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Gamers of the Underworld (Web Novel) - Chapter 135: I Have to Recruit a Secretary

Chapter 135: I Have to Recruit a Secretary

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

While those tens of figures were collecting equipment at the desolate battleground, two nearby Gnomes and three Goblins charged at them.

When Arthur and his team got too close to them, the figures fled while carrying a handful of equipment, which emitted clanking sounds. A few pieces of equipment dropped to the ground and made “Pom pom” sounds.

The dropped equipment tripped one of the figures, who fell to the ground and made a “Ka Cha” sound. Then he remained motionless.

Arthur charged forward and raised his Short Sword to stab the fallen figure to death.

When Arthur saw the face of the figure, he was stunned.

It was a pile of scattered Skeletons.

“Gosh… where’s our equipment?”

TakeASpearHit looked at the empty space in front of him. Besides the bloodstains that indicated a prior battle, the corpses, armor, and weapons were missing.

Were they taken? Stolen? The monsters did it? The game system refreshed the area?

The gamers didn’t give up. They dispersed and started searching.

TakeASpearHit, SealHeadLingChong, and Dragonborn formed a team and started searching for their equipment.

After searching around in vain, the three of them sat slumped on the ground.

“Gone… everything’s gone… I’m thinking of A 1 …” TakeASpearHit said listlessly.

“Then please quickly A. My sister wants to play this game. Please apply to the game producers and transfer the Second Beta Gamer status to her. Please.” SealHeadLingChong, who was in underpants, grasped his fist and begged TakeASpearHit.

“I’ve decided. For the sake of your sister, I shall endure huge pain and continue playing,” TakeASpearHit rebuked.

While the two of them bickered, Dragonborn stood up and looked at the nearby scattered rocks. A figure flashed by.

Dragonborn was about to go forward and check when a creature covered in sludge jumped out from behind the rocks. Only a pair of small squinting eyes were visible in the body of sludge.

“Gosh! What’s that?”

TakeASpearHit, who was bickering with SealHeadLingChong, saw the creature who was about the same height as him. He was shocked and stood up.

“You… are looking for that group of Goblin warriors?” the strange creature asked using inferior Underworld common language.

“The previous group?”

“This is an NPC,” SealHeadLingChong said to TakeASpearHit.

“Did you come from the Dungeon? Is that the newly opened Dungeon?” the strange sludge creature asked.

“That’s correct! We’re the citizens of Eternal Kingdom, the Underworld warriors! Do you have a mission for us?” TakeASpearHit braced his chest and said.

“Please help me!” the strange creature shouted at them.

“Let me get the other gamers.”

Dragonborn stood up to call the other gamers, but SealHeadLingChong stopped him. Dragonborn was puzzled as TakeASpearHit gazed at him.

Both of them looked devious as their eyes squinted like half crescents from their crooked smiles.

They whispered, “Shh, this is what the veteran gamers mentioned, a Strange Encounter Mission.”

“Why did you collect this trash equipment? A small Black Dragon stood by Brainiac’s side as he watched Brainiac using the crystal ball to control the Skeleton Soldiers. He was collecting the equipment dropped by the gamers.

“This is Lord Sherlock’s order,” Brainiac answered as he wrote down his journal entries in his mind:

88: Two converted Gnomes appeared. They are Arthur and NotWearingPants. This is an important research objective.

89: Lord Sherlock values the trash equipment, which may be related to the Goblins’ secret. This is an important research objective.

“So it’s an order from my nemesis. Hehe.” Eggface nodded and straightened his body before sitting down on a rock in his lair. He crossed his front legs and hugged them.

“Isn’t Lord Sherlock our Boss?” Brainiac lifted his head and looked bewildered at Eggface.

“I’m the Dragon of Darkness, King of Sinful Realm, and Resistor of Godly Punishments. How can I have a Boss? I’ve only signed a truce agreement with my eternal foe,” Eggface said arrogantly.

“Do you think he’s a simple superior Devil? No, Lich, you’re too young. He’s from the primordial era, a devious Devil in the annals of history. He’s the Seven Sins Originator, Karmic Fire Terminator, Judgement Tongue, er… er… Hades Ruler! To fight against me, he had to have these titles!”

Eggface placed his front claws on his waist indignantly.

Brainiac looked emotionlessly at Eggface.

Eggface didn’t obtain any response from Brainiac. He felt the awkward silence and changed the topic.

“What does my eternal foe intend to do with the Goblins’ equipment?”

“I don’t know. According to his character, he’ll put them up for sale and sell them to the Goblins,” Brainiac replied without any feelings.

Eggface was taken aback. He thought he heard wrongly, but after confirming that it was true, he opened his mouth slowly.

Brainiac ignored Eggface and wrote down notes in his mind.

90: I have to investigate the Seven Sins Originator, Karmic Fire Terminator, Judgement Tongue, and Hades Ruler.

91: Lord Sherlock has a delusional disorder.

“Return the equipment to the gamers who are willing to work for a day. Assign missions to deal with this matter. The Commerce Area has to continue its development. This location will be the new transaction market for the gamers. Then, I’ll develop the Industrial Area. I’ll use my Magic Stones to install appropriate facilities…” Sherlock said to Bru as he drew on the Dungeon planning diagram.

“Such a perfect plan, Lord Sherlock! I thought the exploration frenzy would last for a few days. I didn’t expect so many gamers to give up. Facing such a high difficulty level, I feel their current levels are insufficient. They should practice more before venturing out,” Bru said.

“But some gamers contacted outside creatures. Do you want to intervene?”

“There’s no need to intervene. If I do that every time, will I have my personal time? I’m recruiting them for the Dungeon’s development. I’m not their nanny.” Sherlock shook his head.

As Sherlock was planning for the future development of the Dungeon, the Dungeon Core burst into flames. A newspaper and two letters flew out from the flames.

Sherlock picked up the letter with the words, “To my friend, Lord Sherlock—Specter College Academic Department Deputy Director Professor Bacon.”

“My friend Lord Sherlock:

Ah, dearest Lord Sherlock, it has been a month since we last met. I am nostalgic of the time we spent together.”

“Hmm? Didn’t he only meet Lord Sherlock a few times?” Bru asked, puzzled.

Sherlock ignored Bru and continued reading.

“Because of academic affairs, I have been sent to Winterfell on a business trip. I’ll be visiting Lord Sherlock with some inquiries. If possible, please arrange for the Goblins to come to our college for the graduation research. Due to the long lull period, a few obstinate professors feel that Lord Sherlock intentionally reneged on the contractual obligations.

Of course, these are baseless accusations!

Lord Sherlock, I don’t think that you will forget about our contract and arrange instead for the Goblins to participate in Gladiator Fights and clear the surrounding areas of the Dungeon.

I have 100% trust in Lord Sherlock!

However, Lord Sherlock has to make haste as the school is receiving intense pressure from complaining parents these days.

Does Lord Sherlock have any students that require assistance?

Wishing Lord Sherlock good health and goodbye—Love from Bacon.”

“Hmm… Did Lord Sherlock forget?” Bru asked after reading the letter and thinking for a long time.

Sherlock shrugged his shoulders and picked up another letter with the words “To my friend, Lord Sherlock—Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena Boss, Poison Skin.”

“My friend Lord Sherlock:

Ah, dearest Lord Sherlock, it has been ten days since we last met. I am nostalgic of the time we spent together.”

“Hmm… it feels strange. Didn’t Lord Sherlock just meet him once?” Bru said.

Sherlock did not respond.

“After our Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena shareholder’s meeting, we decided to sign the strategic collaborative contract with Lord Sherlock. In regards to your requests, they have approved all of them.

To show that we value Lord Sherlock and your warriors, we will be arranging a premiere. We would like to invite Lord Sherlock and your warriors to participate.

The detailed specifications of the premiere are as follows:

Wishing Lord Sherlock good health and goodbye—Regards from Poison Skin.”

“Very whimsical indeed…” Bru muttered to himself.

Sherlock put down the letter and picked up the newspaper. He said, “I feel that I have to recruit a secretary.”

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