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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 506 Treasure Cemetery

Chapter 506 Treasure Cemetery

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Su Jing casually threw the sack of Pearls into the Storage Bag. Then, he took out another sack and packed those Snails, Blood Coral, Tortoise Shells, and the like.

There were many things among these that were not very valuable, but since the Green-Eyed Fishes had picked them up, so he will sell them. No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat and it would be shameful to waste anything.

“Ohh, there are a few Porcelain!” After Su Jing picked up a few snails, his eyes lit up as he saw three Porcelain lying on the ground, a Bowl, an Oval Bottle, and a Plate, all of which were obviously corroded by the sea. However, it seems that the craftsmanship on them is extremely superb.

Su Jing picked one up and observed it for a while and his eyes brightened even more. These three Porcelains seemed to be Antiques of the Qing Dynasty. Last time, because of his luck, Su Jing found a sunken ship full of Porcelain on the bottom of the sea and made Several Hundred Million Yuan. He still remembers that sweetness very clearly.

Su Jing stretched out his hand into the sea and beat the reef at a certain rhythm. After a while, several Green-Eyed Fishes appeared and jumped happily. Su Jing smiled and asked, “Can you ask every one of you, who found these Porcelains? Call them here, and by the way, call Little Hu too.”

Several Green-Eyed Fishes dived back into the sea and swam to communicate with the rest of the Green-Eyed Fishes. After a while, the Killer Whale came up, shouting cheerfully, and a few more Green-Eyed Fishes came up. Three of them called for the credit: “We found them, we found them.”

“You guys, take me to the place where you found these Porcelains. Little Hu, follow them.” Su Jing said while throwing the Porcelains, Snails, Blood Coral, and others into the Storage Bag, and then he jumped onto the back of the Killer Whale.

The Killer Whale is now nearly seven meters long and has a very wide back. Su Jing can sleep on it as he does on a bed.

The Green-Eyed Fishes who found these Porcelains were ordered and they quickly swam in one direction and the Killer Whale hurried to catch up with them with Su Jing on his back.

It is worth mentioning that even Little Hu can hardly catch up with the current Green-Eyed Fishes who swims at their full strength and ordinary Killer Whale would no longer be able to catch up to them.

After swimming for one or two hundred kilometers, the Green-Eyed Fishes slowed down and then went to the bottom of the sea. The Killer Whale also took Su Jing down and they drilled to a depth of nearly 400 Meters. Then he saw a tattered Ancient Wooden Ship about ten meters in length at the bottom of the sea.

The Killer Whale went in with Su Jing and searched it, but they found that it was empty and there was nothing. It is possible that the cargo that was loaded at the time had been completely rotten, or it was not a cargo ship at all.

After strolling around the ship, they only found a few broken Porcelains, which were of no value. It seems that the Green-Eyed Fishes has done a very comprehensive sweep. The Porcelains they found maybe household items and not trading goods.

Although he didn’t find any more treasures, Su Jing’s thoughts became active and he thought: “I found another shipwreck again with such ease. It seems that there are many shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea. It is worth continuing to explore the sea bed. There should be some Sea Areas with a higher probability of shipwrecks, I will check it out later.”

Su Jing got back up to the surface and he took out his mobile phone and checked the Internet. If he didn’t check it then he wouldn’t even know but he was surprised to find that there were more shipwrecks under the sea than he had previously thought.

In Ancient Times, Navigation Technology was far less advanced than it is now. Historically, a ship was buried in the sea every 29 hours. In the 16th century, for every 100 Ships carrying Gold and Silver ships transported from the American Colonies to Spain, 45 of those 100 ships were Sunk by pirates and storms.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, Cargo Ships sunk by Pirates and Storms still amounted to 30% to 40%, and almost every sunken ship carried treasures within them.

On the Ocean Floor, there are several places called Five Treasure Cemetery. First, there is a Seabed area near the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that 1/10 of gold on the earth has sunk there.

The Second is the Southeast area of Bermudez in Cuba. The Third is the area located 250 Nautical Miles from Cape Corleone, Argentina. The Fourth is near Chiloé Island in Chile. The Fifth is the Cape Verde (Green Horn) Seabed area in Senegal.

While there are many people who know that there are many sunken treasures under the sea in these places, but very few people have successfully salvage them, because it is too difficult to salvage anything from the seabed, especially in these dangerous Sea Areas.

For example, the first area, Sargasso Sea has a reputation and it is called the “Sea of ​​Green Fields”, but also has the title of “Magical Aquatic Sea”.

Since Ancient Times, almost none of the ships that strayed into this “Green Ocean” could return. In the Sailing Age, no one knew how many ships they have lost because they strayed into this peculiar Sea Area, they were entangled by Sargasso seaweed and because of the depletion of fresh drinking water and food, the people on these ships could not survive, so people call this sea area the “Ocean Graveyard.”

In the eyes of navigators, the Sargasso Sea is a Sea Desert and a Tomb of Ships. In this empty and dead sea, almost no edible fish can be caught. Turtles and occasional whales seem to be the only life living here, besides those single-celled algae.

The Sargasso Sea is described as a huge trap. Ships passing by this area will be trapped by the seaweed, and only the sailor’s bones and ship wreckage are left here. This sea area is one of the most famous mysterious areas and there are many legends and myths related to this Sea Area.

“There are so many treasures under the sea. It is difficult for others to salvage, but I can do it very easily.

But places like the Five Great Cemeteries are too far away. Currently, it is not practical to let the Green-Eyed Fishes explore and salvage these areas. I don’t need to go there for the time being, because our country also has many sunken ships along the coast, such as the Sea Silk Road(Trading Routes on the Sea in Ancient Times).”

Su Jing’s eyes became bright as he thought of the Sea Silk Road. Before, in the middle years of the Tang Dynasty, China’s main foreign channels were the Silk Road on land. Later, due to wars and the shift of economic gravity, the Silk Road on the sea replaced the Silk Road on land as the main channel for foreign trade exchanges.

The Song-Yuan period is an important carrier of human historical activities covering most of the earth and cultural and economic exchanges between the East and the West.

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the main bulk cargo carried by the sea channel was Silk, so later generations called these Sea Road connecting the East and the West as the Sea Silk Road. In the Song and Yuan dynasties, Porcelain exports gradually became the main goods, so it was also called “Road of Marine Pottery and Porcelain”.

On these routes, there are countless sunken ships, many of which are full of Porcelain. Salvaging them from the ocean is too difficult, so a large part of it still lies quietly on the bottom of the sea.

“I’ve decided, I will start the search from Silk Road on the sea. The closest point is not far from here.” Su Jing smiled and asked all the Green-Eyed Fish and King Cuttlefish to come and gather, and then gave orders and cooperated.

(To be continued ~^~)

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