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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 525 Is He? Part 1

Chapter 525 Is He? Part 1

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“Xu Fang, the 6th Dan Go Player? Is it really him?”

“It’s him, I saw him many times on the Go channel.”

“I heard that although he is in the 6th Dan Go Player, his actual skill is definitely more than that.”

Everyone around the scene started talking at once. Professional Rank is not an absolute standard for judging someone’s Go Skills. Generally speaking, the higher the rank, the stronger their Go Skills, but there are some special circumstances.

Some people obviously have enough skill to be categorized as a Professional 9th ​​Dan Go Player, but they didn’t take the Dan Promotion Exam and stayed in the low Dan-Level.

Although some people are Professional 9th ​​Dan Go Players, their Go-Skills have dropped rapidly due to reasons such as being old or not participating in Professional competitions all the year-round.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see someone ii Low Dan beating someone in high Dan level. This Xu Fang belongs to the type with higher Go Skills than his current rank. He is a 6th Dan Professional Go Player, but he is probably not worse than any Professional 7th Dan Go Player.

“This Su Jing won’t be able win now, right?”

“It’s too much to invite a Professional 6th Dan Master.”

“Su Jing himself said that anyone can invite any Professional Player, he can only be blamed for his arrogance.”

“Hehe, he couldn’t have expected that someone could invite a Professional 6th Dan Master over here.”

Almost everyone on the scene thought that Su Jing would be defeated in the coming match. Although Su Jing was very strong and he had shown many skills before, but his previous opponents have been below Professional 4th Dan Go Player, and the older players have basically reached their upper limit or even regressed.

This Xu Fang is not only a Professional 6th Dan Go Player but he is also rapidly rising in Go Skills. His real skill level is higher than any Professional 6th Dan Master. In a few years, he may even reach at the top of the world. This level is not something that an amateur Go Player can be compared to.

It is also worth noting that many people are not accustomed to playing fast Go, so when playing against Su Jing, most of the Go Players failed to really show their real strength. But this Xu Fang likes to play fast Go, so the current rules of fast plays are more beneficial to him.

“Mr. Su, you said that I can invite anyone I like. Don’t regret it if you lose now.” Zheng Xiaoyun suppressed his complacency. He felt that he didn’t have to worry about losing with Xu Fang here as Xu Fang’s victory is guaranteed in his eyes. He just worries that Su Jing would go back on his words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my promise.” Su Jing still has an indifferent expression on his face, making Zheng Xiaoyun and everyone around him a little suspicious, they really couldn’t figure out if this Su Jing was really that confident or if he doesn’t know the terrible skill level of a Professional 6th Dan Go Player.

“Hmph hmph, this kid is still pretending, he will be crying later.” Qiu Yunjin and the Round-Faced Youth had a sneer at the corners of their mouths. Qiu Yunjin rubbed his aching arms as he continued to hold his mobile phone for the live broadcast.

Their embarrassment form before and their work would be fine as long as everyone sees Su Jing being embarrassed.

“A’Jing, are you really going to play even now?” Gu Yun asked.

“This guy is Xu Fang, he is a Professional 6th Dan Go Player, Zheng Xiaoyun is simply bullying by inviting this guy to deal with an amateur.” Li Xuan was indignant.

“It’s too late to regret now.” Yang Wei said helplessly. Based on her understanding of Su Jing, she knew that Su Jing would not take back his words.

“Brother Jing, come on, you can win this.” Qin Xulan supported him unconditionally.

“A’Jing, what are your chances of winning this game?” Gu Yue asked, and Murong Xian’er also looked at Su Jing.

“I can’t tell that as I still haven’t seen him play. But I do know that I will try my best,” Su Jing said.

“Hello.” Xu Fang sat opposite Su Jing and said lightly.

“Hello.” Su Jing nodded.

The two didn’t say much to each other and started to play. In this round, Xu Fang took the lead. It is obvious that Xu Fang did not despise or belittle Su Jing as he started his first move with a steady play, and one can see from his demeanor that his Go Skills are profound.

Su Jing’s playing style changed drastically. Although some of his moves were still a bit slanted, he played steadily and moved his pieces according to some pattern as a whole. It was just some opening plates but the many Professional Go Players present were secretly shocked.

They knew that Su Jing had played weirdly before, and they could not understand his opening moves against them no matter how hard they tried. After watching Su Jing’s opening moves against Xu Feng, they have now realized that Su Jing did not take them seriously and he definatly did not play at his full strength.

Indeed, Su Jing deliberately hid his true strength and Go Skills before, but his current opponent was a Professional 6th Dan Master. Su Jing had never played against a master of this level and this guy was invited here by Zheng Xiaoyun, so he didn’t dare to be careless, or else he would lose.

If he lost then the trap he had laid for Zheng Xiaoyun would become meaningless and all of his time would be wasted. If he lost then not only would he fail to get Tao Zhong’s help, but he would also lose 10 Million Yuan and that would allow Shi Qing to bite his head down.

Outside the crowd, Luo Chong was still taking: “Uncle, he really won against a number of Professional Go Players. Among them was one Professional 4th Dan Go Player. He is now playing against Xu Fang who is a 6th Dan Go Player.

He said that he could not play Go when we first met. He was pretending. There is no way that an Amature Go Player can be that good so don’t underestimate him.”

“Who said I underestimate Amateurs? They say that the expert who cracked The Lüneburg Variation some time ago should also be an amateur. If Su Jing can really win against a Professional 4th Dan Go Player then the results should be no different even if I play against him. But it’s not right to bet using Go so I won’t be joining in this fun. You turn on the video chat and let me see how they play. That Xu Fang is a 6th Dan Go Player and he is also a rival of mine.” Luo Dangqing said.

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