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Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 560 Collapsing

Chapter 560 Collapsing

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They seem to be drunk, but they didn’t drink alcohol. Whereas, Su Jing was really drunk. Could it be that they were wrong in the past? Did the Drunken Master Martial Arts actually require someone to be drunk? Isn’t this way to Awesome?

“What shit the Drunken Master Martial Arts, you are just showing off some mystery, Zuo Xian will hit him and he will fall on the ground.” Jin Chixu sneered. In his opinion, this kind of vain and unstable footsteps are not worth mentioning as they are full of flaws.

“This is boring, I don’t want to play anymore.” At this moment, Su Jing whispered and then he took the initiative for the first time. His action was awkward and his figure was swaying, he looked like a drunk uncle stretching himself out.

However, his random movements happened to hit the soft flesh of Zuo Xian’s elbow joint and his left leg pressed behind Zuo Xian’s right leg, and his shoulder hit Zuo Xian’s chest.

With a “Bang”, Zuo Xian flew out like a grasshopper hitting a high-speed spinning top, landing on the ground three meters away, clutching his chest and screaming on the ground. He tried to get up by rolling around but he couldn’t get up anymore.

“Won, he really won even when he was drunk.”

“Damn, this is awesome.”

“I didn’t see it wrong did I? This must be the legendary Drunken Master Martial Arts.”

The Limit Dojo members such as Huo Feiyun and Cai Wufeng were all excited. The expressions on the faces of Jin Chixu and other Koreans were not very good-looking. They came to the stage and kicked Zuo Xian who was lying on the ground, before dragging him back.

“I will fight you.” Jin Chixu stood on the ring and shouted.

“Brother Xu, so handsome.”

“Brother Xu, beat him to death.”

“A drunkard dares to provoke Brother Xu, he is reckless.”

“What shit Drunken Master, how can it be compared to Taekwondo.”

Several Korean females were shouting enthusiastically while staring at Jin Chixu’s eyes.

“After winning against him, who of you wants to go to lunch with me.” Jin Chixu smiled openly and asked.

“Ah, I do.”

“I do. I do.”

Several girls screamed excitedly, and it looked like they were about to fight.

“Then, we will go together, you guys wait for a little.” Jin Chixu laughed.

“This bastard, I really can’t stand him.” Ji Xiaoting curled his lips as he spoke.

“But those girls still like him.” Huo Feiyun gritted his teeth and spoke with hatred in his voice.

“These girls treat these Korean fighters as if they were their parents.” Cai Wufeng shook his head helplessly.

Both Wang Siya and Dong Xun shook their heads. It’s not a big deal for girls to like Korean stars, but they like to forget their own country and ethnicity and stand on the side of Koreans. That’s too unacceptable to treat Korean as if they were their parents. Can’t you even think about who raised you?

“Can we start?” Jin Chixu looked at Su Jing coldly, as if it was not him but Su Jing who had wasted time just now.

“Yes.” Su Jing nodded faintly, drunk and bewildered, his body swayed, leaning to the left, and staggering two steps before standing still. Wang Siya, Cai Wufeng, and others couldn’t help but look worried.

Although Su Jing did win against Zuo Xian just now, everyone still felt unreliable looking at his unstable standing. What’s more, Jin Chixu is much stronger than Zuo Xian.

The Koreans and a few Korean females and Chinese females shouted again. Zuo Xian also barely stood up, but he still frowned, he clutched his chest and his expression was full of pain, he squinted his eyes at the ring and said nothing.

“Haa.” Jin Chixu suddenly yelled and stepped forward. His small steps were so fast that one couldn’t see it clearly. He saw Su Jing’s center of gravity, and suddenly his right foot shot out like a poisonous tongue as he kicked towards Su Jing.

This action, in Taekwondo, is a basic action, but the basic action can sometimes erupt a fatal threat. Jin Chixu’s kick is so fast that most people will have no time to dodge.

However, Su Jing shook his body and slightly deflected his neck to avoid the attack. At the same time, he slapped Jin Chixu’s legs in mid-air, like swatting a fly, but Jin Chixu suddenly lost his center of gravity from that light slap and he hurriedly retracted his leg.

However, Su Jing’s footsteps flickered again, and before Jin Chixu’s leg could retract, Su Jing’s figure closed in on him. The expression on Jin Chixu’s face changed slightly, and he punched Su Jing in the chest. Taekwondo’s most powerful thing is their leg skills, but Jin Chixu’s hands are not weak.

Su Jing raised his left hand and clicked on Jin Chixu’s elbow. With just one finger, he restrained Jin Chixu’s punch. At the same time, he made an uppercut with his right hand, hitting Jin Chixu’s chin hard, Jin Chixu only felt his brain buzz and his body suddenly flew upside down.

At the same time, Su Jing’s right leg has been raised, and the sole of his foot is facing the sky. He stands on a standard horse pose and then slams it down.

With a loud “Bang”, his heel hit Jin Chixu’s chest, and Jin Chixu’s figure slammed into the ring like a heavy hammer, he curled up and opened his mouth and vomited out, his eyes turned white, and he fell into a semi-coma.

The audience suddenly became quiet and a pin drop silence greeted the surroundings.

The battle ended too quickly, and everyone was a little confused.

Before they started, Huo Hongyang, Cai Wufeng, and others were still worried about Su Jing. After all, Jin Chixu is much better than Zuo Xian. Even if Huo Feiyun and Ji Xiaoting are more optimistic and thought that even though Su Jing might win, but the battle will be fierce and he will probably be injured.

The Korean Fighters and Korean females naturally had absolute confidence in Jin Chixu, and they had thought that he would definitely win. The only thing that would matter is how long it would take to fight the drunkard on the opposite side and how bad the drunkard would lose.

They are already waiting for a good show. After all, Zuo Xian has just personally experienced the power of “Drunken Master Martial Arts”, and he is already afraid, but he doesn’t think Su Jing can win against Jin Chixu.

No one on the scene expected that in just one round, Su Jing defeated Jin Chixu, completely.

(To be continued ~^~)

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