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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2497 - A Strange Person (3)

Chapter 2497: A Strange Person (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After the medicine was fed into Jun Wu Xie’s mouth, that person stepped aside and the veins that had spread all over Jun Wu Xie’s body faded down miraculously…

While looking at Jun Wu Xie, Rong Ruo felt a wave of relief as her tightened heartstrings relaxed.

“I did not lie to you,” That person said.

Jun Wu Yao slightly nodded his head.


“That’s nothing. The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” That person said jauntily.

Little by little, the condition of Jun Wu Xie got better. She had also regained the colour in her face as the pain began to fade away. The moment Jun Wu Xie opened her eyes, she looked in the direction of Jun Wu Yao. After she noticed that she was still holding Jun Wu Yao’s hand, only then did the anxiousness in her eyes disappear.

“You grabbed me so tightly, tell me, how could I move? Don’t worry, it wasn’t me this time, it was her.” Jun Wu Yao immediately knew what was Jun Wu Xie worrying about just by looking at her reaction. He couldn’t help himself from letting out a small laugh.

Jun Wu Xie then saw the woman who was standing aside, dressed in an eccentric clothing. There was a slight confusion in her eyes.

“The condition of the chaotic energy in your body is seriously bad. I don’t know what method did you use to suppress it, but it can’t go on for long. If you don’t resolve it completely as soon as possible, you won’t live long.” That person couldn’t help but reminded Jun Wu Xie after seeing her regaining her consciousness.

She herself had also cultivated by using the method of the Soul World, but compared to Jun Wu Xie’s condition, her condition was much lighter. It was not difficult to tell that the age of Jun Wu Xie wasn’t that old. She couldn’t really imagine how would such young girl cultivate the chaotic energy up to such scary extent and what inhuman cultivation did she actually gone through for her to be able to push herself to death.

The woman’s words had caused the face of Rong Ruo and the others who were standing aside to turn pale immediately.

“You know about the chaotic energy?” Jun Wu Xie looked astonishingly at the woman.

The woman nodded.

“Same as you, I had also cultivated using the same method, but not as crazy as the way you do. By looking at your condition, you might have gone through an intensive cultivation without thinking about the consequences. Here’s my advice for you… Know your limits. For sure it’s nice to have powerful strength, but once you lose your life, there’s nothing you could do anymore.” It was kind of weird since this was clearly the first time she met this little girl but without knowing the actual reasons, she seemed to have a deep affinity for her. At first, she planned to leave right after she saved her, but after she saw Jun Wu Xie, her steps became heavier and those words just came out uncontrollably from her mouth.

“I have stopped the cultivation.” Though the voice of the woman was flat, Jun Wu Xie was still able to feel the kindness in her words.

“Stopping the cultivation isn’t a way.” After remaining silent for quite a while, the woman took out a bottle of drug from her cosmos sack and handed it over to Jun Wu Xie.

“This is the medicine made of the spirit core of the Sea Spirit Beast. It is able to suppress the pain brought by the chaotic energy… temporarily. It can’t cure the illness. With your condition now, you can only find the method to solve it in the Soul World.”

Jun Wu Xie looked surprisingly at the woman who was wearing a mask. If the woman didn’t speak, it was really hard to tell that the person was a female just by looking at the way she dressed.

“Thank you,” Jun Wu Xie said weakly.

Without knowing why, the woman suddenly thought of laughing. There were lightning striking and thunder roaring at the moment, indicating that the storm was just around the corner. The breeze that was originally warm and gentle turned into a rough and brutal wind together with heavy rain pouring down relentlessly.

“If you guys aren’t going to return to your ships, then follow me to my cave to have some rest.” The woman didn’t not why did she become so kind and friendly when it was just an offhand manner of her at the beginning, but there was no way for her to take her words back when she had already let them out.

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