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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel)





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Sherlock is a new generation Dungeon Lord whose ambition is to become the greatest Devil King and building up the greatest Dungeon in the Underworld.

He summons a group of other-worldly goblins who give themselves strange names, form cliques, engage in commerce, and even fight among themselves.

They call themselves—Gamers!

185 • 2019-10-06 12:49:37


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 304: Sherlock’s Plan2020-01-25
Chapter 303: Compensation2020-01-25
Chapter 302: Because of This2020-01-25
Chapter 301: Grandson!2020-01-24
Chapter 300: Damage Inflicted by the Gamers2020-01-23
Chapter 299: Battle Begins2020-01-23
Chapter 298: Devil King of Fury2020-01-22
Chapter 297: A Human2020-01-22
Chapter 296: Drained Dungeon Core2020-01-22
Chapter 295: Statue2020-01-22
Chapter 294: Ready to Save the World2020-01-21
Chapter 293: Lilo’s Trust2020-01-21
Chapter 292: Hidden Conspiracy2020-01-20
Chapter 291: How Was Sherlock?2020-01-20
Chapter 290: Seeking Help From Lilo2020-01-19
Chapter 289: Eggface’s Mission2020-01-19
Chapter 288: Vanishing Dungeon Lord Overseer2020-01-18
Chapter 287: Sherlock’s Trust2020-01-18
Chapter 286: Accede to All Requests2020-01-17
Chapter 285: It’s a Conspiracy2020-01-17
Chapter 284: Counterattack2020-01-16
Chapter 283: Release the War Cries2020-01-16
Chapter 282: Ogres’ Counterattack2020-01-15
Chapter 281: Archaeology2020-01-15
Chapter 280: Addicted to Games2020-01-15
Chapter 279: Full Retreat2020-01-15
Chapter 278: Humiliation2020-01-14
Chapter 277: Protecting Love and Peace2020-01-14
Chapter 276: Pathetic2020-01-13
Chapter 275: The Non-Existing Intelligence Organization’s Mission2020-01-13
Chapter 274: He Revived in Eternal Kingdom2020-01-12
Chapter 273: NotWearingPants Report on the Enemy2020-01-12
Chapter 272: Goblin Grand Priest2020-01-11
Chapter 271: Are These Your Reinforcements?2020-01-11
Chapter 270: Gamers’ Journey2020-01-10
Chapter 269: Self-Developed Plot2020-01-10
Chapter 268: The Warm-Hearted Lord Sherlock2020-01-09
Chapter 267: Warriors Who Don’t Want Money2020-01-09
Chapter 266: Is This Place the Adventurer’s Guild?2020-01-08
Chapter 265: Just Be My Home Tutor2020-01-08
Chapter 264: The First Adventurer’s Mission2020-01-08
Chapter 263: The Underworld Is Decadent2020-01-08
Chapter 262: An Entrusted Mission2020-01-07
Chapter 261: Auspicious Opening of the Adventurer’s Guild2020-01-07
Chapter 260: Ground Hugging Demon2020-01-06
Chapter 259: Huge Discovery by TinyMeatball2020-01-06
Chapter 258: Tonight’s Auspicious Winner2020-01-05
Chapter 257: Invitation Letter2020-01-05
Chapter 256: Winterfell Monthly Digest2020-01-04
Chapter 255: New Leads2020-01-04
Chapter 254: Give All to Me2020-01-03
Chapter 253: Undesirable Learning Condition2020-01-03
Chapter 252: Reverse Strategy Guide2020-01-02
Chapter 251: Group’s Initial Trial Attack Strategy Guide2020-01-02
Chapter 250: All of You Can Be Like Me2020-01-01
Chapter 249: New Instance Dungeon Is Commencing2020-01-01
Chapter 248: Exposing Each Other2019-12-31
Chapter 247: Suggestion of Disintegrating Equipment2019-12-31
Chapter 246: Remember, My Name Is TinyMeatball2019-12-30
Chapter 245: What Happened to the Dungeon?2019-12-30
Chapter 244: Version 0.24 Update and Strategy Guide Post2019-12-29
Chapter 243: Opening Winterfell2019-12-29
Chapter 242: New Winterfell Dungeon Lord2019-12-28
Chapter 241: It Wasn’t Shameful2019-12-28
Chapter 240: Anything Can Be Done With Magic Stones!2019-12-27
Chapter 239: I Have a Plan to Counterattack the Heavenly Kingdom2019-12-27
Chapter 238: Marco Polo’s Hidden Mission2019-12-26
Chapter 237: I’m Lodging a Complaint!2019-12-26
Chapter 236: Dark Rider Tournament2019-12-25
Chapter 235: Unscrupulous Romantic Affairs Created by the Game Officials2019-12-25
Chapter 234: Sherlock’s New Plan2019-12-25
Chapter 233: New Darkness2019-12-25
Chapter 232: Let Me Ask About the Purchase on the Forum2019-12-24
Chapter 231: Superb Dancing Skills2019-12-24
Chapter 230: Jealous Devil2019-12-23
Chapter 229: He Brought Tens of Dance Partners2019-12-23
Chapter 228: Winterfell’s Ball2019-12-22
Chapter 227: Onionhead’s Letter2019-12-22
Chapter 226: Winterfell’s Tyrant2019-12-21
Chapter 225: Great White Goose, Blackhand2019-12-21
Chapter 224: The Strongest Organism2019-12-20
Chapter 223: I’m Not Fleeing2019-12-20
Chapter 222: Version 0.23 Update Log2019-12-19
Chapter 221: I Like This Name2019-12-19
Chapter 220: Silver Pocket Watch2019-12-18
Chapter 219: Visiting Winterfell for Business2019-12-18
Chapter 218: A Gamer Who Sneaked Into Winterfell2019-12-18
Chapter 217: Don’t Dare to Say or Ask2019-12-18
Chapter 216: Just Call Me Lassie2019-12-17
Chapter 215: Sherlock’s Ambitious Plan2019-12-17
Chapter 214: Are You a Girl?2019-12-16
Chapter 213: Tell Me About Sherlock2019-12-16
Chapter 212: Instant Group Performance2019-12-15
Chapter 211: Specter College, Troops Training Grounds2019-12-15
Chapter 210: New Instance Dungeon2019-12-14
Chapter 209: Level A and B of the Graduation Examination2019-12-14
Chapter 208: RawVegetables’ Inquiry2019-12-13
Chapter 207: Update Log Version 0.222019-12-13
Chapter 206: Preparation for Update2019-12-12
Chapter 205: King of Voluminous Questions2019-12-12