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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 131 - Shipping Goods

Chapter 131 - Shipping Goods

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The variant Dragon Speech Mana Skills suitable for the gamers were completed after Bru worked overtime.

The Dragon Speech Mana Skills duplicated from Eggface were able to be used by the gamers when they spoke the otherworld’s Mandarin.

To facilitate more gamers, more than a hundred otherworld’s dialect templates were added.

If the gamers spoke dialects that corresponded to the hundred dialect templates, the original power of the Dragon Speech Mana would be intact.

The following was a summary.

“Do you want Mana Skills? Use Reputation Points and coins for your desired Mana Skills. Mana Skills require a corresponding Reputation Level. The higher the level of the Mana Skill, the greater the Mana required. For an explanation of Mana, refer to the previous post.”

Dragon Speech Mana Skills were complex Mana Skills. If Sherlock were to go into the details, he wouldn’t have the chance to play computer games for an entire day.

So Sherlock spent ten minutes and explained everything in a few hundred easy to understand words.

He also listed out the various Mana Skills that the Goblins were able to use given their Mana limit due to their race.

The effects of the Mana Skills, and details on how to execute them, weren’t explained.

When Sherlock published the new game settings, the forum gamers and members “complimented” Sherlock.

Sherlock was relieved to see everybody content. He closed the pages of the discussion forum.

“Dark Souls”—activated!

Sherlock was busy playing “Dark Souls” to help in the future development of Eternal Kingdom.

After the gamers had “complimented” the implementation of the Mana Skills, they started racking their brains to research the Dragon Speech Mana Skills and published many research posts.

[~OTZ~: With regards to dialect, I wonder if body language improves the power of the Mana Skills or effects.]

[PeleWang: The future of Mana Skills is assistive Mana Skills!]

[TakingJujubePills: The Magician sewers profession is like the Short Bow. There is no future!]

There were many similar posts on the forum. Whatever they were, they had only just embarked on their Mana Skills journey.

Thirty days later…

Two Liches stood in a daze on the command platform.

The Goblins hadn’t challenged them for thirty days!

A Lich placed his skeleton hand on the crystal ball and asked, “Teacher… Can we come down? It has been thirty days since any Goblins turned up. I need to relieve myself.”

“Are you sure? I’ll arrange for the next team to replace you. You’ll continue to queue for your graduation.” A gentle voice came out from the crystal ball.

“There’s no need. I’ve held myself back.”

In the meeting room of the Specter College.


“This matter is serious. If the other party doesn’t fulfill their contractual obligation, we should sue them. My students have been standing inside the examination site for thirty days. They aren’t able to eat, sleep, relieve themselves properly, or keep themselves warm. Principal, that is too much!” An angry Lich stood up and complained loudly.

At the far end of the table, a Lich in a western suit said, “Professor Cabbage, I can understand your frustration. Professor Bacon is responsible for this matter. What has it got to do with me?”

Professor Cabbage cast a furious look at Professor Bacon, who was seated opposite to her.

Bacon crossed his arms and placed them on the table as he muttered, “I personally believe in Lord Sherlock. He’s a rich, just, gentlemanly, and generous superior Devil. The tour period of the Goblins is a bit long. From their perspective, it’s justifiable for them to tour for 180 years.”

Bacon saw that Professor Cabbage was about to rebuke and he quickly said, “Of course, I can fully understand the concerns of Madam Cabbage. This matter has dragged on for too long. I shall make a personal trip to resolve the issue.”

“Good! Let us applause Professor Bacon to give him moral support.”

The Principal clapped his hands, and the clapping in the room lasted for a long time.

“Is this the last batch of Magical Items?” Sherlock looked at the small pile of Magical Items and asked.

“It should be the last batch, Lord Sherlock,” Bru said. “Brainiac confirmed that there are no more Magical Items in the ruins. But… we haven’t found the strange creatures.”

“I understand.” Sherlock nodded and took out an anti-Mana cloth and wrapped it around the Magical Items.

Crimson magical lamps illuminated the night sky. A newspaper was placed serenely on the ground. A breeze blew across. The newspaper fluttered in the wind and made flapping sounds.

“Hee Ha—!”

A Gnome with permed hair rode on a bird that darted rapidly along the empty streets.

He overtook many birds along the way. The bird racing gang always frequented this place at midnight.

A Devil dragged a huge black chest along the street.

The coffee-colored goatskin boots and the wet road surface became a prominent contrast. The dark plaited western pants were at ankle length and had a black belt lifting them. The alternating black and white houndstooth upper garment appeared low profile but had a rich British style.

The white shirt and black jacket, which was made of high-quality suede, exuded a dignified yet classical aura.

The hair of this well-dressed Devil was neatly combed.

Scattered dust floated over to the Devil. He lifted his palm, and the dust was blocked by an invisible wall. The dust stopped at a distance of 30 centimeters from him.

When he left, the dust dispersed in the air.

“Lord Sherlock, I don’t understand why you dress this way when you sell those Magical Items.” Bru’s voice was heard by Sherlock’s ears.

“A destitute Devil cannot fetch a high price for his goods. A well-dressed one can turn his trash into treasures.”

Sherlock dragged his chest to a black alley. When he ensured there were no creatures around, he turned and walked inside.

The sounds of the heavy dragging of the chest were heard from the black alley.

An Orc sitting on the ground was wearing a tattered shirt. His face had patches of black and green, and he had a body odor that reeked of a creature that hadn’t bathed for tens of days.

The Orc lifted his head as Sherlock came over. He was fearful and greedy as he gazed at Sherlock.

“A pleasant night.” Sherlock stopped in front of the Orc.

“Did you… bring that?”

The Orc was full of yearning.

“Of course. Is this the place for today?” Sherlock surveyed the surroundings. Then he lowered his head to gaze at the Orc and said, “Compared to the last time, this environment is terrible.”

“The security is tight. We have a mole within us. The security is able to wean off some information every time.”

The Orc’s yearning became more intense, and blood veins appeared in his eyes.

“I see.” Sherlock took out an Adamantine ball from his chest and threw it into the Orc’s hand.

He left without looking back.

The Orc was like a lost creature dying of thirst in the desert and discovering a spring. Mucus and saliva dripped down as he caught hold of the Adamantine ball. He sniffed greedily.

Sherlock shook his head and muttered to himself, “Such a decadent creature.”

He arrived at the end of the black alley and saw a locked metal door. A gray statue was placed at the side.

It was a female Gnome statue in a suggestive pose. It looked like it was abandoned.

Sherlock walked to the statue and placed the chest in front of it. The statue opened her eyes and scrutinized Sherlock before saying, “Positive remainder, remainder’s positive, symbol’s alike.”

“Remainder with remainder, positive and positive, symbols vary.”

After listening to Sherlock’s reply, the statue stood up and climbed down carefully from the rock that she once stood on. Then, she took out a key and opened the metal door.

Sherlock nodded at the Gnome statue and walked inside.

The Gnome statue closed the metal door carefully and locked the door.

The statue took out a magical welding torch and a welding mask. She put the welding mask on her face and aimed the torch at the door seam.

There were bright sparks and sizzling sounds. Afterward, the metal door was welded shut permanently.

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