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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

[You're awake? Can you hear my voice?]

[No, don't be scared. I'm not a strange thing, not a ghost, not a fairy, not your other personality. Nor is it a thief who secretly breaks into your house. I, I exist in your mind, a sense that doesn't belong to you, but also a soul that doesn't belong to you.]

[No, don't panic. I won't hurt you. I'm here to save you.]

A familiar feeling, is it a dream turned real? Or is it also a dream? Should it be, or why does he hear strange sounds? Su QingYan pinched his arm and got pain. What happened? Is not a dream? Did he hear a so-called consciousness sound? This is not a problem with his mind, right?

[You've no problem with your mind. You are normal.]

Am I normal? How can I hear this sound? It's impossible for the plots in those novels to appear by themselves, right? Shouldn't this guy make me protect the world in the next second?

"You, who are you?" In short, you first should know who the other person is.

[My name is zero.]

"Why do you appear? What is your purpose?"

[I've come to save you. Save you.]

"Save me?" Su QingYan feels that he is living well, his work is stable, and love is good too. Where can he be saved? Who else wants to murder him?

[Yes, now, it is 4.48 in the morning, and at 4.48 in the afternoon six months later, you will die.]

"Die?" Su QingYan simply laughed. As an atheist, he never believed in the prophet, let alone six months later. However, he was still curious. Since the suddenly popping up Zero said that he would die, he would like to know how. Then he asked, "How I died?"

[Car accidents, poisoning, shooting, assassination, burning, falling from the roof, falling into the river, hunger strike, death, lack of oxygen, etc. I have calculated that there are more than 20 kinds of......] Zero sounds a bit exhausted.

So much, want him to go through it after six months? Not enough time, Su QingYan thought, and then said: "So many deaths are going to happen to me alone? One day?"

[You alone, but not in a day, but 49 days, or, 49 worlds.]

"You... What do you mean?" He's getting more and more unclear about what Zero's talking.

[To be honest. Before I discovered you, I have found 49 of you, so maybe you can't understand it. I predicted your death. To stop your end, I've to enter your mind to tell you what would happen in the future. Then guide you to what you should do. I have tried 49 times but without success. In the beginning, you died in a car accident. Still, as the times which I try increases, your way of death has increased...]

Su QingYan might understand that this is like a reincarnation world, continuously wears back to find him and stop his death. No. Why did he believe so easily? Before his ability to accept didn't look that strong, right?

"Why should I believe you?"

[I can talk to you in your head.]

This remark sounds very familiar, but why would it feel familiar? Could it be because Zero came to find him 49 times, so this body has a sense of familiarity with Zero in the end?

"But... if I am in trouble after six months, why come to me now? You can find me a few days before the incident."

[I tried all kinds of ways, but all failed... This time the reason why I'm looking for you six months before is to stop it from happening.]

"What's the matter?"

[Stopping the Foreign Language Department's class 3, Chen Hao and He Shu meet each other.]

He didn't know Chen Hao, but He Shu is his boyfriend that he knew from university. How could Zero know this? Right, Zero is a person who could predict the future. How could he not discern this? However, is Chen Hao and He Shu related to his death?

"Why should you stop them from meeting each other?"

[Your death is inseparable from them.]

"Impossible!" Su QingYan denied. "How could He Shu cause my death? I am... I am his..."

[The person who harmed you is not He Shu but Chen Hao.]

Hearing this, Su QingYan relieved, as long as the murderer is not him. But he's puzzled, he didn't know that Chen Hao, why is the other side killing him? So he asked, "Why?"

[Chen Hao fell in love with He Shu, so he work hard to break you up. In the past 49 worlds,

there are 20 worlds in which he derails you. When he lost to you, he poisoned you; In the 15 worlds, he didn't even fall in love but still got poison; There are fourteen other worlds. What he did was revealed, loathed and poisoned you out of revenge.]

"This is too poisonous..." Su QingYan thinks that this child shouldn't go to He Shu. Instead, he should come to him and let his psychological teacher talk to him well. So that child won't develop an anti-social personality in the future and endanger the society.

"What should I do?" Su QingYan asked.

[It's pretty simple. I'll tell you what you shouldn't do. You do so.]


The next day was a rest day. Therefore, Su QingYan didn't set an alarm clock and slept until dawn. Wait until he wakes up and opens his phone. It is already half past ten. Though, he also made appointments with He Shu around twelve.

How come is so late? Never had been so late before, Su QingYan thought. Oh, right, is it because I've awakened by a guy named Zero yesterday night, so I sleep for so long?

Su QingYan rubbed his messy hair, went to the bathroom to start washing. For today date, he has to sort it out, at least this unkempt look is entirely impossible. Su QingYan took the toothbrush cup first and tried to brush his teeth first. Suddenly he heard Zero voice.

[Good morning, QingYan.]

"Good morning, Zero." Su QingYan returned.

[That's nice.] Zero suddenly said to him.


[You used to hesitate for a long time to say it.]

Say what? How are you in the morning? Su QingYan thinks that this is just an ordinary saying. Besides, to save his life, he must be friendly to Zero.

Su QingYan lifted his toothbrush cup, filled up water, squeezed toothpaste, brushed his teeth, rinsed his mouth, and washed his face. He looked at his appearance in the mirror. Nothing seems to be a problem on his face. His hair was a bit long and best to cut it off after a while.

For breakfast, he still didn't have it. It had already passed the time. It's better to have lunch with He Shu. He's so much hungry now, but there's nothing to eat at home.

[QingYan, do you want to eat something first? Hungry is not good for the body.] Zero kindly said.

"Forget it. Anyway, I'm not hungry once or twice. It doesn't matter." Which time he goes to work is not hungry? What's more, it's going to be lunch soon.

[Well, then pay attention to your body, eat less cold and spicy, pay attention to restrictions.]

"Ok, don't be a mother-in-law, really, obviously a man." Su QingYan laughed.

[You...know that I'm a man?] Zero voice is a mechanical robot sound. Although he can hear some ups and downs of emotions, he can't distinguish between men and women.

"I..." Su QingYan didn't know how. The sentence just came out like that. That’s how it blurted out. Now come to think of it, Zero seems never have mentioned his gender. He scratched his head and said, "I guess."



When Su QingYan arrived at the appointed place, He Shu has not yet there. It's often the case between them. When dating, most of them are Su QingYan waiting for He Shu. He fell in love at university, also it his first. There is a saying that if you fall in love, you lose. Hence, in this love, Su QingYan always gift more. But he never complained just because he has given more.

They know each other in the university. After graduated, they returned to their first university for work. This university is arguably the bridge between them. Therefore, when dating, the meeting place is often set at the school. On weekends, the students in the university haven't left yet. Su QingYan stood under the plane tree next to the school. Several female students will smile at him when passing and Su QingYan will nod in response.

[He often asks you to wait for him.] Zero said.

"Yeah," When outside, Su QingYan automatically changed to talk with Zero in mind, "I'm happy."

[Ugh.] Zero issued a sound similar to sighing.

"What are you sighing? Does Zero have any human emotions? If so, what does it matter to him?

[Nothing, he's coming, right.]

Hearing Zero notice, Su QingYan turned to the right. Sure enough, he saw the one he cares the most within the crowd. He Shu's dress today is not formal like he usually used in class. He put on a casual suit, a pure black sweater, and washed some faded jeans. He looked younger and seemed to return to their schooling time.

From afar, Su QingYan saw He Shu, but at this moment, He Shu didn't seem to have seen him yet. When He Shu walked out of the crowd and raised his head slightly, Su QingYan waved at him. He didn't know if this would allow He Shu to see him at once. He also knew that he was a teacher. He might be lost some face in the student's eyes. Still, he couldn't control this. He only wants his lover to see him earlier.

He Shu took a great distance to see Su QingYan. He smiled at Su QingYan and waved.

As long as He Shu beckoned to him, he would immediately run to He Shu, regardless of whether this is in public, rushed into He Shu's arms. Sadly, He Shu didn't like this. He didn't like to be gazed by strange eyes. He gently pushed Su QingYan and said, "Don't hug here, others will see."

Su QingYan wanted to say that he didn't care whether others will see them. Though he knew that He Shu didn't like it, so he nodded his head and released him.

"Hungry? do you want to eat something?" he asked.

"Well, I don't care what to eat." Su QingYan replied cleverly.

"Then... Do you want to eat dumplings?"

"Yeah." He and He Shu are newcomers. They often not return home for a long time, so they have less chance to eat dumplings.

Only one shop near the school specializes in selling dumplings. The taste is pretty good. Therefore, there are a lot of people who go to eat regularly. He Shu and Su QingYan decided to go to the shop after they chose to eat dumplings.

[SLOW!] Zero suddenly said.

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