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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 503 Chaos Part 1

Chapter 503 Chaos Part 1

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Su Jing did not speak and continued to torment Zhao Qirong. Zhao Qirong’s vocal cords were destroyed, and he couldn’t make any loud noises, he just hoarsely shouted for help while screaming for mercy, but Su Jing was like the coldest killer and it was as if he hadn’t heard anything and he continued to torment Zhao Qirong without blinking.

Su Jing didn’t stop until after feeling that Demon Badge couldn’t absorb any more Spiritual Force.

“Who are you…who asked you to…come…kill me? I…offer…three times the…price.” Zhao Qirong was driven crazy, but his mind became active under fear. He didn’t offend this Spider-Man guy and he was sure of that which only leaves one explanation, someone had sent him to deal with him.

However, Su Jing still did not answer. He suddenly released his Spiritual Force and invaded Zhao Qirong’s brain. Zhao Qirong became demented again and Su Jing put Zhao Qirong’s mobile phone on the ground and chose two numbers, and sent Zhao Qirong’s recording.

After sending the recordings, Su Jing put the phone on the ground and left it like this and he closed the door of the stairs.

Soon after Su Jing left, Zhao Qirong’s cell phone rang, but Zhao Qirong didn’t seem to hear it. He walked towards the balcony, climbed up, then leaned over and fell. He fell freely without any obstruction from Eighty-Floor Height and with a slapping sound he hit the road below and became a lump of meat on the ground.

Until his last moment, he didn’t know who was dealing with him, and he would never know.

“Ah!” Someone nearby screamed and the scene suddenly became chaotic. Su Jing was wearing a mask as he stood in the corner and watched Zhao Qirong fall to the ground before turning to leave.

At this moment, a very powerful Spiritual Force was drawn from Zhao Qirong’s direction and injected into Su Jing’s mind, causing his Spiritual Force to skyrocket. Su Jing was stunned before he smiled. It is indeed the effect of the Demon Badge.

It turned out that someone feeling pain and being frightened is just an appetizer, and the Main Course comes from killing someone. He did not stay for long and quickly left quickly.

Zhao Qirong, who fell from the Eighty Story building and turned into a pile of muddy meat naturally made passers-by panic. Soon someone called the police, and the police arrived and sealed off the scene.

Some Zhao Family people also arrived at the scene soon. If they were far away in the capital then they wouldn’t have arrived so soon, but they happened to come here with Zhao Qirong some time ago and haven’t left yet.

“Ah!” Zhao Qirong’s mother almost fainted when she saw Zhao Qirong’s muddy corpse. The men nearby, including Zhao Qirong’s Big Brother and his father, also had terrible expressions on their faces.

“This is not my son, this is not my son, my son is still alive.” Zhao Qirong’s mother screamed.

“Mom, Calm Down,” Zhao Qirong’s Big Brother comforted his mother but even if he had a calm temperament, he was a little uncomfortable at the moment. Because his brother died so terribly that his body wasn’t even intact and they couldn’t even recognize it.

“Is this my son Qirong, are you sure?” Zhao Qirong’s father stepped forward and asked with a calm look on his face.

“Further DNA identification needs to be done, but there is only a minuscule probability of this being wrong, it should be him.” The police officer said.

“Captain, this is the cell phone we found upstairs.” A policeman held a plastic bag with his cell phone in his hand. Seeing this mobile phone, Zhao Family’s last hope in their hearts was almost shattered.

“I don’t believe Qi Rong will commit suicide. This must be a conspiracy. You must investigate this carefully.” Zhao Qirong’s father said solemnly.

“We will do our best to investigate.” The Police Officer said but they have basically determined that this is a suicide. Firstly, from the clues left on the balcony, it is obvious that Zhao Qirong climbed up and jumped down by himself; Secondly, there was a suicide message on the phone, which is the best evidence.

“Open Qirong’s voice record.” Zhao Qirong’s father said in a deep voice. Zhao Qirong’s Big Brother took out his cell phone and opened the last words recorded by his brother not long ago: “Dad, mom, Big Brother, I don’t want to live anymore. In today’s Gathering with Gao Junteng and the other guys, Gao Junteng actually said, “It’s useless if I want a woman, haha ​​yeah, he’s right, what good is it for me to want a woman now? I don’t want to deceive myself anymore, I am not a man, I am already a useless person, living a life of suffering, I am leaving.”

The recording was very brief. After listening to it, Zhao Family’s faces became even more ugly. However, when they first listened to it, they rushed over as quickly as possible, hoping to stop Zhao Qirong. But this second time, they listened more carefully and noticed the name Gao Junteng.

“Asshole, how dare he say that to my son, he killed my son, I want to kill him.” Zhao Qirong’s mother was angered.

“Don’t be impulsive, we need to find the evidence before we can do anything.” Zhao Qirong’s father said coldly.

“You want to find more evidence? Is this not enough? This is very obvious. That Gao Junteng killed our son.” Zhao Qirong’s mother screamed like a shrew.

“Qixin, send someone to find all the people who met Qirong last night and let them testify. If that Gao Junteng really caused Qirong to commit suicide then we will bring personal evidence and sue Gao Family. Qirong cannot die in vain. Do it now.” Zhao Qirong’s father pressed his anger and spoke.

Soon after, Gao Family got the news and panicked collectively. Gao Family is just one of the Provincial Four Great Families, but Zhao Family is a Big Family in Beijing and they are no less inferior than the Wang Family in Beijing, their Gao Family is far behind them.

Now that Zhao Family’s Son is dead, it seems that it’s because of their Gao Family Son’s words that hurt that cripple so much that he committed suicide. Now the coming trouble will be big. How could they calm Zhao Family’s anger?

Gao Junteng was almost frightened when he got the news. Originally, he was waiting for Zhao Qirong to solve his problems and also take revenge for him by making Su Jing kneel, he was waiting for a good show, waiting for Su Jing to be killed and waiting to play with Shi Qing.

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