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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 134: Sneaky Figure

Chapter 134: Sneaky Figure

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the dim tunnel, there were many strange rocks and about 200 Goblin corpses scattered along the path.

In the darkness, a hidden figure with a pair of squinting eyes observed the Goblin corpses.

At a further distance, a vicious battle raged on.

The dark figure advanced to the battleground and hid behind a huge rock. He peered out and watched warily.

A strange four-legged creature surrounded twenty-odd Goblins. They were sparsely equipped with a standard Short Sword and a shield. Some had armor without a helmet, and some had helmets without a Breastplate.

The battle was chaotic.

“I’ve… seen a ghost…”

A Goblin wielding a Short Sword, a shield, and who was without body armor looked at the unknown four-legged creature before him.

The Goblin’s head was full of sweat, and he was trembling. His eyes were full of anger and fear.

He gritted his teeth in anger as he said to his comrade, “I only used my cell phone to browse the forum for Strategy Guides during class, but my form teacher confiscated it. I had to write a corrective letter and inform my parents to retrieve it. Why is my form teacher so irritating?”

“Er, I don’t know what to say. I haven’t encountered such a thing…” a Goblin said normally even though one of his arms was broken and he looked grotesque with all manner of wounds.

“Stop chatting and focus. We’re being annihilated!” another Goblin said.

The Goblin Dragonborn said, “I’ll distract them while you take the chance to escape.”

“Don’t know whether we can flee. The monster’s too fast. Why don’t we take our chance and fight?” another Goblin said.

“My slashes are all MISS. How can I fight…”

The Goblins continued chatting, even though they were in a precarious situation.

The unknown monster charged forward.

Followed by a bloody massacre…

When the massacre was completed, the unknown creature dragged the Goblin corpses and returned to the nearby cave.

The mysterious figure hiding behind the huge rock walked out and stood next to the grotesque Goblin corpses. He looked around and squatted down as he started searching. He removed all the equipment on the Goblins.

Thousands of Goblins gathered at the plaza outside the Dungeon Core Main Hall. Goblins came out from the Teleport Portals continuously.

The Goblins were chatting enthusiastically.

“Gosh! That’s too difficult!”

“We were out for less than an hour, and so many of us were killed?”

“Didn’t the lousy game producers consider the game difficulty?”

“D*mn, my Plate Armor from Specter College!”

“Quick, form a team to retrieve our equipment!”

“That place was full of monsters. How do we retrieve the equipment?”

“Let’s try our luck. Anyways, we’ve nothing to lose. We’ll grab our equipment and run back to safety. If not, we’ll have to carry bricks for an extra hour.”

“I feel we shouldn’t be that reckless. We should have a proper plan.”

“Shall we ask the NPCs? And collect information?”

“Good idea!”

Some gamers went to talk to the NPCs to collect intelligence.

Some went back to carrying bricks as they waited for the veteran gamers to come up with a strategy.

Some gamers couldn’t bear to lose their equipment and ran back to retrieve it.

Some gamers were selling equipment and game currency, while others practiced their Mandarin and carried bricks diligently so that they could buy Mana Skills and train with Moroes.

Eternal Kingdom bustled with activity once again.

In the Carpenter Workshop.

Mufasa stirred the mixed clay with a large ladle and said, “Strange monsters outside the Dungeon? A four-legged creature with a Lizard’s head? I don’t know. I haven’t been adventuring. I came to Eternal Kingdom via the Teleport Portal. It’s dangerous outside. The creature you mentioned sounds scary. Stay in the Dungeon, it’s safer.”

In the Blacksmith Shop.

Simba was forging with his hammer while more than ten apprentices observed quietly behind him. In front of him was a queue of gamers waiting to buy new equipment.

A few gamers went over in a bid to talk. Simba threw his hammer and showed his finger as he tilted his head and said, “Shut up. If you ask the 122nd time, you’re dead.”

At the Training Ground Plaza.

“A four-legged creature with a Lizard’s head? Dire Wolf? Hmm, I don’t think so. Why are you asking me all of a sudden… why don’t you bring his head back for me to see? There are many dangerous creatures outside, so how can I recall all of them? What? Suggestion? I suggest you train for 300 years before going out. Why do you want to adventure? Lord Sherlock takes care of your food and lodging. Why don’t you work diligently? You are the worst trainee that I have taught. What’s there to adventure?”

In the Lich’s Burial Hall.

The noise of chattering filled the room.

Brainiac remained silent.

The noise of chattering filled the room.

At the flowerbed.

“Ha? Monster? Who isn’t a monster here besides me?” Little Fairy hugged her arms and turned her head away as she said, “Humph! I’m not answering this question because of Raintea.”

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

A sign was hung on the entrance:

“Don’t knock on the door. If you do, your account will be terminated.”

At Entrance No. 1 of Eternal Kingdom.

“Make haste! The train’s leaving! Those who are going to the Spiders’ Lair to obtain raw materials and upgrade your equipment, make haste!”

“Wait for me. I haven’t boarded the train!”

The Beetlemon moved off and made pit-pattering sounds…

Arthur, NotWearingPants, Sylvanas, BurningChestHair, and Peasant walked warily along the tunnel sides, which were filled with scattered rocks.

The five Goblins maintained silence. Even when they interacted, they whispered.

“Peasant,” NotWearingPants whispered to Peasant in front. “If there are monsters, you’ll run out to fight them.”

“Wait, aren’t I the Magician?” Peasant, who was in Plate Armor and wielding a Short Sword and Kite Shield, asked.

The equipment they were using was stored by the elite team of five. Their previous equipment was lost outside when they explored the map.

“Didn’t you learn the Wind Protection Mana Skill? With such awesome defense, if you don’t become the Tank, who will?” BurningChestHair said. “I’m using the dagger for lightning critical strikes!”

“Shh! Don’t talk. We’re arriving at the massacre location. There’s movement in front!” Arthur reminded them as he frowned and raised his arm.

They immediately kept quiet and followed Arthur. Using the scattered rocks as cover, they hid themselves and watched.

Tens of figures were busy picking up equipment on the ground…

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