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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2509 - Annihilation (3)

Chapter 2509: Annihilation (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“We have finished processing most of the carcasses, we have picked out the blood, bones and flesh. Senior doesn’t need to spare any more effort.” The wretched old man, who was standing aside, also rushed to speak and save himself.

“That’s right! If Senior wants, we can help you process all of the carcasses!” Yan Hai added on.


They didn’t realise that the killing intent of the person standing in front of them, was violently drowning everyone there.

“One hundred and seventy eight beasts……” Zi Fei lightly repeated the heart-wrenching number.

A single hunt reaped that many Sea Spirit Beasts, and that was just half the hunting season. If they completed the full hunting season, it was impossible to imagine how many Sea Spirit Beasts would be killed by them.

Those spirits belonged to the ocean, but to be slaughtered by these ruthless killers……

Zi Fei only felt her blood curdle as she remembered the time when she escaped from the Upper Realm. She was severely injured and had fallen into the deep sea. She thought she was going to die, she didn’t expect the beautiful creature from the ocean would save her and brought her to the island.

Zi Fei of the past did not have a proper understanding of the Sea Spirit Beasts, she thought that this species would hate humans because so many of them had died by the hands of humans.

But she didn’t expect that when faced with their enemy, the Sea Spirit Beast chose to save her……

Having lived in the cruel and unfeeling Upper Realm from young, that was the first time that Zi Fei experienced any sort of warmth, and it had come from these spirit beings who were hunted by humans.

One hundred and seventy eight bodies of Sea Spirit Beasts, piled onboard the vessels near shore……

Just thinking about it made Zi Fei felt like her head was going to explode!

The hand holding the longbow rose up, the Spirit Ring in her right hand was transformed into a crimson arrow!


The crimson Spirit power arrow pierced the chest of the wretched old man and pinned him to the fine sand, unable to move.

The old man had not breathe his last breath, and the Spirit arrow stuck in his chest gradually spread out into a red raven, instantly spread all over his body!

With a crisp, crackling explosion, the red raven spread all over the old man’s body, like a knife blade, instantly cut his body into pieces which were smashed on the beach.

A pungent stench of blood spread over the shore.

A moment before, Yan Hai’s eyes contained a little glee at the imagined turn of events. But upon seeing the wretched old man, who was standing just a few steps away, got cut into pieces, his face turned white in an instant.

“Se……Senior… You…… What are you… Doing……” Yan Hai shivered as he looked towards Zi Fei. The way the old man died was too horrifying, he felt his hands and feet turn ice cold.

“I’ve said, today, none of you can escape this place.” Zi Fei flicked her finger, and the Spirit arrow returned to her hand and was nocked on the longbow.

“Damn it! You are a lunatic!” Yan Hai fully understood Zi Fei’s intentions, she was not going to let them live!

The shadow of death shrouded the heads of everyone in the Sea Spirit City. They almost instantly, and collectively turned and fled toward the ships behind them.


What a joke!

In front of a Spirit Ring exponent, even if they swarmed her, there was only road; death.

Everyone was escaping towards the ships, but Zi Fei released another arrow at that moment.

The red arrow was like the Grim Reaper on a mission. The arrow was shot and it passed through the chests of eight people.

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