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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 509 Insane

Chapter 509 Insane

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“Hehe, if you don’t believe me then why are you here?” A tall Middle-Aged man smiled and said, “Not long ago, Mr. Su’s Aphrodisiac Pill sold for 2.8 Million Yuan for a course of treatment. Later, it was sold out. Many people wanted to buy it but couldn’t buy it as there were none and the Effects were so good that the people who bought the Aphrodisiac Pill were all cured. With that being said, do you think he will beg you to buy his wine?”

“Really?” Everyone was skeptical.

“Believe it or not, but I’m speaking the truth. I will order the first bottle. If there is not enough wine then don’t you dare grab mine.” A Short and Fat Middle-Aged Man said and he is also one of the judges of “Good Chef China”. At first, he wanted to buy Aphrodisiac Pill, but because it was too expensive, he hesitated.

As a result, after the effects came out and he wanted to buy it again. Su Jing no longer had them as he had sold them all. Now, Su Jing is going to sell this Aphrodisiac Wine again. After he learned about it, he immediately became excited and he gained a bit of wisdom from Su Jing’s dishes.

In his mind, whatever Su Jing made would have the effects he said.

“Mr. Ma is the first one to order a bottle, and it’s indispensable. Don’t worry, the effects are absolutely good. You can try it later by yourself. If the effects are not good then don’t buy it.” He Jingdong laughed.

“That’s good, has Mr. Su arrived yet?” The Chubby Middle-Aged Man couldn’t wait.

“He is almost here,” He Jingdong said. At this time, the box door opened and Su Jing and Wei Xiaoxuan walked in. Su Jing held a small wine bottle in his hand.

“Hello everyone, let me do the introduction. This is my boss, Mr. Su.” As soon as Wei Xiaoxuan came in, she introduced everyone to Su Jing and after that, she began to introduce everyone ti Su Jing, “This is Boss Ma, this is Boss Zhao, this is… …”

“Hello, Boss Su.” Everyone shook hands with Su Jing and they were quite polite.

“Boss, you don’t need to be polite, let’s just sit down.” Su Jing smiled and Wei Xiaoxuan closed the box door.

“Boss Su, what you have in your hand is Aphrodisiac Wine? Why is there only so little?” The Middle-Aged Man with a big belly asked.

“Hehe, this bottle is for you to try. I have a lot more in my car. You all wanted to buy so I brought one with me for you to taste.” Su Jing laughed. Several people present were a little suspicious as this bottle is a small bottle and there would be no more than five taels of liquid in it, how can such a small amount be sold for One Million?

They have already decided to not buy it in their hearts, but as they are already here then and there is no harm in taking a drink.

“I’ll pour the wine for everyone.” Wei Xiaoxuan took the bottle and poured the wine for everyone with a smile on her face. Many people present were a little bit stunned and they immediately looked at her with lust-filled expressions. Seeing Wei Xiaoxuan pour the wine, they immediately smiled and their attitude was much better than before.

“Cheers everyone,” Su Jing said while raising his glass.

“Cheers.” After everyone touched the glass, they got close to the glass and smelled it. The Aroma of the Wine was very strong and they couldn’t help but took a sip out of it and their eyes lit up with joy.

“This is good wine.”

“It’s delicious.”

“Although it has a medicinal taste, it is quite delicious.”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. Regardless of the effects of the wine, the taste alone is enough to call it a good wine. Then, they felt a flow of heat spreading from their lower abdomen and their bodies became warm, and there was a reaction from below.

“The effect is so good?” Several people, including He Jingdong, the Short and Fat Middle-Aged Man, the Tall Middle-Aged Man, and others, who originally believed in Su Jing couldn’t help but feel happy and then couldn’t wait to dry the whole glass of wine in one sip.

Then, the heat continued to spread from their lower abdomen, and the reaction below them became more obvious. Several people couldn’t help but stare at Wei Xiaoxuan, and their reaction became even stronger.

They were pleasantly surprised to find that their ‘Thing’ had actually revived. Wei Xiaoxuan stood behind Su Jing and she still had a charming smile on her face, it was as if she hadn’t seen everyone looking at her.

“Xiaoxuan, you go out first.” Su Jing said and Wei Xiaoxuan was stunned, but then she gave a grateful look at Su Jing. She had seen the looks given to her by many men before and she had become accustomed to it, but it did not mean that she liked it.

“Then I’ll wait at the door, call me if something happens.” Wei Xiaoxuan walked out the door.

“Your secretary is really amazing.” The Middle-Aged Man with a big belly reluctantly watched Wei Xiaoxuan leave, and said with a smile on his face.

“She is my secretary, please respect me, Old Liu.” Su Jing said flatly.

“Oh, good, good.” Hearing Su Jing’s words, the Middle-Aged Man with a big belly didn’t dare to be presumptuous. Although his heart was itchy, he was also measured. Others also noticed Su Jing’s tone.

“Haha, the effect of this wine is really good, I have a reaction.”

“Hey, me too, all kinds of medicines were useless before and I really didn’t expect to drink a glass of wine and receive such good effects, it’s amazing.”

“Oh My God, the effect is so amazing, One Million is nothing, I’ll buy it.”

“Boss Su, I ordered a bottle early in the morning.”

Everyone was a little skeptical before, but now they are shocked by the effect of this Aphrodisiac Wine. One million is not a small sum for them, but it is worth it for their Sex Life. Of course, there are still a few people who are hesitating.

“Boss Su, can we try another drink?” A Middle-Aged asked.

“Yes, but you need to remember something. You can only drink up to two small cups at a time. If you drink too much, you will get a nosebleed.” Su Jing said while pouring them another cup and they drank the second cup.

They found that the effects had become more obvious and they felt as if they had become younger and gone back to the age of Twenty, everyone’s pants have set up a tent.

(To be continued ~^~)

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