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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 130: 818 and Guilds

Chapter 130: 818 and Guilds

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A rock wall was severely damaged.

Vines crept out from the cracks and intertwined with each other. They propagated along the wall with a stubborn survival instinct.

“Dong, dong, dong…”

A series of footsteps reverberated in the room. Some Goblins squatted and sprawled on the ground, while others searched along the walls.

Wherever the Goblins gathered, there would be chatting.

“I see.”

“Yes, my sister says she can’t marry such a guy. But she’s carrying his child, so she intends to meet his parents tomorrow and get married soon.”

“Selling coins, selling coins, handmade bronze coins!”

“Who posted [In love with whose bed]? Accusing me of being a thief? Is the gamer brainless? If I stole, how could I still have my Eternal Kingdom account?”

“Buying bronze coins at low prices to complete Gnome mission. If you have bronze coins, sell them to me immediately. You can advertise on the forum too.”

“There’s a cheat. Take a look at the signboard. Hack him to death if anyone sees him again. He cheated me of 200 yuan!”

The signboard had the words “Threesome self-pleasuring sh*t.”

“D*mn, I don’t recognize any of the words except sh*t.”

“Can you stop using those words? My enjoyment of this fantastical game is being spoiled by you!”

“Wah! A golden legend! I can’t believe it.”

“Selling clay, selling clay. Anyone interested in buying?”

A group of Goblins chatted noisily while searching in a huge room.

The room had been searched before, but due to some reasons, the gamers gathered here and began searching.

There were bones, rocks, and pits in the room. The bones were collected by the gamers since they could exchange them for Reputation Points and could be made into Bones Backpacks at Mufusa’s Carpenter Workshop.

Sometimes, they would see Mufasa throw the bones into the cauldron to cook.

The reason the gamers gathered in that particular room was the random discovery of a mission item.

It was a book that was underneath a stone slab. The dirty and dusty book was empty, but there were some legible words, “Mana Skills Book.”

Gamers who were familiar with detective work said, “According to my many years of detective work, the book was soiled two days ago! The words were written two days ago!”

Nobody knew whether detective work was effective in the game, but some took it as a lead. Perhaps some creature had trespassed in the Ancestral Ruins?

The backstory of the Ancestral Ruins was such that the Void Legion invaded the location and wanted to raid the treasures. As such, the gamers were sent in to protect the treasures.

The gamers didn’t encounter any of the Void Legion, though, at least not like the Skeletons encountered at Specter College.

A gamer said jovially, “I’m not sure whether the Void Legion invaded here, but we’ve emptied the Ancestral Ruins.”

Initially, if the item was taken away discreetly, the matter would have ended. However, the matter was blown out of proportion because of a popular post on the forum. A gamer, LeatherBear, made a post on the forum.

[818 1 Dragon Raja official announcement: Exposing the evil deeds of the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance Guild.]

“I’m a promoter for the ‘Dragon Raja’ Guild. My game ID and forum ID is LeatherBear.

I am publishing this 818 post to expose the Guild ‘Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance,’ which has numerous forum members. The Guild has committed evil deeds in the game!

Our Guild Chairman btkangren bought a mission item called the Mana Skills Book with 10,000 Renminbi from a gamer yesterday and accepted the mission. There is a picture below.


[Mission Title: Source, Lost Mana Skills

Mission Description: A long time ago, citizens of Eternal Kingdom forgot how to use Mana Skills. This precious Mana Skills Book found in the Ancestral Ruins can help us get back the lost craft of Mana Skills.

Mission Objective: Hand over the book to Lord Sherlock as soon as possible.

Mission Reward: The gamer who completes this mission will learn a basic Mana Skill.]

After Peasant, this is the first mission that will allow a gamer to learn a Mana Skill, as well as a possible Plot development!

Because the game environment has been quite safe, our chairman only brought five gamers to submit the Mana Skills Book to the Dungeon Lord. However, a group of gamers came out and robbed the chairman.

Chairman Stir-fried Vegetable Rice of the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance brought his gamers to rob and kill our chairman.

Below are the evidential screenshots.

(Picture) (Picture) (Picture)…

I don’t want to say much except that we were taken advantage of. I believe there is divine justice. If you wish to fight, we, the Dragon Raja, will oblige. Today, we declare war!

We’ve applied for registration of our Guild. I hope that it will be approved soon.

If any gamers have the words “Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance” below their names and are seen outside the Dungeon, they will be killed! Unless they stay in the Dungeon forever and carry bricks!

Our chairman is feeling chest pain from anger!”

With such a vindictive post, many gamers replied.

[White Blue Sky: Melon seeds, mineral water, beer, champagne, cigarettes, and Eight Treasure Congee! Hey, stick up your buttocks.]

[GotUpFromAFall: What? The only item for learning Mana Skills is only worth 10,000 Renminbi? Does your chairman know mathematics? How would you feel if our chairman bought the item with 10,000 yuan? After cheating our Guild member, we only killed you once, we have given you enough face! I am from Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance. If you have the guts, don’t let me out of the Dungeon safety zone!]

[Seafood Shaved Ice: I am seated in the front watching the show and eating melon seeds.]

[OnlyEatOrangeSkin: A deal is done once the money is handed over. Is that a crime? Is there justice when you rob and kill?]

[AskVoidPriest: That is cheating! Your chairman, btkangren, is a big cheat! Bullying other gamers is a crime!]

[NotWearingPants: When will your Guild be approved? I applied over ten days ago, but it hasn’t been approved, and there are no responses from the forum administrator. @Lord Sherlock]

[Red-lightDistrict_Prince: Don’t bother, veteran. Sherlie was asking for suggestions of good games yesterday. It seems like he’s sick of “Tropico.” I recommended “SimCity” for around half a month, so he won’t reply anytime soon.]

[WinterNightMulberry: I recommended the sunny and lovely “Dark Souls” series.]

Sherlock hugged his arms and cracked the melon worm, which was a tasty fried tidbit. The outer shell had to be removed, and the flesh tasted like chicken.

“I merely installed a mission item in order for the Mana Skills Plot to develop. Why are they fighting?” Sherlock asked as he browsed the forum.

“It has been a month since the Second Beta Test started. It’s normal for the ambitious, rich gamers to create Guilds to enjoy the position of power. Like what we discussed previously, the conflicts between Guilds are unavoidable. With the PVP System, it can help the game develop in a positive and competitive way. The war of words and minor bickering are not important,” Bru replied quickly.

“Hmm, as long as they carry bricks diligently.” Sherlock nodded his head and shut down the post containing the war of words between the two Guilds. Then he created a new post.

[Is the Dark Souls series good?]

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