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4:48 (Web Novel) - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"What? "

[Ceng Hao first saw He Shu here.]

"I understand..."

"He Shu, we will go somewhere else to eat." It's a time to hide. Su QingYan pulled He Shu's sleeve and tried to stop him from meeting with Chen Hao.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, let's go to eat Mala Tang."

He Shu sighed. "I think you should eat less spicy food..."

In the end, the two people didn't go to the dumpling shop. Naturally, He Shu didn't see Chen Hao. Su QingYang couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief. However, Zero in his mind still reminded him not to take it lightly. The reason is that Chen Hao is a student of foreign language department, and He Shu is an English teacher. Even though Chen Hao is not in He Shu’s class, the possibility of them meeting each other is still very high.

Sometimes Su Qingyan will find it very strange. Is Chen Hao liked He Shu because of an opportunity? As long as this opportunity to break on the line? If only a simple meeting and understanding should be nothing, it seems that he also knows a lot of people. But, he just likes He Shu. Zero didn't agree with this, as long as Chen Hao met He Shu certainly will fall in love with him. If Chen Hao fell in love with He Shu, Su QingYan undoubtedly will die, this is all arranged.

In short, it is necessary to eliminate all opportunities for the two of them to know each other. Since Zero knows what will happen in the future, he will be able to tell what Su QingYan should do and not. On one occasion, the class teacher in Chen Hao’s class was sick. The head teacher asked He Shu to attend the class. Su QingYan used an excuse that he was not feeling well and had to go to the hospital with He Shu. He Shu had no choice but to find another English teacher to attend the class. However, due to Su QingYan's planned illness, He Shu was so angry after the doctor saw him and ignored Su QingYan for some time.

Su QingYan said that he just wanted to save his life and his boyfriend's reputation, but he couldn't speak.

During this time, Zero just talked to Su QingYan the time and place where Chen Hao might appear, and this would allow Su QingYan to avoid these places as much as he can do. After a while, He Shu became aware something wrong with Su QingYan and took him to talk.

"Oh, I want to ask you some questions."

"What's wrong?"

"Is something happened recently?"

There are indeed some, but he can't say. No one will believe him. He shook his head: "No."

"I feel like you're hiding from someone."

"No, no." Su QingYan found that He Shu was still quite sharp, suddenly discovered that he was hiding from someone. He said he's not hiding, more like helping He Shu hide.

"Really?" He Shu stared suspiciously at Su QingYan's eyes, tried to find out from his eyes whether he was lying.

Su QingYan never dared to lie to He Shu. Especially when He Shu stared at him, he suddenly panicked and asked Zero in his mind.

"He found it. What should I do?"

Zero thought for a moment and calmly answered: [Say you wanted more, you just want to avoid a crowded place, and enjoy the world only two of you.]

"Is it possible?"

[He'll believe it.] Zero assured.

Then Su QingYan opened his mouth just like Zero taught him: "You're overthinking. I always keep you from going to places where there're so many peoples. I only want to enjoy the world with you."

He listened to Su QingYan words, and after thinking for a moment, he nodded and said, "Okay..."

Su QingYang sighed, fortunately, He Shu has passed.

"It's good, he finally believes me." Su QingYan excitedly told Zero. After all, this was his first time he had lied to He Shu, and it's hard for him to avoid some excitement.

[Don't be too happy. You need to be on guard against Chen Hao.]

"Is Chen Hao honestly so terrible?" Anyway, he just a student? And I haven't seen him before. In Su QingYan eyes, his students are all good children, although he's not much older than them.

[...Do you want to see him?]

[If you want.] He was very curious about this Big Devil Chen Hao looks like who had killed him for 49 times.

[At 3.15, there's an Ideology class in their class, you can sneak in to see him.]


In the 3rd class, Su QingYan quietly entered the class where Chen Hao in and secretly took a seat in the back row. Fortunately, students in their class have never seen Su QingYan, plus, Su QingYan was young and wore similar to the students. Therefore, they didn't find that there was a teacher inside. When the bell class ringing, the students in the class were full. Su QingYan quietly asked Zero, "where is he?"

[Next to you.]

"!" This is quite a coincidence, right? Su QingYan's position was in the last row on the left side of the wall.

On his right side, a student was sitting. Su QingYang looked to the right and saw a boy sitting beside him. A schoolboy with a clean head, wheat complexion, appearance is very handsome and a man unique charm.

"Look good, no wonder you say He Shu will...." Su QingYan is very uncomfortable.

[Don't be afraid, He Shu loves you.] Zero comforted.

"really? "But he thinks Chen Hao looks better than himself and at least has a masculine personality.


[I won't lie to you.] Zero said.

Perhaps he noticed Su Qingyan's sight. Chen Hao slightly tilted his head and looked at Su QingYan. With a corner of his mouth, he said, "Mr. Su."

"Do you know me?" The teacher of their psychology department will not come to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​except for him. He has never been to this class. How could Chen Hao know him?

"Of course, you are He Shu's boyfriend."

"You, you also know He Shu?" Su QingYan felt even more surprised. Then he thought again the foreign language department is pretty big. He wasn't the whole person sticking to He Shu all day and night. He didn't look strange to see He Shu.

"Yeah, he is my cousin." Chen Hao laughed, showing clean teeth. Only Su QingYan felt a bit gloomy.

He suddenly felt like he had done so much before.


"what happened? Su Qingyan asked Zero. "You should have known this already?"

[Yes. ] Zero answered.

"So how you didn't' tell me? "

[It's useless to tell you.]

"Since they knew each other from the start, why should I stop them from meeting?"

[QinYan, Chen Hao is an emotionally sick person, doesn't allow them to meet, just afraid that He Shu was deceived by him and thus misunderstood you.]

", ah, as you said, if Chen Hao sees He Shu, he will fall in love with him. Then, they already know, does it mean ..."

[I mean, meet in these six months..]


When Su Qingyan talks with Zero in his head, the whole person would be in a state of sluggishness. Chen Hao saw him, he reached out and waved in front of Su Qingyan's eyes and asks, "Professor Su?"

"Ah? Ah, I stayed for a while." Su QingYan smiled.

After knowing that the two were relatives, Su QingYan couldn't calm down for a long time. After all, cousin fell in love with his cousin. It's too.... well, Su QingYan didn't have much energy to figure out these things. He only wants to keep his life well, let the two people don't meet in these six months.

However, Su QingYan felt a little strange that Chen Hao took the initiative to come to him, but also often come to see. Although each time he just talked about something that wasn't there or asked him if he could eat together. After all, in this world Chen Hao didn't do anything to Su QingYan, so Su QingYan still had no hatred for him. Therefore, he can also get along with Chen Hao freely. However, to prevent the two people from meeting, Su QingYan would have to find a reason to send out He Shu when he met with Chen Hao. Once for all, Su QingYan had a sense of guilt in his heart.

It is also impossible to tell where this guilt comes from, and what is going on. Anyway, Su QingYan does not think it is right. Until one day, Chen Hao took the initiative to touch his cheek when meeting him.

Chen Hao said to him, "Sue Su, I seem to like you."

"..." Su QingYan suddenly froze or said that outsiders seemed to be stunned. In fact, he was talking to Zero.

"what happened?" Doesn't it mean that this perverted person likes his cousin?

[I don't know, maybe the original world line was disrupted, so It has been moving in other directions.]

"I don't have to die? "

[I don't know... but it's unlikely.]

Su QingYan sigh and seriously said to Chen Hao:" I'm sorry. "


The expected answer, Chen Hao didn't show a look of surprise or sadness, only asked: "Is it because of my cousin? "



"Okay..." Chen Hao exhaled. "It's a pity."


It's amazing. Su QingYan thought.

However, Chen Hao didn't seem to give up. After a while, he will still come to Su QingYan. But Su QingYan still refused. Su Qingyan didn't relax his vigilance. He still not allowing Chen Hao to meet with He Shu.

The time passed, and soon, six months had passed, and it was the day when Zero told him that he would die. On that day, He Shu took the initiative and asked Su QingYan to come out to meet him. Su QingYan was afraid of an accident and wanted to stay at home. However, when he heard Zero telling his five ways of dying at home, he still went to He Shu.

When he came out, Su QingYan looked at the time, 4.20pm.

When they met, Su QingYan found that He Shu’s look was a bit wrong and looked like having a heavy heart. He asked, “Do you have anything to worry about?”

He Shu said, “Yeah, are you like someone else?"


"No." Su QingYan shook his head.


"Don't lie to me." He Shu wrinkled his brow deeply.


"Certainly no!"   

"What's this?" He gave the phone to Su QingYan. It was a photo which was Su QingYan and Chen Hao. The two sat together face to face, Chen Hao's hand on the hair of Su QingYan looks a little embarrassed. Su QingYan knows it's not the case! Because the next second, Chen Hao's hand shot by him, and then he got up and walked away.

"He Shu, you hear me explain that things are not what you think."


[Be careful QingYan, it's 4:45 .] Zero whispered.


"What do I think? Oh, isn't it that you and my cousin are together?"


"He Shu, you have to believe me."


"I have more photos than this one, and the kid is coming telling me, saying that you were already together." Sure enough, no matter which world is a metamorphosis. Su QingYan thought.


"He Shu, it's not what you think."


[QingYan, 4:46.] Zero is still reminding.

"I don't want to hear what you explain now." He Shu left Su QingYan with a look of disappointment and turned to walk. Su QingYan thought that this is not the end, so he went to chase He Shu. Then every time he went to hold Ho Shu’s sleeve, he was always thrown away.

"He Shu!"

"Don't pull me. Before you try to explain it, think about what you have done."

[QingYan, it's about 4.48. ] Zero's voice sounds anxious. Su QingYan's entire heart is frozen, but he can't stop. At least he doesn't want to die while He Shu misunderstands him.

"He Shu, don't go." Su QingYan walked quickly to He Shu and hugged him from behind. But He Shu always pushed him away. Su Qingyan didn't give up. He Shu pushed him away still Su QingYan continued to hold him. There was a construction site beside them. There was nothing but those busy workers, so Su QingYan had no scruples.

"Let go, don't be shameless!"



"Fuck!" He Shu felt anxious in his heart, he used more strength and pushed Su QingYan away. Su QingYan was awkward and stepped back several steps.

"QingYan, it's about 4.48! "

"Be careful!" The stranger's voice came from somewhere, that was the last voice Su QingYan heard when he could still see the sky.

At 4.48pm, a construction site because of construction problems dropped then hit a man in the head just now. He died on the spot.

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