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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

[QingYan, QingYan, did you wake up? ]

[Can you hear me? ]

[It would be scary to hear a strange voice in such a deep night. But don't worry, I won't hurt you.]

[Let me introduce myself, I'm Zero. I'm a sense in your mind that doesn't belong to you. A soul that doesn't belong to your body. ]

Su QingYan opened his eyes and saw the dark ceiling in his bedroom. His roommate was asleep, and this voice was not one of his roommates, this meant that his roommate was not who was teasing him. Su QingYan blinked and quickly accepted the strange sound in his mind. He wanted to open his mouth but feared to wake up his roommate, so he tried to talk directly to Zero in his head.

"Why do you appear?"

"Looks like you have been able to accept immediately talking directly in your mind. Zero exclaimed, [Looked at the time, and it's 4.40 in the morning. Well, I'm here to save you. ]

Su QingYan silent for a while and asked: "I will die?"

Zero did not think that Su QingYan would directly ask him this question and replied, [Yes.]

"Then... you came to save me to stop my death?"

[Yes, but how did you guess it? ]

"I don't know either." It was strange that Su QingYan was not scared when the voice had just sounded. Somehow he felt some familiarity as if he had heard it before. When he heard Zero was going to save him, his first reaction was to ask if he will die. Zero was coming to save him.

[In the end, it still has an impact] Zero sighed.


[It's nothing.]

Su QingYan felt a little weird, but he did not ask anymore. He said, "Well, when will I die?"

[Six years later.] Zero replied calmly, [I found you now to stop you from knowing someone.]


[He Shu.]

Su QingYan recalled that he did not seem to know this person and felt very strange: "Why?"

[Your death is related to him.]

At the moment, Su QingYan didn't understand what Zero meant, but he still felt he should listen to Zero because Zero gave him an inexplicable feeling that he could rely on him. In the deep night, the moonlight shone through the balcony's glass door and lit misty in the bedroom. Su QingYan suddenly thought.

"Zero, do you have a physical?"


"But I want to see what you look like."

[Sorry, I don't have an entity.]

Well, Su QingYan gave up this idea.


When Su QingYan woke up the next day, he had two big dark circles. He still feels very sleepy, but he has no choice but to brush his teeth and face school. His school doesn't allow students to skip class at will. Therefore, Su QingYan has to go to the school. He took a toothbrush cup, brushing his teeth and went to wash his face in the washbasin. After he had filled with water, he suddenly remembered that he had a guy in his head. He greeted in his head: "Good morning, Zero."

[...Good morning, Qing Yan.]

After a brief preparation, Su QingYan bought breakfast and was ready for class. The first class was a boring math lesson. People around Su QingYan were either sleeping or playing mobile phones or deserting. Su QingYan didn't think that the mobile phone had any fun, and he didn't want to sleep thus he started chatting with Zero.

"Zero, how did you know that I would die after six years?"

[I came from the future.]

"Well, why did you choose to save me?"

[This is my mission.]

"Well..." It seems that he is still very much favored by God. He deliberately sent a thing to save himself. Su QingYan thought for a second and asked, "How do you say I will die after six years?"

[I do not know.]

"How could you not know?" Does Zero not predict the future?

[There are too many deaths. I can't say them clearly.]

"Well..." Su QingYan picked up some details from his statement and asked, "You said too many death methods. Can you say that I have died many times? Or, have you saved me many times and failed?"

[You can say that.] Although, he didn't want to admit this.

"Then...this is the first few times?"


Su QingYan swallowed in his mouth and couldn't imagine how he had died ninety-nine times. He didn't understand why would Zero saved him so many times and still wanted to do it.

"You have failed so many times. Have you ever thought of giving up?" Su QingYan doesn't care about his life, but he doesn't understand Zero's intentions.

[No, my existence is to save you.]

Obviously a mechanical voice, but Su QingYan felt that Zero's voice sounded very gentle, this may be related to his experience. Su QingYan's character is introverted actually. There's no friend since childhood. So, if anyone is kind to him, he will thought that person is a good people.

Although Zero is gentle to him, he is not a person who likes to chat. Typically, Su QingYan asked him first before he answered. However, Su QingYan didn't care about these things. He was able to talk to him and thought it was pretty good.

"Speak, why did you say that my death was related to He Shu? What is my relationship with him?"

[In the past world, he was your boyfriend, and it was you who confessed first.]

Su QingYan never thought that he likes men. He never thought that he would confess to a man. That said, the man named He Shu must be pretty good or very kind to him, otherwise, how else would he be attracted? Su QingYan thought.

"But if he is my boyfriend, why is my death related to him?"

[Most of the time, your death was not caused by him, but it was related to him. Therefore, you cannot know him.]

"Well..." In a word, his death was not caused by He Shu directly but indirectly. Su QingYan thought that he didn't know who He Shu was in this world. To protect his life, it's better he doesn’t know him.

However, he also began to wonder what kind of person He Shu was in the end. Therefore he took the courage to meet with a girl who's very popular in class.

The girl was surprised when she saw Su QingYan talking to her. In her impression, he is reluctant to mix with other boys. Usually, he said a few words with his roommate. After listening to his intentions, she said: "He Shu? I don't know him, but I heard he is a star in Foreign Language department. They said that in sports are pretty good too. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just ask." Su QingYan smiled, there was a blush on his face. After all, he never talked to this popular girl.

Department of Foreign Languages, Su QingYan never thought that he would go there. His English in high school is more or less a failure. Plus, he knows no one in that department. So just do as Zero said, and avoid the places where He Shu might go there.


Two days later, it was a weekly physical education class. The physical education teacher told them to play badminton and call him before the class end. It is an elective physical education class. Su QingYan doesn't like badminton. At first, he chose volleyball, but there are too many people picked volleyball. He filled in too late and was kicked out, forcing him to take badminton.

Su QingYan looked at badminton in his hand, felt depressed. He couldn't play badminton by himself. If the dead teacher would come to check, just check his fart!

Su QingYan looked around and found that there was a guy who was playing badminton just a short distance away from him. It seemed that guy was good at playing, so he got an idea to go and ask for advice. Zero shouted in time.

[Do't go!]

"What's wrong?"

[It's He Shu. In the past world, you know each other here.]

After listening to this, Su QingYan stopped and stood to look in the distance not far from the boy. He was tall and slender, with a pale face, sharp eyes and a tall nose, indeed looked good. They said he is a star. Not too much. Su QingYan is a good boy in their psychology department, but he is inferior to He Shu.

"He truly looks good." Su QingYan sighed.

[Is he that good?]

"Yeah, no wonder you said, I will love him."

[Then don't think about it.] Zero promptly interrupted Su QingYan's wishful thinking. [Still thinking about how to play.]

"I think and I won't."

[...forget it. I'll teach you.]

Su QingYan didn't believe that Zero could teach him. How can Zero teach him when he doesn't even have a body? But Zero really did that, and it was more earnest than many sports teachers. Tell him what's wrong with his posture, where the arm should move, what's wrong with his power, and how the position of the ball is. Zero was so instructive, Su QingYan didn't even play a ball yet.

"I'm sorry..." Su QingYan said to Zero with a hint of apologies.

[It's okay, I'll teach you later.] Zero's voice didn't sound impatient.

Su QingYan knew his physical education was really bad, and his comprehension was so poor that many teachers were too lazy to guide him. Zero was able to guide him so long. Zero was the first.

Before the class ended, Su QingYan finally successfully played the ball under the guidance of Zero.

"Wonderful, success!" Su QingYan was very happy.

[that's nice.]Zero exclaimed, [I know you can do it.]

"Ok!" Su Qingyan happily running to the teacher's side, went for a game and forgot about He Shu.

While Su QingYan was nervously testing in front of the teacher, Zero still talked to him in his mind and told him to let him relax, do not be nervous. Finally, Su QingYan passed the test.

Su QingYan felt relieved. Even though he knew that Zero couldn't see it, he still smiled and said to him, "Zero, thank you."

[you are welcome.]

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