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Galactic Dark Net (Web Novel) - Chapter 436 — The Bloodline of Pathless and Black Egg

Chapter 436: The Bloodline of Pathless and Black Egg

Just when Wai Late Dao stopped talking, Pathless Origin walked in. Looking at Han, he muttered, "Wai Late Dao is right, the Six Paths of Void indeed has a hidden seventh path, and that is my name, Pathless."

"Back in the day, I became the first and the only one to successfully cultivate the Path of Gods. My master changed my name to Pathless Origin because he placed all hope on me, hoping that with my talent I could eventually master Pathless and bring glory to him."

With a slight sigh, Pathless Origin said, "Unfortunately, I let him down. My potential was over. Over the years I couldn’t make any progress. But you are not the same. You have mastered the Path of Yao, and your talent far exceeds me, even your willpower is stronger."

"Originally this is not enough for me to tell you the secret of Pathless Origin. After all, it is mysterious and unpredictable. I was worried that if you knew it too early, it could damage your body."

"But this time with the help of Wai Late Dao, I think we can try. We two will work together to help you approach the ultimate state of Pathless Origin."

Wai Late Dao smiled slightly, "You’re called Pathless Origin, and I’m called Wai Late Dao. We both have the meaning of Dao in our name. It perhaps is the providence to let us work together."

"But Han, Pathless Origin is very right. We are only to help you approach the Pathless Origin, nothing else. Take me for example, my Soul Formation - Six Trials only came to the fourth phase, which is only the Trial of Gods."

"The reason why I agreed right away is because I came from the Golden family, and have read plenty of historical materials and books. This counts as one reason. Of course, the biggest reason is that Pathless Origin and I have faith in you. So we came to decision that we’ll simply help you learn Pathless. Anyhow, try it. If it really doesn’t work, it’s fine too."

Han was open-minded and not nervous at all. He shrugged and said, "Reflecting on the past, I had only learned the Six Paths of Void since my debut and have been quite undivided in the matter. With you guys’ help on the side, I think it can work."

Pathless Origin frowned, "Not necessarily. Your Six Paths of Void is not the same as mine. You will always add some of your own things to your martial skills. Well, that thing that you call the power of faith."

Han said casually, "I have no other ways than believing in this. Don’t only look at what I’ve achieved and how eye-catching I am right now. What actually motivated me is the time I spent in my hometown, the suffering of my compatriots, their efforts, and struggles."

"It's been a few years, and every time I think of my hometown and seeing my countrymen fight desperately, I’m still in tears and feel as if I went back in time."

"Then I thought, do I really need more sources of motivation as I achieve higher ranks? That thing might be suitable for others, not necessarily for me. So, I’d simply keep on doing what I’ve been fighting for, just like when I first started, and won’t bother with other distracting things."

Wai Late Dao was suddenly shocked and said loudly, "A man does not forget his original intention. Very well!"

After all, he came into contact with Han quite late, so he did not know about the situation of Earth.

Han then told him how his hometown was bullied at that time. He always saw the adults’ gloomy faces during his childhood, hiding in the dark corner, and sighing over the cruelty of fate.

Especially that this was the first war Han had experienced in his life. There weren’t a lot of men with superpowers on Earth at that time, let alone being able to fight.

When the pirates came, those people who were born as commoners with superpowers fought with their lives! With their own lives, they blocked enemies much more powerful than themselves.

The bridegroom who was taking wedding photos rushed up wearing a tuxedo and shouted, "Civilians are under threat! Espers, come with me!"

Then, he was killed under Han’s nose. Han would always remember him. He was called Hu Hai, a humble person with a one-star superpower, from Xiangtan, Hunan Province.

Also Pang Zuolin, who jumped from a dozen-floor-high building with a bronze lion. In Han's eye, Han was never a tough guy, far from the deceased Pang Zuolin. Becoming a man like him had always been Han’s goal.

Although Wai Late Dao was well-informed, unexpectedly his eyes also turned red hearing the memories Han described.

In a way, Han was indeed different from them. Reflecting on the whole base, Han’s friends, brothers, none of them were from grassroots. Not only did he have no power when he was young, living in civilian areas, even the entire earth was in an underdeveloped and repressed state.

Perhaps it was because Han was so repressed at a young age that he erupted so strongly.

Hearing Han gained superpower by inheriting a power crystal, Wai Late Dao couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t impossible that people could inherit from those with superpowers. But the probability was too low. Those who obtained superpowers with this method, even if not dead, wouldn’t live too long. After all, inheriting this kind of thing violated the laws of nature.

Wai Late Dao muttered, "I found it unbelievable hearing this thing. But Han’s example is right here. Perhaps he is more fortunate."

Wai Late Dao shook his head and said, "Isn’t this way too lucky? Anyway, I always found something I don’t quite understand in Han. It may even be that he had this superpower originally, and enabled it through absorbing the inheritance crystal."

Han shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t understand this problem. But I think, people should always look ahead. What passed has passed. Whatever the reason is. My goal now is to cultivate Pathless! I can't wait to see how powerful this is."

Wai Late Dao and Pathless Origin looked at each other and said, "Pathless Origin should first of all start from annihilation. When annihilation and the Path of Yao are combined together, they will produce a fierce chain reaction, creating a sort of lawless power!"

Just when Han was about to begin training for Pathless, Pluto came to the corner of this space and met the phantom.

The conversation between Pluto and this phantom called Crimson Earth always started from listening.

Crimson Earth told Pluto a lot of things in the past to help him recover his memory.

Now Pluto had gradually accepted his identity. He was not a person without history. On the contrary, he had a very astonishing past, and an extraordinarily arduous mission.

Crimson Earth said, "Well, that’s today's review. Our past, can literally be an encyclopedia, not something that can be finished in one or two days. Now talking about Han, did his progress reach our expectations?"

Pluto nodded and muttered, "Han has achieved the first-level soul strength, but his way was very different from others. He was inflicted with a soul injury the first time trying it. As I told you before, I’m afraid it’s because he’s too eager to get stronger."

"I also heard that Han is starting to learn the seventh path of Six Paths of Void. That is his only martial skill."

Crimson Earth said, "Well, I know, this is very different for Han. His starting point is higher and harder than previous dragon riders."

Pluto nodded, "That's right. I hope Han can succeed."

"Not hope, but Han must succeed!" Crimson Earth asked again," There is another issue I’m very concerned about. You talked about Black Egg for several times before, which made me very worried. From your observation, is Black Egg dragon clan blood? If so, which branch?"

Pluto was a bit embarrassed, "Since you introduced me to some Dragon clan characteristics, I constantly observed the Black Egg. But I couldn’t make a judgment. Even though Black Egg had met some of your criteria, there are many things not meeting the standards."

"Within the base, currently only Luo Ying's guardian banshee saw Black Egg’s true form. Others, including Han, don’t know the true identity of Black Egg."

"And Luo Ying's guardian banshee only said a sentence after seeing his true form - she told Han to be careful and never piss off Black Egg."

Crimson Earth thought and said, "So, Black Egg could be a transformation bloodline of the Dragon Clan?"

Pluto shook his head, "Not likely. According to your description, the transformation bloodline should be the most cunning of the Dragon Clan bloodline. Black Egg is obviously not. Except being arrogant, in fact, he is a bit silly and shows no sign of slyness."

"If Black Egg was a cunning guy, he wouldn’t pique with Han, hiding in his egg and not coming out. His style clearly is that of a spoiled and proud child."

"Arrogant?" Crimson Earth said again, "Will it be Golden Dragon Clan?"

Before Pluto answered, Crimson Earth refuted himself, "No, no. Except for his golden eyes, Black Egg is all black. He can’t be Golden Dragon Clan, nor Abyss Dragon Clan. The Abyss Dragon Clan can not have golden eyes."

"Plus his little head. It’s weird. In the Thousand Dragon Wikipedia, there isn’t a dragon bloodline like Black Egg's. But Black Egg obviously has the characteristics of the Dragon Clan."

Pluto’s memory was incomplete and didn’t understand a lot of the things. So he was tempted to ask, "Black Egg is not from a dragon clan. Is this a very serious problem?"

Crimson Earth nodded firmly, "Quite serious. As the descendant of the World-Destroying Dragon Rider, Han only has one chance in a lifetime of entering the Thousand Dragon Valley to choose his own dragon, and set up a life-and-death agreement."

"Suppose Black Egg is of the Dragon Clan bloodline, but the bloodline is not pure, and if Han accidentally set up an agreement with him, his lifelong assistant can only be Black Egg."

"For a World-Destroying Dragon Rider, choosing a dragon is a top priority."

Hearing this, Pluto was puzzled and said, "However, Han is quite different from others. Didn’t you say all World-Destroying Dragon Riders are aloof and socially awkward? They don’t understand how to communicate and don’t have a lot of friends?"

"Han is completely the contrary. He has quite a lot shortcomings. But in terms of friends, not sure why, everyone wasparticularly fond of him. Other than Black Egg, Han has Blue Star, Silver Fox, Xiao Bao, and Yuan Yuan. They are all nice to him wholeheartedly. He has the most friends in the base. One could even say, without Han, the base wouldn’t exist."

"Well," Crimson Earth startled slightly and muttered, "Perhaps it’s because Han only has half the bloodline of a Dragon Rider, and the other half is that of a human on Earth. Anyway, you must keep an eye on him, don't let Han make any big mistakes."

Pluto said, "I will. Since Han is the descendant of World-Destroying Dragon Rider, then he is our only hope. His life is more important than ours. How are you guys doing now?"

"Running." Crimson Earth said, with worries in his voice, "If Han can’t become a true World-Destroying Dragon Rider, we will have to flee forever, until we die."

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