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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 529 Stand Part 1

Chapter 529 Stand Part 1

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Looking back carefully, it seems that since she started to associate with Su Jing, her physical fitness has become better and better, her movements have become more and more coordinated, and her response has become more and more flexible.

She didn’t pay much attention to it before as there was no need for it but now that she is learning all kinds of fancy Martial Arts Movements, she feels that her own body is not what it used to be. She doesn’t know what the reason for this change is, but she can guess that it must be related to Su Jing.

“Shi Qing, you go take a rest first, there’s still some time before we have to shoot your next scene.” The Bearded Director was very polite towards her and that made many actors look at Shi Qing with more suspicious.

They all know that this Bearded Director has a bad temper. Generally, even if they shoot well, he would barely pass them at his best and he definitely won’t be so polite because of this. But it seems that the director was very polite to Shi Qing from the beginning.

“Okay.” Shi Qing sat on the corner chair and a Border Collie ran up to her from a distance while swaying his tail, Shi Qing smiled and touched the Border Collie’s head and she let it sit beside her.

A Young Man with glasses poured her a drink, and a delicate girl wiped her sweat. These were two agents arranged by Wang Siya for her and they can be counted as her entourage. Shi Qing is not accustomed to other people’s services so she just smiles and said no and proceeds to take the towel, and washed her face with water.

“Shi Qing, are you a Martial Arts Major?”

“Why is the Director is so polite to you, I was scolded to death by him just now because I messed up a scene.”

“Why did you just wash your face like this, won’t your mess up your makeup?”

Several Actresses were sitting around Shi Qing and began yo question her, they were envious of Shi Qing because her actions were beautiful, and the Director respected her so much.

They got even more jealous especially after seeing Shi Qing wash her face with water and they realized that Shi Qing had a very light Make-Up on her face. They realized that Shi Qing has such a flawless face without any makeup at all.

Shi Qing became a little dumbfounded hearing so many questions and answered them one by one. Of course, she answered some questions evasive and gave murky answers.

“Shi Qing, I heard that you won’t even hold hands and won’t do any intimate scenes? The Audience can barely understand any Romantic scenes without kissing and it would work if only barely but how do you plan to develop in the future if you don’t even want to hold hands in the scenes?” A woman who talked well with Shi Qing asked her.

She is Lin Shiyu, the Main-Heroine of “Sword Immortal”. She looks pretty good. She wore a long Ancient Classical Dress and showed the temperament of a Classical Beauty.

However, she has thick makeup on her face and a normal figure which is supported by her beautiful clothes and she was nothing compared to Shi Qing in the looks department.

“My boyfriend is very possessive of me and even I can’t stand contact with other men.” Shi Qing smiled as she spoke.

“Filming and Reality are two different things. He is too hard on you, right? You are too, too obedient, right? I think you should focus on your Acting Carrier first and then you can care about your boyfriend. At most he would get angry and then he will get used to it soon.” Lin Shiyu smiled.

“For me, he is a thousand times more important than filming.” Shi Qing pursed her mouth and smiled.

“Oh, it’s so sweet.” Lin Shiyu teased and stopped persuading Shi Qing after seeing Shi Qing attitude.

The Actresses sitting around them couldn’t help thinking about the boy who is so lucky, for him to be favored by such a peerless beauty, and she is also so obedient to him. Some of the Actors who were standing there had their heart sink. This big beauty really has a boyfriend. Which pig has taken such good cabbage?

At this moment, a Porsche and a BMW drove over and parked in an open space not far away. Su Jing, Qin Xulan, and Zhou Lan got out of the car. Shi Qing was surprised when she saw Su Jing and smiled brightly at him. The Bright Smile of the Ephemeral Beauty made many girls look at the direction she is smiling at.

Everyone couldn’t help but follow Shi Qing’s gaze and they looked at Su Jing. They thought that he was her boyfriend, who was over 1.8 meters tall, well-proportioned, and well-built, and he looked handsome with piercing eyes.

“Woof Woof” The Border Collie next to Shi Qing suddenly stood up and quickly ran toward Su Jing, wagging his tail. This is A’San, Shi Qing’s favorite Dog, who is more familiar with Shi Qing. Of course, its first owner is still Su Jing.

“How is your Mistress?” Su Jing smiled and touched A’San’s head.

“Woof Woof.” A’San ran to Shi Qing and Su Jing followed, Qin Xulan and Zhou Lan naturally followed behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Shi Qing stood up to greet him, and then straightened Su Jing’s crooked collar.

“I came here to pick you up, did you finish your shooting scene?” Su Jing said.

“It would take a little longer.” Shi Qing said.

“Sister Siya didn’t come?” Su Jing asked.

“Sister Siya came with me and left. Do you think she is so free to remain here with me?” Shi Qing gave Su Jing a white look. The reason why the Bearded Director was so polite to Shi Qing was actually because Wang Siya had personally come here with Shi Qing.

“Hello, Sister-In-Law.” Qin Xulan grinned.

“Hello.” Shi Qing smiled slightly. Qin Xulan had been to Su Jing’s house several times, and she recognized him.

When Zhou Lan saw Shi Qing, she was even more shocked and even a little ashamed. She was very envious of Shi Qing’s beauty. She slightly glanced at Su Jing and realized why he was so calm when facing Murong Xian’er. It turns out that his girlfriend is not any inferior to Murong Xian’er at all.

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