation; Mo Xuan, the leader of the Federal Spirit Photon Research Institute; ‘Fiend Blade’ Peng Hai; ‘Fire Ant King’ Ye Wuya; and Bai Xingjian, Lei Dalu, and some other people in the federal fleet. They are also experts that are worth mentioning.”

“Alright,” Long Yangjun said. “You’ll write down the files of those experts soon. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry that the content will be longwinded or repetitive. We will certainly find an opportunity to get rid of them after we have grasped the detailed information about them.

“Also, you seem to think very highly of the two she-devils, Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue. Why don’t you tell us about them first? Make it simple and to the point.”

Fei Qi nodded. While he was thinking, a hint of fear beamed out of his eyes again. However, the thought that a majestic army from the Imperium was right behind him to provide support made him stand straight again. “Ding Lingdang is one of the best fighters in the Star Glory Federation, known as the ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’, the ‘God of War’, and many other nicknames. She is sort of the heart of the Star Glory Federation and a walking slogan!

“She is already quite popular among the three core Sectors of the federation. In the worlds that she has personally conquered, the idiotic, illiterate mobs among the bottom class even consider her a ‘legend’.

“A hundred years ago, before the new Star Glory Federation was officially established, it had already extended the claws of invasion to the surroundings impatiently. The Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector co-implemented the ‘Heavenly Path Plan’, a project whose aim was to swallow space. They were hoping to explore and conquer the worlds near the three Sectors by means of cruising in hibernation and continuous jumps.

“Ding Lingdang was the first and the most important operative of the Heavenly Path Plan.

“In the most advanced hibernation exploration starship of the federation, she wandered in the universe by herself like a sleeping devil who searched for prey that she could devour ravenously.

“In the past hundred years, she has been in such a state, hibernating in the sea of stars, most of the time and only woke up three times in total.

“Although she only woke up three times, she brought incessant slaughter, damage, and destruction every time she did. She was the bane of the weak Sectors!

“The first time she woke up was seventy-two years ago, when she snuck into the Nether World Sector all by herself. She stayed there for quite a few years, instigating the internal strife of the major forces inside the Nether World Sector. She also gathered a batch of subordinates of her own and established an independent force. Rising from the chaos, she united the world in the end. All in all, according to the official publications of the federal government, which bragged about her ‘brilliant achievements’, it seems she completely suppressed the Nether World Sector entirely on her own, however unbelievable and ridiculous it sounds.

“But such a narrative is shameless demagogy and propaganda that I’m sure can’t fool you. In general, the result is that Ding Lingdang helped the Star Glory Federation swallow the Nether World Sector!”

“The Nether World Sector? It sounds like rather a horrible world,” Li Yao remarked.

“For your information, senior, it is not exactly horrible,” Fei Qi explained. “The Nether World Sector is a world that belongs to the deceased. Most of the residents of the world are ghosts. It seems that a destructive super war once broke out in their world. The parties involved in the war all resorted to the calamitic magical equipment. The fatal mystic rays swept across the surface of the entire planet. Not only were most people killed at once, they were also transformed into ghosts.

“It is a world of the angry wraths and apparitions. Although they had already become ghosts, they never let go of their hatred for each other, continuing to fight as ghosts. There was nothing but gloomy wind and sorrowful cries in the entire world. Wouldn’t a she-devil as brutal as Ding Lingdang feel that she was a fish in the water once she had arrived in such a world?

“All in all, after the she-devil woke up for the first time, the poor Nether World Sector ended up as her prey. Soon after the Nether World Sector was conquered, she set off again and traversed deeper into space, looking for fatter prey. She didn’t wake up again until approximately forty years ago. This time, the Uranian Ring Sector got devoured as a whole and turned into scrumptious food in her belly.

“Swallowing two Sectors in a row in only decades, the she-devil, the she-tyrannosaur, was still not satisfied. About ten years ago, she woke up again while she was exploring the sea of stars.

“This time, it was Firefly, the last flagship of the government-in-exile of the Star Ocean Republic, that she discovered!

“According to the official propaganda of the federal government, Ding Lingdang was once again ‘innocently’ involved in the internal conflict on Firefly and ‘happened to’ help a certain force on Firefly resolve the crisis. She also summoned a federal fleet when Firefly was under the attack of a fleet from the Imperium!

“Yes. While the seniors here were lost in the cosmic storm, there should’ve been a sub-fleet on your side that was unfortunately annihilated by Ding Lingdang after a battle with her during a reconnaissance mission!

“All in all, Ding Lingdang helped the government-in-exile of the Star Ocean Republic to preserve their last flagship, thereby winning their friendship. She convinced them to dock at the border of the Star Glory Federation for trade between the two parties.

“The Star Glory Federation not only received countless marvelous techniques and technologies that originated from the center of the cosmos from Firefly but also captured a lot of Immortal Cultivators in the battle. They must’ve elicited tremendous intelligence about the seniors here from the captives. Ding Lingdang made great contributions yet again!

“With the three great achievements, namely ‘swallowing the Nether World Sector’, ‘conquering the Uranian Ring Sector’, and ‘saving Firefly’, Ding Lingdang was promoted by the federal government as a walking slogan like a superhero. She is now essentially a symbol of the Star Glory Federation, an almighty God of War! Therefore, you need to kill Ding Lingdang first, no, not just kill her, defeat her, savage her, trample on her, and torture her for ten days and ten nights, making her beg to be killed. If you broadcast that scene to the entire Star Glory Federation, hehehehe, I’m certain that the morale of the federation will collapse!”

“Thank you for your enlightenment, Fellow Cultivator Fei,” Li Yao replied. “You’re truly thoughtful. I’ll make sure that you are properly ‘awarded’ someday!”

Overjoyed, Fei Qi obsequiously said, “You are flattering me, senior. It’s my greatest honor to be at the service of the Imperium!”

Long Yangjun smiled. “So to speak, this… she-tyrannosaur Ding Lingdang is indeed something. Of the seven Sectors that the federation has today, she conquered two on her own and helped the federation bridge the gap between them and the government-in-exile of the Star Ocean Republic. It seems rather appropriate to describe her as a superhero, the soul and symbol of the federation.

“But I wonder, how exactly is Jin Xinyue, the ‘Venomous Witch’ in your words, capable of being a match for Ding Lingdang?”

Fei Qi swallowed hard, with sweat popping up on his forehead. “On the surface, Jin Xinyue is not nearly as accomplished and dominant as Ding Lingdang. But in fact, she is a person much more dangerous than Ding Lingdang. Viper and scorpion are not enough to describe one millionth of her cruelty and cunningness!

“That’s because Ding Lingdang is a simple warrior who has more brawn than brains, and all her terrorism, slaughter, and destruction are open to the public, whereas Jin Xinyue is best known for her treachery and her iron hand in the velvet glove!

“All in all, everybody in the Dragon Snake Space Zone knows that, if you piss off Ding Lingdang, she may punch you to a clean and painless death. But if Jin Xinyue has got her eyes on you, she can come up with a hundred ways in the blink of an eye to make your life as miserable as hell and force you to wonder why you were born into this world!

“Right. I don’t think I’ve told you this just now, but this Jin Xinyue was actually born a demon!”

“A demon?” Long Yangjun was slightly dazed. The demons had ruled over the sea of stars for thirty thousand years, which were now known as the Great Dark Age. Heiye Lan had told them the relevant intelligence before. Therefore, it was impossible for Long Yangjun to give herself away just because of that. After only a brief moment of hesitation, she simply went on and asked, “Has the Star Glory Federation been conspiring with the demons?”

“They are not just conspiring; they have been in the same gang since the very beginning! The ‘Blood Demon Sector’, one of the three founding Sectors of the New Federation, is a world of demons. Jin Xinyue was the queen of demons in the Sector, known as the ‘Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens’.

“To think that a world of demons is now colluding with a world of human beings! Nothing can be more shameless and insane than that! Such a federation is already disgusting enough when you just look at it. How can anybody be interested in joining it?

“All in all, while the ‘space patrollers’ like Ding Lingdang actively pushed the ‘Heavenly Path Plan’ forward and launched an invasion on the outside worlds, Jin Xinyue the Venomous Witch stayed at home and suppressed the internal insurgencies.

“Yes. The cruel and brutal Jin Xinyue is best at suppressing internal insurgencies and completely taming the Sectors that have already been conquered!”

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