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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 539 Shock Part 1

Chapter 539 Shock Part 1

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Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, Wang Zhuo, Wang Siya, Kong Lingming, and other people present here could hardly believe their eyes. Did Su Jing really just defeated 30 Soldiers of the Special Forces? 30 Soldiers of Special Forces were beaten down? Moreover, it only took him five minutes?

Everyone waited and looked at Su Jing as if they were looking at a monster. Even Wang Zhuo and Wang Siya, who are familiar with Su Jing, feel that Su Jing is extremely strange at this moment. All this is too unreal for them to believe it.

“Who… who are you?” Wang Jun said in disbelief. He knew that there are some real Martial Arts Masters in this world, but one would be counted as strong if they could take out a few special forces soldiers. But what in god’s name happened just now?

“I just have a stronger physical constitution.” Su Jing didn’t want to expose his ability, but in order to save Wang Xuanji and in order for them to cooperate with him, Su Jing had to expose a little of his abilities. If he can save Wang Xuanji, it will be worth it.

“What just happened?” Wang Jun asked Yang Xiao and others.

“This guy is simply not a human.” Everyone looked at Su Jing and they were still looking at Su Jing as if they were looking at a monster in the human body. They briefly talked about the situation that had happened just now.

In short, Su Jing easily defeated them. However, one thing they realized was that when besieging a person, there are only four or five people who can really contribute at the same time. So strictly speaking, it is not so exaggerated as Su Jing fighting 30 guys at the same time but Su Jing’s strength is simply abnormal and monstrous.

Su Jing had defeated them and that is a fact that can not be changed right now. Many of them couldn’t even touch Su Jing with their attacks much less hurt him in any way. Several of them punched at Su Jing a few times, but they seemed to be hitting an iron wall, and they hurt their hands instead of hurting Su Jing.

At this time, Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, Wang Zhuo, Wang Siya, and others had to reconsider Su Jing’s words. Before, they felt that Su Jing was being arrogant, but now they discovered that Su Jing seems to have the capital to say those words.

“Tell me, how do you plan to search, how can we help?” Wang Jun asked.

“It’s very simple, I only have one request, that is, my pets and I will have unimpeded movement throughout Zhongyun City. I don’t want the Police to take my pets as dangerous lifeforms and attack them.” Su Jing said.

“Just this request?” Wang Jun was taken aback.

“Another point is that each of my pets will be accompanied by a soldier. If you find any smell, don’t act rashly and notify me as soon as possible. If your other search organizations find information, they should also tell me as soon as possible.” Su Jing spoke something as if he did not dod it then everyone will become suspicious.

“I can promise that.” Wang Jun nodded. Even if he finds his father’s location and wants to rescue him, it would not be that easy. Their opponents are strong and they have a hostage in their hands. How could it be easy to just breakthrough to save someone? Su Jing’s skills are undoubtedly a great help at this time.

However, Wang Jun didn’t want to give Su Jing full power for the time being, and he would also act if given the choice. Su Jing also saw Wang Jun’s thoughts, but he didn’t care, as long as he knew the location of Wang Xuanji for the first time, he would be able to do it by himself, they wouldn’t have any chance to do it.

“Wait a minute, I’ll bring my pets here and I will directly go to the place where the accident happened.” Su Jing said while pointing to the location on the photo.

“Okay.” Wang Jun nodded.

Su Jing went home and it didn’t take long before he drove the truck to the location of the incident. The road was completely blocked. There were no outsiders except for Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, and others.

The truck door opened, and huge mighty Dogs jumped out of the truck one after another. Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, Kong Lingming, Yang Xiao, and others secretly admired them.

Finally, a huge white figure jumped down, and everyone including Wang Siya and Wang Zhuo took in a cold breath. That huge figure was a giant wolf, about 1.8 Meters Tall, with shiny hair, and a king-like demeanor. It looked powerful and has a shocking appearance.

Even Yang Xiao and others couldn’t help but feel palpitation and cold sweat on their back as they looked at the creature in front of him.

Wang Jun and others finally understood why Su Jing insisted that he had the freedom to move unimpeded in the entire Zhongyun City and the police would not qualify his pets as a dangerous lifeform. If such a Giant Wolf appeared in front of the police station, they would definitely regard it as a dangerous lifeform.

“Why is it so big?” Wang Siya gaped. She and Wang Zhuo had been to Su Jing’s house many times, but every time there were outsiders, Su Jing would not let the Battle Wolf come out, so they had never seen it either.

“Why did you bring it here?” Wang Jun couldn’t help but ask. If this was a normal time, he would have become curious and he would have asked about the Wolf and where did Su Jing get it from, what kind of Wolf is it, and why is it so huge.

However, at this moment, he was not in that mood, he only cared about whether his father could be saved.

“His sense of smell is more than ten times that of my own Dogs.” Su Jing said, and everyone was surprised again. Su Jing’s Dogs have more than five times smell searching capacity than that of ordinary Dogs.

This “More then” means that it is only a conservative estimate, and it is definitely more than that. Five times is already very good. And this Giant Wolf is actually more than ten times sensitive than these Dogs, is this really true?

“Brother Jun, is there anything that smells like Uncle’s body?” Su Jing asked.

“This is the clothes he deliberately left behind when he was attacked last night, and these are the things left by the Kidnappers.” Wang Jun took out a lot of things from the car. Obviously, he had long thought that the Dogs would need something with a smell. He just didn’t expect it to be used on wolves.

Su Jing let the Battle Wolf and the Dogs smell the cloth and other things. After the Battle Wolf smelled it, he sniffed around and screamed at Su Jing. Su Jing’s eyes lit up, and he pointed to the west, and said: “My Battle Wolf smelled something similar to Uncle’s and Kidnappers in the air, they went in that direction.”

“There is still some smell in the air?” Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, Wang Zhuo, and Wang Siya’s eyes brightened and they were shocked at the same time.

One must know that after the incident last night, they brought a police dog to try to track it, but the caretaken spoke that other smells were too strong, and the needed smell is too weak to be traced. Now after a long time, Su Jing’s Battle Wolf can still smell the Kidnappers and their Father. What kind of nose is this?

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