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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2506 - Despicable Enemy (3)

Chapter 2506: Despicable Enemy (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Yan Hai took exception to his father’s words, while the others did not seem to have any overt feelings towards them as they were smiling as usual.

They had insufficient strength, and could not enter the Upper Realm army. Even if they could muster up the appearance of the Gold Spirit, the concentration of the spirit power was diluted; compared to the real Gold Spirit, it was just lowly, and so they could only flatter and fawn.

“I really didn’t expect that chasing a group of stupid Sea Spirit Beasts could lead us to such a place.” A robust man said as he held a large, blood stained fish gun, the tip of the fish gun was still dripping with blood, with bits of flesh stuck it.

They haven’t been long out at sea, but they found traces of Sea Spirit Beasts, and they tracked them. They stubbornly wanted to catch a big herd of Sea Spirit Beasts, and a couple of days ago, as they were keeping their nets, the two ships chased after a couple of fearful Sea Spirit Beasts frantically trying to escape. That blood stained a large area of the sea.

If they hadn’t met with a storm, their harvest would be even greater. The sudden arrival of the storm made them stop the slaughter of the Sea Spirit Beasts. No matter how brave they were, they didn’t dare to go against such a ferocious storm.

However, they should have avoided the wind and waves, but under the command of Yan Hai, they continued chasing an escaped Sea Spirit Beast, and came to the island. In that process, their vessels were nearly overturned because of the storm. Now, they have managed to land safely on the island, and everyone calmed down a little. Although they might be dissatisfied with Yan Hai, they could only smile through their disgruntledness.

“Luckily we brought along all the carcasses of the Sea Spirit Beasts. If not, during the storm, we would have lost a lot of our harvest.” A man smiled. Both their ships were heavy with the bodies of the Sea Spirit Beasts filling the cargo holds. In their eyes, those piles of carcasses were the best gambling chips for rewards and status. No one would mourn for those dead beasts.

“Young Master, are you going on the island to take a look? I noticed that the previous batch of Sea Spirit Beasts escaped into the vicinity, there must be a reason why they escaped to this area. I have heard that the Sea Spirit Beasts will go out to sea to hunt for food and they leave their young in a safe place. They will retrieve their young after they finish their food hunt. Maybe, this island will have the young Sea Spirit Beast cubs. If we can find one or two cubs and bring them back to the Upper Realm… We’ll definitely get credit.” The wretched old man, who was holding his back, proposed to Yan Hai.

Upon hearing about the Sea Spirit Beast cubs, Yan Hai’s eyes immediately lit up!

In terms of blood and volume, the little Sea Spirit Beasts could not match even a paw’s worth of the adult Sea Spirit Beast, but the little sub would grow up. As long as they caught a Sea Spirit Beast cub and brought it back, raised it for a few years until it was fully grown, they would be able to slaughter it. Not only would they get the blood, flesh and other bodily treasures of the beast, they would also be able to obtain the most precious item of all, the Spirit Core of the Sea Spirit Beast.

The worth of one Spirit Core is beyond that of ten fully grown Sea Spirit Beasts!

In the Upper Realm, it was something one could only come across serendipitously.

No matter if it was for personal use or given to the upper echelons, it would bring about advantages.

Upon thinking about it, the greed in Yan Hai’s eyes was almost overflowing.

“The Sea Spirit Beast cubs? Good! You shall find them for me! I will reward you heavily if you find one!”

When everyone heard it, they immediately geared up and prepared to find the targets, but they did not notice that in the jungle not far from them, a pair of sharp eyes had already seen everything that they were planning.

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