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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 495 Badge

Chapter 495 Badge

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After setting up Altair Magical Taro, Su Jing returned to Garbage Station and continued to organize. The valuable ones that have been singled out so far are the Angel Badge, Black Wooden Horse, Altair Magical Taro, and the others are real trash.

He sorted out the Garbage until dark and a black robe caught Su Jing’s attention. That black robe was also dirty and a bit tattered. What stole Su Jing’s attention is that he subconsciously feels that it has a sinister and evil Aura.

“Not good.” Su Jing simply retreated three steps. The skull from the “Shrouding The Heavens Universe” last time can suck people’s lives. How could Su Jing be careless after seeing such horrible items?

“Little Li, A’Li, go and catch a few mice.” Su Jing ordered. Little Li and A’Li immediately rushed out to catch the mice. Su Jing has no sympathy for mice and he always experimented with them. Because rats are pests, they can spread various diseases. When he was a child, Su Family Village had a rat disaster, and the villagers were miserable that year.

In a moment, Little Li and A’Li came back with two mice in their mouths. Su Jing released his Spiritual Force to control them. First, he let one get closer to the cloth. The closer the mouse was, the more it shivered. After touching the black robe, it was so scared that it peed on the ground. However, after a long time, it was just trembling and scared, and Su Jing could not see any other harm. Su Jing controlled the other three mice and had them walk over to the black cloth and the same situation repeated itself.

“It seems that there is no harm.” Su Jing walked over and picked up the black robe and held it in his hand. He also felt fear, it was as if he is being stared at by an evil gloomy and cold demon. Fortunately, Su Jing’s spiritual force is strong so he soon regained his calm.

“Huh? Badge?” Su Jing’s eyes lit up and he was surprised to find that there was also a badge on this black robe. The shape was similar to the Angel Badge, but it was black.

Su Jing took off the black badge, and the black robe returned to normal without any evil feeling to it. Su Jing realized that the Evil Aura is emitted from this black badge.

“One white and one black, one sacred and one evil, they are opposites. Obviously, this badge comes from the evil side. It may come from the underworld. I will simply call this the Demon Badge.” Su Jing thought in his heart and choose a name very casually, an angel and a demon, just matching.

“I don’t know what is the purpose of this Demon Badge?” Su Jing put the Demon Badge on his chest. He quickly felt that he was affected. Wearing the Angel Badge, he would be very patient and kind, and couldn’t help but want to help others, but this kindness was natural, so he didn’t notice it at first. However, wearing this Demon Badge, he couldn’t help but have thoughts about killing and evil. For example, looking at the four mice under his feet, he subconsciously wanted to trample them to death and crush them.

“No, this Demon Badge is not a good thing.” Su Jing quickly put the Demon Badge into the Storage Bag. Perhaps, this Demon Badge is also useful, evil things can also be turned into something that can be used by him. If he used it in the right place, it would be a good thing. However, he must be careful. Being affected by the Angel Badge and showing a little kindness will not cause a big mistake. However, being affected by this Demon Badge might be dangerous.

“In the future, I will study it and slowly use it but I can’t wear it for too long. If I feel it getting a little unbearable, I’ll put it in the Storage Bag.” Su Jing thought and he suddenly thought of something, he took out the Angel Badge and put it on his chest. Suddenly, the killing and evil thoughts disappeared like a black mist blown away by the wind.

“So it can still be used like this.” Su Jing smiled and was immediately relieved. Although, he still has to be careful with the Demon Badge, but at least with the help of Angel Badge, it will become easier.

“What would happen if I wear two Badges together?” Su Jing hesitated, but decided to give it a try. He wore the two badges together on the left and right sides of his chest. Then, the expression on his face became wonderful, he was obviously smiling, but he had a kind smile on one side of his face and a wicked smile on the other side. The Kind smile and the wicked smile formed a strong contrast, and his whole face looked extremely terrifying.

At the same time, Su Jing felt extremely mad. It’s like two forces fighting in the body. It’s like touching the cold while touching the fire, and it feels too uncomfortable.

“Huh.” Su Jing hurriedly put the two Badges into the storage bag together, and then returned to normal and took a deep breath, “It seems that the two badges are opposite and cannot be worn together.”

“In my arms, in your eyes, where the spring breeze is intoxicated, where the green grass is…” Su Jing’s cell phone suddenly rang, and after seeing that it was a call from Lu Qingya, he answered.

“Hello, Su Jing, first of all, congratulations on your successful marriage proposal, now you can embrace the beauty.” Lu Qingya laughed.

“Thanks, what else do you have to say?” Su Jing smiled.

“There is a rich man who wants to get a flower show manor with orchids and other precious flowers in it, which can be put there for a long time for people to visit. If you want to sell them, you can price it below. Of course, whether to sell it or not depends on the wishes of the flower owner. I am very famous because I helped you to exhibit the Camellia Euphlebia, Sky Garden, and Tianyi Lotus. I have been invited there as a guest. Are you interested in participating? “Lu Qingya asked.

Su Jing’s eyes suddenly brightened. During this time, he was preparing to develop a long-term profitable project, studying Aphrodisiac Pill. However, he seems to have overlooked one item, which is precious flowers. Although this will waste some Spirit Stones Soil slag, it is still worthwhile considering the ratio of effort to harvest. A top-quality orchid costs more than one million at every turn.

For example, the three orchids he gave to Lu Qingya last time. A Cymbidium Tortisepalum sold for 5 million. The spider-like plant, the Sky Garden sold for one million. A Cymbidium Goeringii sold for 13 million. And these three orchids did not consume a lot of Spirit Stones Soil slag, and it was worthwhile to count the loss of some unsightly orchids.

“When will it start?” Su Jing asked.

“It will take a while as the preparations are still in progress. However, we have already started to introduce various famous flowers. If you are interested, you can contact the Garden Director now to discuss cooperation. You have to sign a contract to buy insurance so when are you going.” Lu Qingya said.

“How about tomorrow?” Su Jing asked.

“Okay, you don’t know the location, I’ll pick you up. Tomorrow happens to be Saturday, we can take Qingqing to have fun.” Lu Qingya chuckled. Su Jing naturally had no objection, so it was decided.

(To be continued ~^~)

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