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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hey, don't say anything.

Open your eyes and find out where I am? Look to the left, to the right, look ahead and turn your head. Don't you see me? But I can see you. I see you now and wanna talk to you.

Don't be afraid. I'm not a strange thing. Only you can hear my voice. And, I won't hurt you.

"You, who are you?" Why do you hear a strange voice when you wake up in the middle of the night?

Don't be afraid. Look at you scared like this. Didn't I say I won't hurt you?

"Who the hell are you? Come out!"

Sorry, I can't come out because I have no substance.

No substance? So, is it a ghost? No, it shouldn't exist in the world. But if not a ghost, what is it? The unknown is a terrifying thing. Su QingYan felt a little scared. He covered the quilt over his head and trembled slightly. He stuttered and said, "You, what are you, you, you..."

I'm not a ghost. I have no substance because I exist in your mind. It's far-fetched to say that I am a consciousness that doesn't belong to you but exists in your mind. Or a soul that doesn't belong to you but is in your body.

What does it mean? Is he still dreaming? How else would he meet such a strange thing? Su QingYan mercilessly pinched his arm, it hurts. It didn't seem like a dream. However, what was the voice? Say, if this thing is in his body, does it mean that he can have a dialogue with this thing in his head? Su QingYan silent for a moment, trying to organize a word in his mind.

"What's your name? "

After a while, Su QingYan didn't hear that voice. He thought he had failed, and feel that it's probably the voice lying to him. But the next second, he got the answer.

[I called zero. ]

"Zero? Which zero? "

[...the zero that does not exist.]

"Well, Zero, why do you show up in my body?" Su QingYan knows clearly that zero never existed before. He never felt Zero's existence. Also, it's impossible to say that Zero was a product of splitting personality because he was there when he talked to Zero. Conscious.

[Because I want to save you.]

"Save me? "


Bedside watch was producing "click click" sound. The second-hand on regular rotation, drawing a circular arc. The minute-hand was moving with a remarkably small distance.

[It's 4.48 a.m., psychologically speaking, this is the most fragile time for a person throughout the day, and it's also the time when people are most likely to commit suicide.]

"I know it." Su QingYan is a college psychology teacher who understands these things best. "Why did you say this to me? Do you think I will commit suicide?" Impossible, Su QingYan indeed had some discomfort in his heart recently. But it's impossible to commit suicide.

[No, your death time is twelve hours later. I came to save you.]

Su QingYan grew up as an atheist, naturally did not believe that there are who capable predict the future.

"How do you know that I will die after twelve hours? Why should I trust you? "

[Just because I can talk in your mind.]

There is a saying called prefer to believe them even they are not credible, Su QingYan will believe its words for now. " That ...... what should I do? "

[Very simple. I'll stop you from doing something tomorrow. You can do so.]


The next morning, when the alarm sounded, Su QingYan reached out, tried for a long time and finally touched his mobile phone. Later turned off the alarm clock. He instantly feels that he is seriously sleepy and is more than in the past. He wants to sleep a little longer, but he must get up. As a psychology teacher, in general, there is no class in the morning. But Su QingYan has used to getting up early, not only for his professionalism but also be able to spend more time with his lover.

However, don't know why, He Shu a little cold to him lately, should he be better than him?

Su QingYan’s lover is an English teacher who works in the same school as him, He Shu. Because he is an English teacher, He Shu has to come to school very early every day. Su QingYan wants to spend more time with him. Hence, he likewise leaves for school early every day.

Su QingYan rubbed his eyes, dragged his tired body up and went to the bathroom to wash. He took the cup, got the water, squeezed the toothpaste and put the toothbrush into his mouth. He heard a voice talking in his ear.

[Good morning, QingYan.]

Su QingYan almost swallowed the toothpaste he had just put in the mouth. Hearing this voice, he remembered what happened last night. Right, he had a strange guy in his mind and said he was going to save him. Should he be friendly to this guy?

"Good morning, Zero."

Su QingYan lived alone, so he didn’t have to fear that he would be treated like a neurotic when talking to Zero in a usual way. It's important. Talking in mind is easy to see through each other's idea.

[Did you get up so early every morning?]

"Yes, except for the holidays." Su QingYan said while holding toothpaste foam.

[Why? Is your job need it?]

"No, I only work in the afternoon."


[That's why......]

"I came to see my lover earlier." Think of He Shu, Su QingYan's mouth also rises slightly. "He is an English teacher. He will have classes every morning. I want to stay with him."

[That's the case, then... you should love him very much.]

"Yeah." Su QingYan spit out the toothpaste foam in his mouth and take a sip. "If you have a lover, you will understand. Oh no, you have no substance, then you should not even have sex."


[I have.] Zero answered, [I am a man.]

Well, men are men. Anyway, Zero is an insubstantial guy who knows coming from where. He even won't eat such things if he is jealous. However, he hoped He Shu to eat vinegar because he was too cold recently.

[QingYan, you seem lost.]

"Huh? Is it? No." Think of what he had done recently, he does lose some, but he quickly overcame these losses. After all, a relationship always has a low period, he thought. Perhaps he is now in that period.

[If it's lovesick, you can tell me.]

"Forget it." QingYan sighed. He hadn't expected Zero to help him. It was better to solve this kind of thing by himself.


When Su QingYan arrives at school, He Shu already there. In fact, the English teacher's office and the psychology teacher's office are not in the same place. However, Su QingYan doesn't immediately go to his office after arriving at the school every day. Instead, he first goes to He Shu’s office to find him.

The first class started at 8 o'clock. The time He Shu arrives at school usually around 7:30. Su QingYan was later than him a little. So to take advantage of extra time, he naturally won't return to his office.

Before coming in, he also specially bought breakfast for He Shu. He knew that He Shu often skipped breakfast. Sometimes he even deliberately not eating. Although he said he is not hungry, Su QingYan still worried that he would starve his stomach. Therefore, Su QingYan often helps him with breakfast. Then supervise him to eat, watching him eat what he brought, Su QingYan's heart will feel some satisfaction.

Their office is not a single room, but for two people. However, because Su QingYan and He Shu came out of the closet early, and their appearance is pretty good. Therefore, the female teacher in He Shu's office not surprised by the closeness of the two.

Su QingYan took breakfast for He Shu. Meanwhile, He Shu was arranging lesson plans on the desk as he would go to class in a short time. It's not good if something drops later. Su QingYan put the still hot meaty pork porridge on the table. He smiled and said: "He Shu, I bring you breakfast."

He Shu slightly lifted his eyes and glanced at what Su QingYan put on the table. He replied lightly: "Eating."

Su QingYan felt a little embarrassed, but since He Shu has said this, he certainly will not eat this breakfast. Su QingYan nodded and took the bag away. He looked for a chair next to He Shu and asked, "It's hard for you to have breakfast for yourself."

"It was Chen Chen who brought him." On the other side, Teacher Zhang inserted a sentence, which seemed careless. In fact, she deliberately said to Su QingYan.

[It seems you need be careful about this one.] Zero also inserted a sentence at this time.

Su QingYan didn't understand why. He also heard some of the student's gossip. They said that a sophomore foreign language department named Chen Hao interested in He Shu. He didn’t take it seriously before. After all, He Shu was more than six years older, but.

Like Zero said it's better to keep his eyes.

"I'll go to class." He did not say anything more to Su QingYan and took the teaching plan out of the door. Su QingYan still wanted to talk to him. But he had no chance.

"Teacher Su, did you quarrel with Teacher He?" Teacher Zhang asked with concern.

[This... not arguing, but cold war.] Su QingYan shook his head.

[He is very cold to you, why are you so good to him?] Zero asked.

Sure enough, this guy does not understand feelings, Su QingYan sighed. "Because I love him."

In the afternoon, when Su QingYan had no class, he's entrusted by his colleagues to go out and buy textbooks. Su QingYan had a car thus it was more convenient for him to go. He got into the car, started the engine. Then he heard Zero talking in his ear.

[Be careful. You're going to die.]

What you say.

"Have you speak like this? Who's dying?"

[Note the time now is 4:36 pm. You'll be killed in a car accident 12 minutes later.]

Speaking of that, zero did tell him last night that he would die at 4.48 this afternoon.

"What should I do?"

[Very simple. When you arrive at the street in front of the bookstore, you will find a truck in front of you. The truck driver is drunk and will suddenly rush over to you. I will warn you before he appears. Then you will turn left in advance.]

"Got it."

The school was more than ten minutes away from the bookstore. Su QingYan never drove so cautiously. Very strange. Obviously Zero tells him that something happened after twelve minutes. Why is he so careful from now on?

4:40, safe, waiting for a red light.

4:45, safe, there weren't many cars on the street.

4:46, safe, the bookstore was coming.


[He came!] Zero suddenly warns him.

Su QingYan received instructions and immediately turned the steering wheel so that the car could slightly change its path to the right. Sure enough, the next second, a large truck arrived at a fast speed. The driver was flushing. His eyelids were drooping. Obviously already confused. Su Qing’s urgency, quickly stepping on the gas. Finally staggered a second before the collision between his car and the big truck.

The big trucks continued to run forward. Su QingYan heaved a sigh of relief. So, he escaped? It's so good that he doesn't have to die. He doesn't have to leave He Shu, his family, and the world.

"Hei! Hei! Brake! brake!"

"Right right right!" After hurriedly stepped on the gas, the car ran straight ahead. If he didn't step on the brake at the moment, he fears that the car will hit the wall. Su QingYan lifted his feet then pushed the brakes firmly.

The car still maintained the accelerated speed.

What happened? Why didn't the car slow down?

Did not step on the wrong ah, step on it again, why? Still not worked?

No, how could this be? Brakes, failure?

The car swiftly rushed forward, like a bullet just shot from a gun barrel, rushed forward with precision and straightness. Then ran into a public building along the sidewalk.

At 4:48 pm, a traffic accident occurred on the street xx. A vehicle suddenly rushed to the sidewalk and collided with the surrounding public buildings. The driver died on the spot.

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