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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2500 - A Safe Haven (3)

Chapter 2500: A Safe Haven (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

With her identity, to have escaped from the Upper Realm, no normal person could imagine the price she had to pay, the woman just mentioned in passing but did not continue to elaborate.

Qiao Chu and the others who had just witnessed the slaughter of the Sea Spirit Beasts, to see so many lively Sea Spirit Beasts forlicking made their moods so much better.

The little Sea Spirit Beasts didn’t seem to have any sort of caution towards strangers as they gathered together and squinted at the new guests entranced with curiosity. However, those adult Sea Spirit Beasts held a hint of vigilance in their eyes but they still did not make any aggressive actions.

Rong Ruo liked this type of kind and magical creatures, as she bent down and played with those little Sea Spirit Beasts.

Lord Meh Meh and Blood Sacrificial Rabbit became the most popular guests. Those Sea Spirit Beasts who were of similar sizes to surrounded them as they gathered closer, sniffing the two silly beasts here and there, thereby forcing the two beasts to stay rooted in the same spot.

Lord Meh Meh and Blood Sacrificial Rabbit may look petite, but they were fully grown adult Spirit Beasts. However, they were being surrounded by a bunch of little Spirit Beasts cubs and that made them helpless.

A small Sea Spirit Beast looked at the furry, little tail behind Lord Meh Meh’s butt, its eyes sparkled as it suddenly opened his mouth and bit Lord Meh Meh’s tail.

“Meh meh meh!!!!!” Lord Meh Meh was instantly frazzled. These little Sea Spirit Beasts were so fragile that they would not be able to bear a beating from Lord Meh Meh, so he could only shed tears of pain while he ran around wildly, trying to shake the little cub off. However, the cub refused to let his tail go. What was seen was a round white object mourning all the way, while a stupid little ball stuck to its butt…

Jun Wu Xie was tickled by the scene in front of her. And although she had not spent much time with the Sea Spirit Beasts, she quite liked them.

As long as Jun Wu Xiw liked them, Jun Wu Yao would also tolerate them, and he didn’t disturb her enjoyment of everything.

As the others tried to interact with the little Sea Spirit Cubs, the woman’s gaze involuntarily fell unto Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s looks were outstanding and she was very mesmerizing that when she stood shoulder to shoulder with the extremely good looking Jun Wu Yao, neither were inferior to the other. Her face was cold, and her temperament was of indifference and she seemed to be difficult to get close to, but at this moment, the face of Jun Wu Xie held a faint smile due to the liveliness of the little Sea Spirit Beasts. The smile made her facial features soft and beautiful, the woman felt a little dazed as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. She didn’t know why the charming, faintly smiling face gave rise to an inexplicable familiarity within the woman.

“Ye Jue, you are going to the Upper Realm?” The woman was shocked by her emotions, and decided to change the subject, as she asked Jun Wu Yao.

“Mn.” Because the other party saved Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao’s attitude towards the woman was also polite.

Confusion rose in the woman’s eyes. “Since you have escaped the Upper Realm, why go back there? That is not the place for you.”

“Looks like you know something.” Jun Wu Yao raised his brows, when the Sacred Maiden escape, the Upper Realm had not revealed their goal yet. Even Jun Wu Yao himself did not know that he would be the intermediary for the Blood Sacrifice.

The woman responded. “If not, why did you think I wanted to escape? Although, the Sea Spirit Beasts can’t speak but their consciousness is very strong. They will tell me everything about the Upper Realm, including how you were captured that time.”

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