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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 521 Lost?

Chapter 521 Lost?

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“Do you know how to play Go?” Luo Chong also walked over. Last time at the Flower Show Mannar, his uncle Luo Dangqing invited Su Jing to play Go but Su Jing said that he does not know how to play.

“Actually, I know a little bit.” Su Jing smiled.

“A little bit, the other party is a Professional, you don’t know how to live or die.” Luo Chong said funnily. This Round-Faced Youth became a Professional Chess Player last year, so it is estimated that he is still in the early stage or 2nd Dan, nine blocks behind his uncle.

However, a Professional is a Professional. It is very difficult for an amateur chess player to win against them, let alone a chess player who only knows a little bit.

“How would we know the results if we don’t play?” Su Jing didn’t care. Seeing that he didn’t listen, everyone didn’t say much. They just thought that this guy was so overwhelmed that he would suffer a disadvantage, and it would be okay to blow some of his confidence.

Su Jing and the Round-Faced Youth began to play and Qiu Yunjin quickly opened the Live Broadcast for Go players on the Round-Faced Youth’s phone. Because the rule is to play fast and a move cannot exceed five seconds, otherwise that move will be invalidated, so both of them played fast.

“This is so fast, are they playing without thinking?”

“Look at that, this Su Jing is playing so well.”

“It’s hard to see if he is playing better or not at the start, we’ll know how they played in a while. Some seemingly simple moves of professional Go Player actually have deep meaning. When these pieces play their role in the later game, they will become important pieces, and the opponent will not be able to react to it.”

“That must be it.”

Some onlookers whispered.

Murong Xian’er, Gu Yue, Luo Chong, and others who really knew Go did not speak. However, they were a little surprised, because Su Jing’s starting moves were not bad. At least, it looked as if he knew how to play.

“Huh?” The Round-Faced Youth showed a hint of surprise on his face. He didn’t expect that Su Jing would be able to show him some tricks, which was far beyond his expectation.

However, as a professional Go player, he still has some basic psychological qualities. Now that he is playing fast and he doesn’t have so much time to think about it. He calmed down quickly, and while pretending to attack, he began to make some arrangements.

After a while, the corners of the Round-Faced Youth’s mouth slightly twitched, thinking that he would win.

He felt that Su Jing should be just a rookie as his Offensive and Defensive plays seem to be good at first glance, but there are several carelessly played bad moves, and his offense and defense are basically staring at one place while the whole board is scattered, and it seems that he can’t take care of the overall situation.

He felt that it would not take long for him to start closing the game.

“Not good.” Gu Yue secretly said when he saw the game.

“What’s wrong, isn’t he doing a good job?” Gu Yun asked in a low voice.

“At first glance, the two are on the same level. Neither of them does a lot of thinking while playing but A’Jing’s pieces are messy and the opponent had clearly laid a trap while playing out. Once the situation opens, A’Jing will have difficulty parrying the attacks.” Gu Yue whispered, he Obviously knows a lot about Go.

“All of us told him not to challenge him.” Gu Yun and Li Xuan said anxiously. Yang Wei and Qin Xulan were also a little anxious. Even Murong Xian’er and Luo Chong frowned.

At this moment, the barrage of talk in the Broadcast Room also began to liven:

“This opponent is terrible.”

“He played everything in disorder, and I don’t even understand the basic layout.”

“His Go pieces can’t even be connected, one piece in the east and one in the west, what is he doing?.”

“The one in the upper left corner will be eaten by Teacher Feng in a short time.”

“This is boring, this guy doesn’t deserve to be Teacher Feng’s opponent at all.”

Qiu Yunjin didn’t know Go very well but watching the Round-Faced Youth’s face and hearing the discussion in the room, he couldn’t help but sneer and a smirk appeared on the corner of his mouth. This Su Jing made him feel ashamed, and now it is time for him to lose face.

“You lost.” With a confident smile on his face, the Round-Faced Youth made a move.

“You are a professional Go player, can you really decide if you win or lose before the game ends?” Su Jing said flatly and made a move.

“You just don’t realize the difference in our abilities.” The Round-Faced Youth snorted coldly, and many people also began to comment in the Broadcast Room also echoed.

“Actually, there is no need to play anymore. The overall situation has been determined, and the young man is determined to lose.”

“He still refuses to admit defeat. He is a rookie, he can’t even tell if he is getting defeated.”

“This is often the case. Many novices will not be able to see their wins or losses, and they will keep on going until the end and all they would gain are a few dozen points in the end. So, playing with the newcomers is sometimes troublesome.”

The Round-Faced Youth speeded up a bit and planned to quickly defeat Su Jing. However, his speed first went from slow to fast, and then from fast to slow gradually, and then sweat began to appear on his forehead, and he was shocked to his core.

What made him puzzled was that Su Jing’s Go moves which seemed to be out of the way and he had set the game to easily seal Su Jing’s pieces to death. But the result is that no matter how hard he tried to seal Su Jing’s pieces, it can’t be sealed, and the scattered Go pieces that seem to be unable to connect are actually connected at a critical juncture.

As he sealed the seal, the pieces connected, and the pieces he thought were the Pawn in the beginning played a huge role at a critical moment like a life-saving straw. Su Jing’s pawn actually survived.

(To be continued ~^~)

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