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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Su QingYan opened his eyes. There was darkness in front of him. After a few seconds, the view in front of him became clear. He realized that he was lying on his bed and his home ceiling was above his head.

Before this, he remembered that he had fallen from the roof of the building for the sake of saving He Shu. After feeling a sharp pain, his eyes went black. Once he awoke again, he was lying here.

"Zero?" He whispered the name softly.

[I'm here.] Zero answered him.

"What time is it now?"

[At 4:38 in the morning, the night before you died.]

"This is the first hundred times?" Su QingYan asked.


"This time, what are you going to do?" In the past, he tried all of them, but they were useless.

[I have a solution. It may be the last resort.] Zero was silent for a moment before slowly opening his mouth. [He Shu died]

Su QingYan was surprised. "This kind of thing, how could I possibly do it? It's a human life. I can't do it for myself..."

[Not killing...QingYan. Everything that happens in this world is the same as in the previous world. In other words, we are now the night before He Shu jumped from the building. What you have to do is not save He Shu.]

"But, if I don't save him, it's..."

Zero knows that Su QingYan is too soft. Definitely will help others, but he has no alternative.

[QingYan, don't you want to see my real appearance?] Zero said, [If you could live, you can see me, I could stay with you too, in a physical way.]

Su QingYan does not know if his choice is correct. For Zero, he could only choose to be sorry to He Shu. Let him be selfish. He thought.

Despite this, Su QingYan couldn't help but care about the person who would jump from the building. He kept asking Zero if he was right. Is he certainly trying to ignore others live for his selfish desire? Zero can only comfort him and tell him that he has died ninety-nine times. It is time for He Shu to paying back him.

Everything was the same as what happened before. The teacher in the office felt that Su QingYan's condition was so bad, and persuade him to go back to rest. Su QingYan heard the words and went out of the office. He went to the school building and got meet a bunch of students below. Clamorous, pointing to the top.

[QingYan, Hid under the tree over there, otherwise, when the students see you are not saving him, the result will not good.]

Su QingYan nodded, his mood was low as he hid under the tree.

At 4:40, the crowd was bustling. Su QingYan hid behind the tree and watched it stealthily.

At 4:45, people were noisier and anxious why the fire engines had not yet arrived.



The students gathered below were still screaming because they saw the people on the upper floor standing on the edge of the rooftop.

"Zero, I can't stop this heart!" Su QingYan said with his teeth.

[You must take this heart down.] Zero replied calmly.

"Ah-" With the exclamation of one after another, Su QingYan heard the sound of a heavy object falling on the floor. At the same time, the minute hand on the watch reached 48.

Su QingYan's head covered in cold sweats. It's not only for his death but He Shu too. His leg went soft, slipped back against the tree and slowly slid down to sit on the ground.

"Zero, I'm still alive." Su QingYan lamented, but his heart was empty.

"Zero, I still think I'm not quite right."

There was no answer. There was no sound in his mind.

"Zero, did you hear me talking?" Su QingYan was surprised, logically speaking, he was still alive, and Zero would be very happy. He would certainly talk to him immediately.

"Zero, where are you? Speak, don't ignore me."

"You say that if I am still live you will let me see what you are like?"

"You also said we would be together."


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