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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 545 Change

Chapter 545 Change

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“Brother Jing, what kind of fruit is this?” Liu Qing swallowed his saliva before asking.

“It’s just some crooked fruits.” Su Jing didn’t seem to see Liu Qing’s gluttony. He put the Snake Scale Papaya in the fresh-keeping bag and prepared to put it in the refrigerator. It is not yet clear as to what effects this Snake Scale Papaya has so Su Jing will not give it to Liu Qing casually.

“Brother Jing, can you let me eat a piece?” Liu Qing didn’t believe it was some crooked fruit.

“Are you sure you want to eat it?” Su Jing smiled.

“Yes.” Liu Qing swallowed his saliva again. He and Su Jing have known each other for a long time. He feels that Su Jing is very generous in other places except for his pets as he is not willing to give them away anymore.

Seeing that Su Jing doesn’t want him to eat this piece of fruit then it must be something incredible and it could even be a miraculous fruit.

“Let me tell you something first, this is a fruit that I newly cultivated. I don’t know the effect or whether you will have diarrhea after eating it or if you contract something worse. Don’t blame me for adverse reactions.” Su Jing hesitated for a while before speaking his mind.

“No blame, I won’t blame you no matter what happens.” Liu Qing thought to himself, diarrhea, do you really want to scare me with that, am I so easily deceived?

“Okay, you can taste it.” Su Jing thought about the amount a mouse had eaten and he fig figured out the ratio of Liu Qing to the mouse’s body, he cut a piece and handed it to Liu Qing. He should be fine with this amount. He can look at Liu Qing’s reaction and let him be the first physical test subject.

After Liu Qing took the Snake Scale Papaya, he couldn’t wait to eat it, the more he bit, the more sweet and delicious it got and he couldn’t help but smile, thinking that this fruit with no name is so delicious then it must be a treasure.

Lin Qing thought that after eating this fruit, he may become as strong as Brother Jing. He can even become a hero but he wasn’t too greedy. It would be nice if he had half the strength of Brother Jing. Liu Qing was not greedy in any aspect as after eating one piece, he was satisfied and didn’t ask for more.

Next, Su Jing taught Liu Qing some pet training skills, especially dog training skills. Su Jing often talks directly with his Dogs and it can be said that he understands all the habits of Dogs and is an expert more knowledgeable then professional dog trainers.

Liu Qing listened attentively, with gusto, and took out a pen and paper, taking notes while listening.

Su Jing also demonstrated with the cub carried here by Liu Qing, explaining and training the cub to do a series of actions, making Liu Qing admire Su Jing even more. Su Jing is indeed a Taming Grandmaster.

Liu Qing didn’t dare to disturb Su Jing for too much time. After writing down a lot of things, he left. He couldn’t help blowing a whistle as he drove on the road. This time, he came to Su Jing’s house, and not only did he get to eat a magical fruit, but he also learned many things about taming an animal. It was really worth it, haha…

On this day, everything was calm.

The next morning, after Liu Qing got up, he brushed his teeth and washed his face as always, but for some reason, he was a little irritable.

“Little Qing, come down for breakfast.” A woman’s voice sounded.

“I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat.” Liu Qing shouted.

“Eat it even if you are not hungry, skipping breakfast is bad for your health.”

“I already said that I am not hungry so I don’t want to eat, why do people like to tell me things, do you think that I would do something just because you tell me to, you are not my Wife.” Liu Qing is inexplicably irritable.

“People?” A Middle-Aged Woman walked to the door with a dazed expression on her face and then she gave a grin.

“Um…” Liu Qing also noticed his own words, and couldn’t help feeling depressed. What is happening to him? He used to hate the kind of idiot who was a man but wanted to talk about his family, but now he actually said it, this is shameful.

Liu Qing suppressed his irritability in his heart. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he went to the kitchen and had breakfast. Liu Qing’s grandfather, Liu Hong was already eating there. Liu Qing’s mother gave Liu Qing the fried eggs, vegetables, and more vegetables, Liu Qing’s father is dead so, now there are only three in the family.

“Where did you go yesterday? I heard that you were not in the office this morning.” Liu Hong said.

“I went to Brother Jing’s house.” Liu Qing replied.

“It’s a good thing to get close to Su Jing.” Liu Hong rarely criticized him. He knew Wang Zhuo’s relationship with Su Jing. It’s a good thing to get closer to Su Jing. In the future, if he is gone, his grandchildren will have someone behind him.

“Don’t run around all today. There are still a lot of things we need to deal with in the company. You also have to deal with many things. The things I teach you should be learned and used.” Liu Hong continued to teach.

“Yeah.” Liu Qing nodded.

“Also, you should read more books, don’t fool around after work…” Liu Hong continued.

“Grandpa, can you not tell me to do that exact thing every day.” Liu Qing suddenly dropped his chopsticks, and then he actually cried. Yes, Liu Qing has always been arrogant, but Liu Qing, who can still smile while being beaten and scolded by his grandfather and father, actually cried like this, crying like an aggrieved little wife.

Both Liu Hong and Liu Qing’s mother looked stunned and dumbfounded and had a weird expression on their faces. Liu Hong didn’t dare to say anymore. His thick-skinned grandson actually cried like rain. How much wronged was he feeling?

“Little Qing, are you okay? Where are you wronged?” Liu Qing’s mother asked softly.

“I didn’t feel wronged.” Liu Qing sobbed.

“Then what are you crying for?” Liu Qing’s mother asked in confusion.

“I…I don’t know.” Liu Qing recovered, but also couldn’t figure it out, why was he crying? Damn, how come he cry like a sissy? Liu Qing suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Liu Hong and Liu Qing’s mother thought that he was in a bad mood, so she didn’t say much.

After eating breakfast, Liu Qing entered the bathroom, washed his face with cold water, and cursed himself in front of the mirror, blaming himself for crying in front of his mother and Grandfather. Then, his tears flowed down uncontrollably, and he again scolded himself and cried.

“What in the god’s name is happening to me?” Liu Qing was going crazy. At this moment, he was stunned again and his gaze fell on his chest in the mirror and he lifted his clothes.

Then, he became dumbfounded. He was originally thin and although he didn’t do much for his fitness, he often ran around, so he was in good shape and had some pectoral muscles. However, at this moment, his two breasts were raised a little bit like a girl’s, it was as if he was a girl who had just begun to develop.

Liu Qing’s mind descended into chaos, he rubbed his eyes but he looked the same as before, shaking his hands, he put a hand on his chest and found that it was actually soft! It’s actually soft!

Liu Qing’s complexion suddenly turned pale and he quickly opened his pants and took a look before he was finally relieved, the main structure of his brother did not change, which is the only blessing in this misfortune.

“What the hell is going on?” Liu Qing wanted to cry and he began to feel panic. His mind was swiftly moving, and suddenly some inspiration flashed through his mind. He thought about the magical fruit he ate at Su Jing’s house yesterday and he suddenly became like this. Apart from that fruit, he couldn’t think of any other possibilities.

“Son of a Bitch, I thought I got to eat a treasure yesterday. I thought that it was a magical fruit and I was so happy to eat it, but why did I become like this instead of becoming stronger like Brother Jing? Sure enough, it is all in fairy tales. You lied, Brother Jing, what kind of misfortune did you nurture?” Liu Qing cried again.

Liu Qing quickly took out his cell phone and called Su Jing.

(To be continued ~^~)

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