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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

When He Shu was conscious again, he discovered that he didn't have a body. He recalled what had happened before and learned Su QingYan death. He collapsed and cried.

He sat on the balcony. Even wished to meteor passing, as long as Su QingYan could survive, he was willing to pay any price, whether he becomes a ghost, whether he had to try ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times, ten thousand times. He only wants Su QingYan to live.

He Shu's wishes came true. He became a consciousness in Su QingYan's mind that didn't belong to Su QingYan. On the first night, Su QingYan woke up. Looking at Su QingYan's face, He Shu suddenly wanted to tease him.

[Hey, don't say anything.]

[Open your eyes and find out where I am? Look to the left, to the right, look ahead and turn your head. Don't you see me? But I can see you. I see you now and wanna talk to you.]

[Don't be afraid. I'm not a strange thing. Only you can hear my voice. And, I won't hurt you.]

He knew Su QingYan was not scared. Sure enough, only in the first world, Su QingYan was scared to death.

It was nice to see him, He Shu thought.

Su QingYan spoke up and asked him who he was. He Shu thought for a moment and felt that he could not tell him directly, so he made a name casually.

[My name is Zero.] I came to save you.

Zero does not exist.

Only him go back to the past and change those things that may have caused Su QingYan to die. So Su QingYan will be able to live, he thought. But this thing was not what he thought.

In the absence of a car accident, Su QingYan will die in other ways. Resolving the misunderstanding between Su QingYan and He Shu, still, Su QingYan will be killed by Chen Hao; stopping Chen Hao from falling in love with He Shu, then Chen Hao and Su QingYan will be together. But, Su QingYan will still die; change jobs, change accommodation, stay at home at that time, or staying with He Shu, there is no use.

Later, he thought, Is it possible for Su QingYan not to know He Shu? So in the 99th world, he told Su QingYan that he should not meet He Shu.

How good. Su QingYan indeed listened to him and didn't bother with He Shu. He also took what He Shu had done to Su QingYan. Teach him to play badminton, supervising his study, talking with him every morning till night, telling him to eat healthy food. When filling in career plan, he heard Su QingYan ask him how he should choose. He advised Su QingYan to follow his heart, not worry about He Shu.

Because He Shu became a teacher for Su QingYan, without Su QingYan, He Shu would not be a teacher at all.

During that period, he always thinks if he had a solid body. If he was a real Zero, then Su QingYan will be happier. That night, Su QingYan said that he wanted to see him. He hesitated for a long time. He was afraid that Su QingYan would know that he was He Shu. Secondly, he was worried that Su QingYan would find it sad when he couldn't touch him.

Sure enough, Su QingYan cried in front of him, but he could do nothing. He couldn't wipe Su QingYan's tears. He could only do everything to keep Su QingYan's life.

However, Su QingYan died in front of him. This time, he understood the truth that between them only one person could live. If he died, Su QingYan might be able to live well.

Then in the last world, he lied to Su QingYan for the sake of keeping Su QingYan alive.

Kill He Shu, Su QingYan will be able to live well.

Kill He Shu, and he can stay with Su QingYan.

Su QingYan bought them, hence he was relieved.

He knew what he was about to face, but he didn't care. He only hoped that Su QingYan would live well.

Then he watched as he died and slowly felt him disappear.

Goodbye, Qing Yan.


The author has something to say: To the meteor God Ma Hui, the author can't think any random gimmick.

By the way, can you understand the ending?

Zero is He Shu, but Zero's premise is that Su QingYan is dead and He Shu makes a wish.

He Shu died, Zero did not exist, so he disappeared.

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