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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 133: Added Monsters Secretly

Chapter 133: Added Monsters Secretly

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Lord Sherlock sat in the middle of the Dungeon Core Main Hall in front of Bru as he observed the images on the screen.

Teams of a few hundred Goblins walked in the tunnel. The veteran gamers brought the willing novices out of the new exit to explore the new map.

This was only the first wave. There were several waves of gamers behind that consisted of the main bulk of gamers. The waves were made up of Guild members.

Sherlock prohibited the Goblins from taking Brainiac’s Beetlemon with them.

It wasn’t easy to obtain the first Beetlemon, which could be useful in the future. Moreover, the gamers could be revived, but the Beetlemon could not.

The main group of Goblins followed the widest tunnel. When they encountered a fork, they would send small teams to explore.

The Underworld was very well connected by many forks that occurred naturally from the tunnels. There were natural areas such as underground streams, caverns, and Underground Forests. Many of the tunnels were created from the activities of the Underworld creatures. For example, the Spiders’ Lair was originally a tunnel that connected to the Surface World and was later developed by the Underground Spiders.

Sherlock had just purchased the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon and developed it for two months. He had roughly surveyed the surrounding areas, but he didn’t have any impression.

To Sherlock, those Underworld creatures weren’t a threat to him. Killing them was bothersome and a waste of time. Who would want to remember them?

“Looks like the gamers have initiative. The only question is…” Sherlock turned to look outside Eternal Kingdom.

There were less than 100 gamers working in the Dungeon.

“Lord Sherlock, most of the gamers like to explore newly opened maps at the first opportunity. This situation won’t last long because exploring maps will not garner them Reputation Points and game currency,” Bru said.

“The daily requirements of the gamers such as food, equipment, equipment repair, the learning of Mana Skills, and the upgrade of Reputation Level all require Reputation Points. As such, they will have to come back for Daily Missions. Without a rapid transit system and the boredom of the Tenth-mile Hill Sword God, most of the gamers’ activities are restricted within a boundary.”

Like what Bru had said, those gamers were unable to be free of Bru. At least in Eternal Kingdom, they required Reputation Points and game currency.

Most importantly, they had to be within the premises of Eternal Kingdom for their revivals.

If they ventured out too far, they couldn’t be revived.

Sherlock observed the activities of the gamers. The number of gamers in the main tunnel dwindled.

Sherlock wasn’t worried. He merely wanted to observe the gamers to see what they would encounter outside.

The gamers were astonished by the new area, and it brought them joy.

Most of them were feeling exhilaration.

“Awesome! Oh my God, I wonder which deity created this game. The reality simulation is awesome, and they made it into such a grand scale!”

A group of Goblins was resting in a forked tunnel.

The gamer TakeASpearHit was the Second Beta Gamer who was speaking.

Along the way, many gamers felt the same way.

Though the game producers were lousy, the game was extremely fun. That was what the forum members always said.

“Just the game itself was already part of some arcane technology. Your compliments came too late,” SealHeadLingChong said as he sat by the side and enjoyed his clay.

Dragonborn sat between the two of them and looked on silently as they bantered. Initially, he was worried they would fight. However, after knowing them for some time, he understood that while they might be harsh with their words, escalating to a fight was quite difficult for them.

Their team was led by two veteran gamers to explore the map.

They were the earliest team to break off from the main group to explore a forked tunnel. They ventured in the forked tunnel for close to ten minutes and saw a cave entrance that was similar to a Spiders’ Lair.

To ensure mapping efficiency and maintain their combat strength, they decided to rest and regroup. After resting, they would venture into the cave to explore.

Dragonborn sat on the ground like the other gamers and rested.

The two veteran gamers looked as though it was their first time leading, and they didn’t have a strategy for exploring the map.

They didn’t make arrangements for other gamers to spread out to explore and then return to a designated spot to gather.

Dragonborn thought about it. If he was leading the team, he would use the dispersion method to increase the efficiency of exploration. With the discussion forum, even if they encountered danger and were killed, they could post the information on the forum at the first instant.

But it was more fun for many of them to gather around and chat while they explored the map.

The group of Second Beta Gamers wasn’t fully aware of their surroundings while they were chatting noisily about life and complimenting the awesomeness of the game and the producers.

Behind a nearby pile of rocks, a figure was observing them silently…

Arthur swung his Short Sword at a huge gray monster that charged at him. He stabbed and killed the monster while using his shield to protect his side from the attack of another strange monster.

The brute force of the monster made Arthur back up a few steps. He knocked into his comrade, and that stopped his retreat.

The attack came abruptly and fast.

More than ten strange gray monsters that walked on all fours attacked the main group with 200 to 300 gamers. There were twenty-odd gamer casualties. Their corpses and their equipment were carried off by the main group.

The creatures that suddenly attacked vanished without a trace as though they had never appeared.

Only a creature that was randomly killed by Arthur was left behind. It was proof that the terrifying creatures had just attacked.

The creature didn’t have any fur on its body, and while the size was similar to an Underground Spider, its movement and power were far superior.

Their attack styles weren’t like the Underground Spiders, which used bashing and piercing attacks. They used their razor-sharp claws to inflict damage.

Their appearances were similar to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings . The only difference was that they had faces that looked like Lizard Men.

Everyone, including Arthur, was thinking about the same thing—the lousy game producers had secretly added monsters outside the Dungeon!

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