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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel)





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Sherlock is a new generation Dungeon Lord whose ambition is to become the greatest Devil King and building up the greatest Dungeon in the Underworld.

He summons a group of other-worldly goblins who give themselves strange names, form cliques, engage in commerce, and even fight among themselves.

They call themselves—Gamers!

438 • 2019-10-06 12:49:37


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 508: The Second Faction War Battle Campaign2020-04-23
Chapter 507: Test of Friendship2020-04-23
Chapter 506: All for the Godly Kingdom!2020-04-22
Chapter 505: Sherlock’s Monopoly Plan2020-04-22
Chapter 504: Flee, General Shidan!2020-04-22
Chapter 503: Meeting for an Unresolved Problem2020-04-22
Chapter 502: Fire Giant’s Question2020-04-21
Chapter 501: Sherlock’s Student Life2020-04-21
Chapter 500: Attack by Victoria City2020-04-20
Chapter 499: Sir George’s Chivalry2020-04-20
Chapter 498: Golden-haired George’s Experience2020-04-19
Chapter 497: Goal: Golden-haired George2020-04-19
Chapter 496: Brave George2020-04-18
Chapter 495: Golden-haired George’s Intelligence2020-04-18
Chapter 494: I Want to See Eggface2020-04-17
Chapter 493: Calling for Tour Guides2020-04-17
Chapter 492: Build Up2020-04-16
Chapter 491: Intelligence on Victorians2020-04-16
Chapter 490: Invasion of the Underworld2020-04-16
Chapter 489: Friendly People2020-04-16
Chapter 488: Arriving at Victoria City2020-04-16
Chapter 487: Dilemma2020-04-16
Chapter 486: Normal Updates After Being Discharged Tomorrow2020-04-16
Chapter 485: Request for Suggestions of Son’s Name2020-04-16
Chapter 484: Victoria City’s Secret Weapon2020-04-16
Chapter 483: Conquest of Crossroad Intersection Outpost2020-04-16
Chapter 482: Version 0.39 Update Log2020-04-12
Chapter 481: Righteous Battle2020-04-12
Chapter 480: Sherlock’s Plan2020-04-11
Chapter 479: Prisoner2020-04-11
Chapter 478: Escape2020-04-11
Chapter 477: Commercial Collaboration2020-04-10
Chapter 476: Victoria City Is Cool2020-04-09
Chapter 475: I Want to Join You2020-04-09
Chapter 474: Start of Battle2020-04-08
Chapter 473: Rescue Team2020-04-08
Chapter 472: These People Are Crazy!2020-04-08
Chapter 471: Escape2020-04-08
Chapter 470: Decline2020-04-07
Chapter 469: Stronghold in Unknown Forest2020-04-07
Chapter 468: Version 0.39 Update Log2020-04-06
Chapter 467: Cafe2020-04-06
Chapter 466: Yggdrasill and Dragonborn2020-04-05
Chapter 465: The Power of Rich Gamers2020-04-05
Chapter 464: Siege2020-04-04
Chapter 463:2020-04-04
Chapter 462: Informant2020-04-03
Chapter 461: Delivery Runs2020-04-03
Chapter 460: Lilo’s Help2020-04-02
Chapter 459: Fox2020-04-02
Chapter 458: The King and the Empire2020-04-01
Chapter 457: Death of Sludge Monster2020-04-01
Chapter 456: Sherlock’s Action2020-04-01
Chapter 455: Dragonborn’s Experiment2020-04-01
Chapter 454: The Succubus’ Action2020-03-31
Chapter 453: Young Wyvern2020-03-31
Chapter 452: Polio’s Request for Help2020-03-30
Chapter 451: Battle During Capture of the Wyvern2020-03-30
Chapter 450: Second Watch2020-03-29
Chapter 449: Frangipani’s Plan2020-03-29
Chapter 448: Second Watch2020-03-28
Chapter 447: Late Reinforcements2020-03-28
Chapter 446: Gamers’ Counterattack2020-03-27
Chapter 445: Brainiac’s Fury2020-03-27
Chapter 444: Courtyard Battle2020-03-26
Chapter 443: Start of Battle2020-03-26
Chapter 442: Stop Fantasizing, the Battle Is Starting!2020-03-26
Chapter 441: Attack! Specter College2020-03-26
Chapter 440: The Principal Was Arrested2020-03-25
Chapter 439: Appearance of Wyvern2020-03-25
Chapter 438: Returning to Specter College2020-03-24
Chapter 437: Fantasy-scape2020-03-24
Chapter 436: Professor Bacon’s Leads2020-03-23
Chapter 435: Arrest Warrant2020-03-23
Chapter 434: Heavy Tangerine2020-03-22
Chapter 433: Master Sleuth Sherlock2020-03-22
Chapter 432: Professor Bacon’s Request Letter for Help2020-03-21
Chapter 431: Fanciful Battle2020-03-21
Chapter 430: Wounded NPC?2020-03-20
Chapter 429: Coronation! Queen of Victoria City!2020-03-20
Chapter 428: Sherlock’s New Idea2020-03-19
Chapter 427: It Was Picked Up2020-03-19
Chapter 426: Phoenix2020-03-18
Chapter 425: Sherlock’s Arrangement2020-03-18
Chapter 424: Cherry’s Fluid2020-03-18
Chapter 423: We Arrived2020-03-18
Chapter 422: Battle With the Fire Giant2020-03-17
Chapter 421: Third Watch2020-03-17
Chapter 420: Fire Giant2020-03-16
Chapter 419: Obvious Speculation2020-03-16
Chapter 418: Cherry’s Speculation2020-03-15
Chapter 417: The Plan of the Duke of York2020-03-15
Chapter 416: The Plot Depends on the Gamers2020-03-14
Chapter 415: Version 0.38 Update Log2020-03-14
Chapter 414: Prepare for the Meeting2020-03-13
Chapter 413: The Exploratory Tour of the Black Volcano2020-03-13
Chapter 412: Sudden Change of Plot2020-03-12
Chapter 411: What Are You Doing Here?2020-03-12
Chapter 410: It’s Big News2020-03-11
Chapter 409: Hoodlum Is Over There!2020-03-11